Pain Pain Go Away – I Don’t Want To Feel This Way – Part II

Pain Pain Go Away – I Don’t Want To Feel This Way – Part II

gingersnapIt happened again. I put my life on hold for several weeks to try and comprehend the huge loss that has occurred. Ginger (snap), my sweet girl passed away on March 10, 2016 – I cannot believe it has already been a month. Life goes on – but it has been forever altered. We lost her sister, Riley back in August 2015, that is part 1 to this post.

To lose one dog was heartbreaking – but to lose 2 in such a short time is beyond anything I could put into words. Ginger – the sweeter of the two – the one who always watched over us, who was quiet and looked to her “big sister” for friendship and guidance.  You were the one everyone fell in love with, your beautiful red fur and those eyes that just spoke volumes — you won every one over.

Your love of life stayed strong right up until the end. Although you were the worst walker ever – that last walk just a day before you passed will be forever ingrained in my mind. Your want to sniff every single thing drove me insane – I never called it a “walk” with you – it was called a “stop and go” – but that last walk, we took our time. I let you stop and sniff every little thing. I do not know why I had more patience that day – but I am so glad you did. I had no indication it would be your last day with me….

That Thursday morning will never leave my mind. You were different. You had trouble walking and looked drunk. You went to pee and fell over. You were struggling and it broke my heart. You fell several times that morning – one time so bad you peed yourself.

Then there was the moment where I swear you had a seizure. You were not moving. Your eyes were glazed. I knew this was it. I called the vet hysterical – then suddenly you “came out of it”. But you could not walk.

gingersnap-cutenessSomething happened that Wednesday night………I do not know what – maybe a stroke? But you were a different dog.

Knowing how horrible Riley suffered in the end, I did not want the same for you. We went to the vet. You could not walk in – I had to carry you. I placed you on the blanket the vet laid out – and for the first time that day you stood unassisted.  After a brief discussion – knowing you had an inoperable tumor, knowing you were heartbroken from the loss of your sister and knowing you were 14.5 and your body was tired – I made the hardest decision ever to let you go.

My heart broke.

ginger-snugglesIn the recent weeks I had been trying to spend more time with you – I even let you on the couch with me which was a huge no-no after Rachel was born. You sucked up that opportunity. (I wonder if you are now bragging to Riley how you were allowed on the couch!).  We snuggled every night we could…….and clearly by the looks of this picture – you loved every minute of it.

I lost the 2 best dogs that were such a huge part of my life for so long. How can I replace all those special moments……how can I get back those wonderful walks and and all the things that made you both so special and made our lives so much more fulfilling?

Not only did I lose 2 of my best friends in the world – it was also like a piece of my past has been altered. You were there when we bought our first home – there when we bought our second home – you were there when we had your little sister Rachel… were just always there – the way it is supposed to be.

Now you are not.

Ginger you were so incredible special – your sweetness and softness and gentle nature were just incredible. Your sister was the opposite – she was a true bully, annoying and all about her – but not you, you were the perfect family dog. Always letting us know when strangers were around – always seemed to be on guard and make sure we were OK.

You were never the same after Riley passed – and Daddy and I always said you would not make it without her. I guess we were right. I like to thing Riley inspired you to stay long enough for me to feel a little less stressed about her passing…..

People sometimes do not understand the bond you both had with each other and I would always say it was like having one dog. How you would share the food in a bowl, how you would sleep in a ying yang and share one bed even when we had 3 for you – how you walked in step and wagged your tails at the same time. You were so in tune with each other and were miserable when the other was not there.

Although the pain of losing you has been immense — knowing you are together, where you are supposed to be – gives me a little relief.

I can only hope you know my letting you both go was because I LOVED YOU BOTH SO MUCH. I am blessed beyond belief to have had 2 amazing friends for as long as I have. You will NEVER be replaced – but when the time is right and you send us the right new friend — it will be because of you and your sister.

I Love You Gingersnap — I hope you are your sister are happy and healthy where you are. I know I will see you again…… are both missed EVERY DAY and I hope you know that.

XOXO Mommy.


When Pit Bull Owners Attack!

When Pit Bull Owners Attack!

So what should people really be afraid of – pit bulls or their owners? This video is a funny look at a pit bull parent! Guaranteed to make you laugh. This is a great example of creative marketing that garners attention and makes an impact – all while being entertaining.

