Relief For Brock – What A Service Dog Can Provide

Relief For Brock – What A Service Dog Can Provide

Imagine your happy healthy 8 month old baby boy suddenly turns blue and goes limp – no warning, no signs and no previous issues like this. You rush your baby to the hospital and that one moment in time leads to a seven day stay at a hospital where you learn your son is having seizures. Your life has just changed.

This is the story of Brock.

Brock was born at 34 weeks and spent the first 5 days of life on a ventilator – then 7 more in NICU with jaundice. After his first seizure when he was 8 months old, more followed – every day. Over 35 medicinal combinations were tried in treating the seizures, but nothing worked to control the seizures.

As Brock grew older the seizures got worse.

Ultimately Brock was diagnosed with MR/DD, cerebral palsy, scoliosis and intractable epilepsy – by age 8 we was confined to a wheelchair. In October 2010 he contracted an illness that made most of his basic functionality non-existent. He basically became a 79 pound newborn. He was having 27 seizures a day and was confined to a bed.

The family continued to look for answers for the seizures – but none came. In November 2010, the family was told that their son would not make it until Christmas. They prepared for the worse and made arrangements for hospice care.

Brock Feeding DucksThen a small miracle happened. The week before Christmas, Brock began to regain strength. I was more alert, eventually began to sit up on his own and even made efforts to open his own Christmas gifts. At the end of January 2011, Brock was released from hospice care and after almost a year of physical therapy he has recovered some of his strength and abilities that were lost during his illness. Although still on a feeding tube and still having daily seizures – Brock is happy, he enjoys cartoons, loves the outdoors and loves feeding the ducks.

The family has struggled – the financial burden has been overwhelming and they do what they can but it is a never ending pile of bills.

But the family dreams of the day she can have a service dog to help them. A dog that can help Brock when he drops things, as he often does – or one that can help the family know when a seizure is about to begin. There is also the comfort factor. They believe the comfort of a dog on the hospital stays or just on bad days at home, will help Brock emotionally.

As with most families a service dog is not something that is easily affordable. Through 4 Paws 4 Ability – and various fundraisers – the family hopes enough funds can be raised to allow their son to have something he so desperately needs — and wants.

For every order placed at CharityPaws a portion of sales will go to our featured charity – which in turn will help Brock get his dog! Let’s make a little boys wish come true!

Specializing in Second Chances!

Specializing in Second Chances!

We are proud to announce the launch of our Charity Partner – Woodbridge Animal Society Volunteers, located in Central, NJ!

This group of volunteers believes that every homeless animal deserves a second chance – and they will do whatever they can to support any shelters or rescues that need them!

Believe in Second Chances Blue Gray DesignWhat makes this group so unique is that they work as 501c3 that benefits other animal groups – so they network, fundraise for and hep with transport and events for other groups throughout the state. Their fundraising efforts are allocated to medical care, rescue placement/transport, foster care and other needs that groups may have.

They also work in placing animals in rescues all over the country – including California, Colorado, Arizona etc. The relationships they have created all over the country are a benefit to the groups that require their assistance.

One of their recent donations went towards the medical care for a puppy, Dottie, in NJ who was used as a bait dog. This poor baby has extensive medical costs – and when the rescue, One Step Closer Animal Rescue, put out a call for help – Woodbridge Animal Society Volunteers stepped right in to help with a donation towards her care. Read more about Dottie’s story here.

By raising funds they can help so many more animals throughout the state! So take a peak at their Second Chances shirt today!

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