Lifestyle Apparel For Animal Lovers!

Our shirts are designed to inspire conversation and raise funds for animal welfare groups.

Every day shelters and rescues are overwhelmed with the needs of homeless animals – in addition, the financial and educational burden is endless. Our quality apparel will allow us to help rescues all over the country by creating conversation about important topics and raising funds that we can donate to help them!

How Rescues Are Failing Our Homeless Animals & Supporting Breeders

This post is meant to be my personal thoughts and experiences with adopting a rescue dog. It is NOT an attack or reflective of all rescues – I personally know some amazing rescues that are fair and ethical in their placements and do not have such strict policies...

Circus Animal Cruelty Awareness Ad Campaigns

Circuses – kids love them, animal lovers hate them. We know the abuse most of these animals go through and we hate seeing wild animals stuck in cages only to be used for our personal entertainment. Although it seems we are beginning to see change in this...

The Catit Playground NYC – May 14-15 & Catit Giveaway

Envision yourself surrounded in cute cuddly balls of fur, being able to take kitten selfies and enjoying cat inspired artwork. We know – it kind of sounds like our idea of heaven! If you are a cat lover who lives in or around the NYC area on May 14-15, 2016,...

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