20 Ecommerce Brands That Give Back

20 Ecommerce Brands That Give Back

It is almost that season – the season of what the heck do I get for the person that has everything! The holidays are meant to be a time to come together – be thankful and help others, and what better way to do that than to get them gifts that give back!

Since you are shopping anyway – here is a chance to make an impact and help make the world a better place.

Below is a list of websites that are e-commerce brands that are doing good in various ways – from donating money or products to employing those in need. Some are international and some are US based – so give them a look and maybe you can find the perfect gift for that hard to buy for person on your list!

Visit These Retail Brands That Give Back!

Bull + Moose – mens ties where every purchase results in proceeds getting donated to Got Your 6, an organization focused on supporting veterans getting back to civilian life.

Daisies and Doodles – a home accent line sourced from global artisans who benefit from the work and they also fund projects in partnership with The Children’s Adopt a Village program.

DivvyUp – donates a pair of socks for every pair sold to homeless shelters in need.

Dot Products – school and office supplies that support education by paying for a child to attend school for a half-day with every item they sell.Love Your Melon Hats For Kids With Cancer

Elephant Landing – handmade scarves, throws and pillows made by women in India who want to work for a fair wage, 100% of profits are used to expand education programs.

Everything Happy – blankies for kids, every one sold results in one being donated to a child in need.

Love Your Melon – for every item purchased they donate a hat to a child who has cancer and delivers them in person dressed as superheroes and all items are USA made.

Check out these 20 great Ecommerce brands that are making the world a better place! #shopforacause Click To Tweet

Love With Food – subscription based natural and organic snack boxes where every box or product sold results in a donation of a meal to an American based food bank.

MudLOVE – offers clay mugs and jewelry and every item purchased provides 1 week of clean water to someone in need.

One Hope Wine – for every wine purchase, up to half will be donated to a variety of partner charities.

One World Play Project – for every play ball purchased one will be donated to children in communities in need worldwide.

Out of Print – tshirts and apparel for the book lover where every every item purchased results in a donation of one book to Books for Africa.

Project7 – gum and mint brand that makes their products in the US and partner with nonprofits to help make change here and abroad.The Shine Project Helps Kids With Education

The Giving Keys – a creative line of jewelry that helps transition people out of homeless by employing them.

Theona’s Girls – aprons, blankets, bags and other items made by women in Haiti.

The Shine Project – a line of jewelry that is handmade by inner city youth to help them pay for college.

Tim Watch – customizable watches that when purchased offers a micro-fund immediately to a person in need to help them get out of poverty.

Wear Figs – creating medical scrubs for the healthcare industry – for every pair sold they donate a pair to a healthcare provider in impoverished areas

Yellow Leaf Hammocks – every hammock is hand woven in Thailand to offer fair wages and a sustainable safe job.

Yoobi – kids stationary and office supplies where every item sold gets donated back to US schools in need.


NEW! Pet At Home Emergency Cards!

NEW! Pet At Home Emergency Cards!

We recently heard a story about an elderly woman who was admitted to the hospital unconscious and sadly fell into a coma. Weeks later she awoke – and only then did the nurses learn she had a beloved friend at home – her cat. Unfortunately, it was too late and the cat had passed.

Pet At Home Emergency CardWe imagine that this happens more often than we think. Not everyone has friends or resources to help them if something should happen. Whether they are seniors, singles, students or even families where a lot of travel is involved. You never know when an accident may happen -and as loving pet parents you want to make sure that your pets are cared for!

CharityPaws is proud to announce their new “Pet At Home Emergency Cards”.

Beginning mid – November 2015 – a FREE emergency card will be sent with every order!

These cards are high quality & super thick for durability and features a front where you can note the number of pets in your home and a back where you can list your emergency pet contacts.

An estimated 100,000-500,000 pets are sent to shelters each year after their owners die! Do you… Click To TweetWho will take care of your pet(s) in the event of an emergency?

Leave it in your wallet, purse or glove compartment so if an emergency should arise – you can find solace in knowing that your emergency contacts will be reached.

Sometimes the person we want caring for our pet may be someone outside the family (some family members are the first to take beloved pets to the shelter when owners cannot care for them!) – so while your family may be called on your behalf for your health and well being – this card will allow you to designate a specific pet care provider who can care for your pet in your absence.

