Lifestyle Apparel For Animal Lovers!

Our shirts are designed to inspire conversation and raise funds for animal welfare groups.

Every day shelters and rescues are overwhelmed with the needs of homeless animals – in addition, the financial and educational burden is endless. Our quality apparel will allow us to help rescues all over the country by creating conversation about important topics and raising funds that we can donate to help them!

Can A Shirt Make A Difference?

We think so, and if one shirt can change one mind – our mission is accomplished.


Here at CharityPaws one of our biggest goals is to educate people about the benefits of adoption. We have learned throughout the years that many people are not even familiar with animal rescue or have knowledge about local shelters they can adopt from – their first instinct is to go to a breeder to buy a dog.

We hope that our shirts will inspire people to ask questions and to learn more about the many subjects that are currently hot topics in the rescue world including:

  • Don’t Shop, Adopt!
  • Spay & Neuter
  • Pit Bull Education
  • Senior Adoption
  • Backyard Breeders
  • …and so much more.



We also hope to inspire people to have a greater respect for wild animals allowing them to live a life of freedom. We have seen a lot of sadness for wild animals – from killing for fun to keeping them in cages. We will focus on messaging that will encourage people to think twice about how they perceive wild animals so that these creatures can live a better life.


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ARE YOU A 501c3 That Helps Animals?

Then we would love to help you! Our Partner Program is geared towards raising funds and educating the public on important matters relating to animal welfare.

We offer several ways for your group to work with us and are always open to partnerships in other ways if it will benefit animals.

Register today for our Partner Program and you can immediately start raising funds for your group. 20% of every item sold via your unique URL will be donated back to your group.
If you are already a CharityPaws partner, then contact us about our special campaigns that are meant to bring more exposure and have a special donation of 40% of every item sold.
Love our shirts? You can purchase them at wholesale and resell them at your own events. If you order at least 50 we can also customize them with your own logo.

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