List your best friend, a rescue colleague, veterinarian or anyone who cares for your pet as much as you do!

Other Things To Do To Plan For Your Pet

Although we do not like to think about it – there is always a chance you will outlive your pet. Sadly, the statistics for families to take in pets who have lost their owners is not high – a larger majority of families surrender the pet to a shelter to be euthanized. If you love your pet – you of course do not want this to happen!

Here are a few options for you to ensure that your pet lives the life you want he/she to live when you can no longer care for them:

1) Delegate A “Caregiver” – this of course is the best scenario. If you have friends or family who would be willing to take your beloved pet, this is the best option for you both. Be sure to talk about this with your potential caregivers to ensure that they have the means to care for your pet and understand any medical conditions or special needs your pet may have. We recommend a list of several caregivers in the event something happens that prevent your primary choice from caring for your pet.

2) Shelter or Rescue – reach out to rescues, shelters or even sanctuaries that may be able to take your pet and care for them until they can be adopted. If you can pay for their care and make a donation to the group – that would benefit everyone involved! This would be a more difficult arrangement since so many facilities are overwhelmed and underfunded. You also want to be sure they can offer your pet a life that is worth living. If your pet is coming from a loving home with lots of room to roam – living in a cage with minimal human contact may not be the best option for them. Be sure to learn about how their lives will be at the facility and get REFERRALS!!!!

3) Euthanasia – while we do not recommend this option in most cases and most reputable vets will not take this option lightly – in cases where the pet is elderly or has extensive medical issues this may be a more humane option. Elderly pets deserve peace in their later years and the loss of a parent combined with stress of moving and new environments coupled with an existing illness may be more than they can handle.

While there are many things to think about – be sure to follow up with an attorney to create a will and or trust to have a written record of your decisions and to be sure your wishes are carried out!


Pain Pain Go Away – I Don’t Want To Feel This Way

Pain Pain Go Away – I Don’t Want To Feel This Way

14 years of love.

Through the eyes of a dog14 years of friendship.

14 years of loyalty.

14 years of laughter.

14 years of you being an obnoxious, stubborn bully with a boat load of personality……..

…….. and now you are gone.

I cannot hold you.

I cannot kiss you.

I cannot smell your farts.

I cannot watch you smell your farts.

I cannot watch you drink out of the water fountain or eat the bunny poop – or yell at you for doing those things ever again.

I cannot stand the pain I am feeling.

But I know you are running happy and free of pain and I am trying to find solace in that.

We knew it was coming, I thought I was ready and could handle it. I was really wrong. Your health had been declining. Your back legs were getting weak, your breathing becoming more difficult and you had more trouble controlling your bodily functions – I saw this all happening but yet still saw that big pittie smile and the will to live every day to its fullest.

Yesterday was different. You did not come in my office like you did EVERY other morning to lie beside me. You preferred to be alone. You did not go outside to do your business, instead choosing to go in the house because you could not make it outside. Then the throwing up started – and it was everywhere. Then it happened. You staggered to come to where I was, you fell – and you never got up. You were throwing up and peed and did not even attempt to get up. You began seizing. I began crying. I knew what was going to happen and I hated every minute of it.

I made you a promise. A promise that no matter how much it hurt me I would NOT LET YOU SUFFER – and I would NOT live you live a life that was filled with illness and pain.

Daddy got home from work just in the nick of time. He bundled you up and we raced to the vet.

The doctor had told me a few weeks ago that it could be 2 weeks – or 2 months, but he knew it would only be a matter of time. You turned 14 on August 1, 2015 – a good life span for a bully. I know I was blessed to have enjoyed a long life with you and your sister.

The doctor was waiting – he knew why we were there. I hugged you – I looked in those eyes that I looked in a million times before, but this time – you were not there. You were already leaving us – it felt like I was being punched.

Pit bull with Foster KittenIn a few minutes it was over. I held you. I cried. I watched that last breathe leave your body.

Did I do the right thing?

Should I have tried to do more for you?

Were YOU ready to go?

I sure was not ready to let you.

I will never know what you wanted and hope as your mom I made the right choice.

I have never lost a pet or had to make a decision like this. I cry wondering if you think I did not love you because I let you go?

I am writing this 14 hours after watching you take your last breathe…….I am still crying.

The house seems so empty without your big personality.

You leave behind a sister who for 14 years was your shadow. She loved you and you were inseparable.

Watching her looking for you is heartbreaking. I only hope she does not “give up” on life with your absence – she is offering me so much relief during this, I cannot handle losing her right now too. But you two were a pair that had a special bond.

Smiley RileyWe had 14 amazing years together.

I remember the day we adopted you. We went to the MCSPCA so I could show daddy the cutest puppy ever that I wanted to bring home. We had just bought our first home – we did not even have furniture, I wanted a dog first! We kneeled down in front of the cage where you and 6 of your siblings were – and there you were filled with wrinkles and cuteness.

But then out of no where jumped a little red headed runt – she literally jumped into daddy’s lap.

Well, clearly you both made the decision for us and we left with 2 of the cutest pups ever. We had no experience and had no clue what to expect – but you were easy to love and eager to please – you were both an AMAZING addition to our family.

Ginger and Riley – welcome to the family.

As a puppy you enjoyed puppy day care, a big yard to play in and lots of kids to love on. When we had Rachel, you were so patient and understanding that we had a little less time for you and when we moved to a new home – you embraced it and settled right in. I will miss our walks to the ball field where I would let you both run free, your pain took that joy away years ago, but I hope you always remembered those times. I will miss throwing the ball in the yard and watching Ginger chase it while you would stand there and watch – I will miss the annoying way you just walked in front of me no matter where I was or how you ONLY needed a drink when we were doing the laundry and we were right in front of your bowl.

Did I mention how annoying you were? But I loved every single annoying thing about you – even if sometimes you pushed me to my limits and I yelled (and hell yeah I feel guilty about that now) – but sometimes we swear you did it purposely. My blockhead.

I will miss our snuggles and the way you did whatever you could to drive me crazy by doing things you KNEW you should not be doing, but “that was just Riley” we would say.

Because of you and your sister I developed a love for all things bully. I started CharityPaws as a way to give back to animals that do not have the love you do. You and your sister were the inspiration behind so much of what I do today – and for that I THANK YOU.

Your presence lit up a room. Your smile made me smile. Your love of life inspired me.

I know the pain will subside – but my love for you and the memories will never fade. You were an amazing example of a bully and reflected everything good the breed has to offer.

My love for you is eternal and the minute I get to rainbow bridge, I hope you are there waiting for me because man, do I need a hug.

Smiley Riley – you were so incredibly loved every minute of every day since the day we adopted you…… will be incredibly missed, but I know you are here with us forever.

……..until I love on you again.

Forever in my heart. Mommy…….

GoDaddy Should Be #NoDaddy

GoDaddy Should Be #NoDaddy

If you have not heard there is a lot of social talk about the sneak peak of the SuperBowl ad that GoDaddy has created, and it has the animal lover world in an uproar!

It is bad enough that dog breeders want to profit off of animals when we are killing thousands every day, but now GoDaddy wants to profit off of dog breeders by suggesting they use their web services to build a website to sell dogs! Really GoDaddy?

For those that have not seen the video, here it is:

UPDATE: 7:00PM EST – GODADDY HAS PULLED THE AD! They will not be airing it during the SuperBowl and they also seem to have removed it from Youtube as well, which is why you cannot see it below. Thank you to everyone that has shared, posted and written in an effort to have this removed. #teamwork

I remember the uproar back in 2011 when GoDaddy CEO, Bob Parsons was in Zimbawbe killing an elephant that he said was destroying Zimbabwean’s crops. Then he killed a leopard – but we have no reason for him for doing that. OK, yes – villagers may have used the elephant for food – but in our opinion for the amount he had to pay to go on this hunt (estimates say approximately $20,000 is the fee for a hunt of this type) – he could have donated that MONEY to feed a lot more of the villagers instead of maliciously killing an animal. And there were other animals he killed – he does this for SPORT, not for humanitarian reasons.

Are you on GoDaddy and would like to move but do not know how? Well it is easy. CharityPaws associates are web developers by day and are taking it upon themselves to help those hosting on GoDaddy to GET OUT!


It is simple – the 2 hosts below are 2 that we recommend – to have us move your site for you, here are the steps you need to take:

1) Choose your host and click the button below to go to the host you prefer to use

2) Create your account and place your order for hosting

3) Send an email to with the following:
–new host name
–new host username and password
–GoDaddy account number and password
–Domain name registrar, username and password  (if you registered your name with GoDaddy we can move that too to a new registrar, but it is not necessary – it will incur more downtime to move a domain name)

[row ]

[col span=”1/4″ ]


[col span=”1/4″ ]



[col span=”1/4″ ]


[col span=”1/4″ ]



How are you doing this for free you ask?

When you click one of the banners there is an affiliate code appended to the banner, so basically the host will send us a referral fee – so we have no reason to charge you for the move.

We are ONLY recommending hosts that we have personally worked with and know people that use and are happy with them. We at CharityPaws are hosted on a dedicated server at LiquidWeb and have no personal affiliation to BlueHost of Hostgator – we just have clients on our web design business that use them and are happy with them.

This is our way of helping animal lovers move away from a company that has no respect for animals – and encourages the profiting of them.

[featured_box title=”OFFER DETAILS” img=”” img_width=”” pos=”center” link=””]

This offer is valid through February 15, 2015! All websites will be moved with 7 days of receipt of information to the email address noted above. You will receive a confirmation of your move request. Website owner holds 2 Dogs Design harmless from any issues related to hosting on Bluehost or Hostgator and is responsible for doing their own research into the use of recommended services to ensure their website will work on these hosts. 2 Dogs Design will not be responsible for host related issues after the move.


If you have another host you would like us to move you to – we would be glad to do that as well for a flat fee of $100.00! Please email your request to

2014 Year End Report

2014 Year End Report

2014 was quite a year for CharityPaws!

We launched our Beta test in May with the group HeARTs Speak – they were kind enough to be our “guinea pigs” so to speak so we can work out the kinks of what we hoped to do and because of their active participation – their first campaign raised over $1k! Because of the popularity of that campaign we did run a second campaign a few months later which resulted in over $500 more for the group.

We learned a LOT this past year – and after running a few campaigns that had less successful results which resulted in a loss of money for us, we knew we needed to do things differently for the new year!

We found that those campaigns that were more successful really put in effort to make it work. They worked with us closely to monitor our combined efforts and created social content that their readers could relate too. Unfortunately, some campaigns were not promoted as well as others and that of course had a direct affect on the success of the campaign. So that is why we decided to do things differently for 2015!

But before we address those changes, here is what we donated in 2014!

HeARTs Speak – $1,600
Ziggys Haven Bird Rescue – $1,040
Volunteer Auxillary for Animal Shelters – $80.00
Nashville Cat Rescue – $460.00
Pibbles & More Animal Rescue – $320.00
4Paws4Ability – $80.00
Standing Proud Pitbull Rescue – $12.00
New Leash On Life USA – $47.68
Feeding Pets of the Homeless – $142.15
Friends of Clay County Animals – $200.00

Then there is also the exposure we helped them gain with our outreach, Facebook and Google Adwords advertising campaigns as well!

Overall we are happy with what we accomplished given this is a part time venture and a new market that we have never explored before. But we hope to be able to do so much more in 2015 and use what we learned during our tests last year to help even more animal groups this year.

So, what has changed with our fundraising program?

Not a lot honestly. We have stopped creating new shirts with each campaign – since we had to order a minimum of shirts, we wound up losing a lot of money. We will release new shirts each month though that you can promote. Our new program also allows ALL GROUPS to participate all the time! We used to focus on only one charity at a time, but now we will work hard to promote all of our partners!

1) EVERY 501(c)(3) receives 20% of every order they refer – every day! Use this opportunity to be as creative as you want to promote your custom URL to raise as much as you need. Join our program now to get started!

2) We will offer special campaigns throughout the year for groups that are looking to invest some time on co-marketing with us. These special campaigns can earn from 30%-50% of every order referred, will focus on building new supporters and help you gain visibility socially! These campaigns will require a dedicated marketing person from the charity to work with us!

3) Any net profits we receive that are not from a referred charity partner will go into a “pool” of funds to be donated. Throughout 2015 we will do promotions so our friends can help us choose who to send those donations to. For example, our donation to Friends of Clay County was done via our Facebook page – our fans suggested they get the donation – so they did! We hope to do these often.


We hope to achieve a lot this year to help even more rescues with their financial needs! Here are a few of the top goals we hope to achieve in 2015! Although this is a very part-time venture for us now, we do hope to be able to focus more attention on this project as the year progresses so we can meet these goals!

[row style=”divided”]

[col span=”1/3″ animate=”bounceIn”]

is our donation goal for 2015!

[col span=”1/3″ animate=”bounceIn”]

new shirt designs released each month!

[col span=”1/3″ animate=”bounceIn”]

is the number of rescues we hope to raise at least $1,000 for!



Why I Will Never Trust A Journalist Who Would Never Adopt A Shelter Dog

Why I Will Never Trust A Journalist Who Would Never Adopt A Shelter Dog

To say that we are appalled is an understatement. There is a very damaging post regarding shelter dogs going around the web – written by an ill informed and damaging writer who claims she will “Never Adopt A Shelter Dog Again”.

Losing A Pet Sucks

Ginger & Riley – the CharityPaws dogs! Can you imagine they are almost 13 – and ADOPTED from a shelter? Who could have thought they could live this long.

OK, so you have decided that because you have had a couple of sick dogs that you adopted that all dogs that are in shelters must be sick – you are telling the world in a nutshell that dogs from shelters are “damaged goods” and will bring nothing but expense and heartache.

OK, maybe that is not what you wrote exactly – but it is how it was interpreted by many a dog lover and rescuer who works endlessly, selflessly and tirelessly to adopt out shelter dogs. You just made our work that much harder. Thank you.

We wonder how many more dogs will die this week because of your article as people scamper to find designer doggies to scoop up with the misbelief they will be healthier.

You stated it was a point of pride that you adopted dogs for so long – and that you secretly judged people who bought theirs.

Well, now you are being judged. 

So, because 2 out of 3 dogs were sick – that is a reason to write a post that basically warns people to not adopt dogs because “you do not know what your are getting?”.  You did not note what kind of dog Yogi was – but I am assuming it was another pug/boston terrier type mix. Do you realize that these breeds of dogs each have more than average health issues?

Yes, really.

The high risk cancer in dogs award goes to the Boston Terrier. – and interestingly enough they put the cancer statistics in dogs at about 1 in 3! ONE IN THREE! That is a lot of dogs getting cancer.

And that pug you adopted – Pugs are KNOWN for their health issues. Don’t believe me? Take a peak at this Pug loving website that validates that Pug’s are GENETICALLY prone to a whole slew of health issues –

Maybe you should have researched your choice in dog just a little bit better?

Hmmm…..we seem to see a trend here. Dogs with more “designer” in them tend to have some issues – just a thought.

Breeders seem safer you say? Really?

This is just a little reading for you – hope it opens your eyes.

Clearly you do not work in the rescue world – or you would see the lies, deceit and greed that most (NOT ALL) – but most breeders have.

So you show up at this amazing house with the sweetest woman ready to take your money for a dog that is not “showable”. Great. How do you know that is where your dog came from? Do you know how many fronts there are for puppy mills. The sweetest of breeders who run acres and acres of hell for dogs. Are there good breeders? Yes, probably — but they are few and far between these days as the dollar is much more attractive than the well being of a dog.

And did you ever think for a minute that the adorable Boston Terrier or that cute little Pug came from a “reputable” breeder and then got dumped at the pound from where you adopted them? Cancer is not a “shelter” issue and it is incredibly naive to say so. I would take bets your adorable Yogi was a designer breed of some sort as well who was probably also a dog someone paid a lot of money for then dumped when it was not cute anymore.

Do you know how many designer and full breed dogs a rescue gets? Yes, a lot!

Did you consider, maybe even for a moment that it was time to change the TYPE of dog you are adopting? Why not get a mutt – you know the dogs that don’t speak glitz and glamour – typically do not fit in a pretty little shoulder bag and do not offer any significant “wow” factor if that is what you are after. Mutt’s are typically healthier – don’t believe me? Check out what thinks.

Yeah – mutts rule – especially when they are rescued – oh and those evil dogs called pit bulls – yeah, those are kind of the healthiest dogs ever, but I am betting that you would never allow when in your home.

Oh — and “rehoming” from a breeder? That is not really a thing — call it what you will – you BOUGHT a dog from a breeder.

And that cute paw licking thing that Pony has — sounds like allergies to me……

On A Personal Note

I find it incredibly sad that as a writer with so much reach and so much ability to make the world a better place for both people and animals that you choose to write a one sided article with no factual evidence that could in effect cause animals to lose lives. Dogs being unhealthy is not a shelter issue and it is irresponsible and uneducated to state something that makes people believe that. I am disappointed in todays media that allows articles such as this to be written with no concrete studies, statistics or even interviews with specialists to give their input. Media is meant to inform and educate – not entertain and do damage. We hope that you will take a few moments and really educate yourself and talk to the professionals about this subject and then do a new post with that information so that people can make judgements off of ACCURATE date and not your personal opinion. The Washington Post should be held to higher standards that what this article represents. Jill Caren, Owner


A Little Change To Help More 501(c)(3) Groups!

A Little Change To Help More 501(c)(3) Groups!

Well, we finished our 6th week of campaigns! With over $3,000 donated in our first month, we know we have something great going on and we want to make it even better going forward! We have learned a lot in these first few weeks and have evaluated the feedback we have received and analyzed our data so that we can come out of beta with a plan of action that will help even more animal groups!

So – here we go!

We now are offering every group the opportunity to earn funds!.

[row style=”collapse”]

New Fundraising Format – Affiliate Partner Program!

Our affiliate partner program is open to every animal related rescue, blog or website that would like to earn money! Simply register on our website, get your unique tracking URL and promote our website with that link. Any order placed from your referral will earn you generous commission on every order!

Here are the benefits of our Affiliate Partner Program:

  • A unique URL link to use for all marketing and promotional needs
  • If you are a registered 501(c)(3) you will automatically receive 20% of every order received from your referring link – opportunities to receive 30% will be available throughout the year.
  • All pet bloggers and other partners will receive 10% of every order.
  • Monthly payments via Paypal – payments to be made after 30 days of sale date to allow for chargebacks/returns. Payments will be sent on the last day of each month
  • An average order includes 2 items
  • A monthly email that will give you affiliate tips and tricks to make the best of your partnership with us, new product announcements and special promotions just for affiliates to share!
  • Private affiliate area to view statistics including earnings and referral traffic
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Reasons To Not Adopt A Pit Bull!

Reasons To Not Adopt A Pit Bull!

As we continue our partnership with Pibbles & More Animal Rescue for a t shirt fundraiser, we thought it was appropriate to note some reasons that one should not adopt a pit bull! Pit bulls are not the right dog for everyone – and we want to be sure you know what you are dealing with before you jump in to adopting one!

The above are some pit bull traits that some may find annoying and may cause them from being loved family members – so if you find this list to annoying – then you know a pit bull is just not for you! If you read through this and think a pibble may be right for you – then contact Pibbles & More Animal Rescue or your local pit bull rescue and save a life today!


HeARTs Speak Campaign Results!

HeARTs Speak Campaign Results!

We completed our 1st charity partner campaign with HeARTs Speak and we could not be more thrilled with the results! A total of $1,040 was raised to help artists help more animals!

Our target goal for our first campaign was $750, so we are very happy to exceeded that! It will be so exciting where CharityPaws goes in the future and we want to thank everyone involved in helping us launch in a great way! It has truly been a remarkable week!

We Are Now Live!

We Are Now Live!

It has been a long few months and we still have some tweaking to do, but we are now in BETA and ready to roll! CharityPaws is hoping to make a real difference for the 501c3 groups that need it – and hope to build a community of animal lovers that can truly make a difference in the world of animal welfare, not only financially – but in making more beneficial changes like laws and punishment for those that abuse animals. We are more than fundraising – we want to be their voice!

We are thrilled that one of our very first groups is one I am so passionate about as an artist. HeARTs Speak is our debut charity and does wonderful things for artists, communities and animal welfare groups! By encouraging them to all work together to make a difference for animals in need with the use of creative methods and marketing, they are helping to bring more exposure to groups that may otherwise have little.

To learn more about HeARTs Speak you can visit our page dedicated just to them at HeARTs Speak – Charity Partner Page!

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