The Real Cost of The Dog You Just Bought!

So you want a puppy – that is GREAT! There is nothing like a puppy to bring a new sense of excitement, love and happiness to a home. You run to a local or online pet store to pick out just the perfect pooch. In the pet store you see cages filled with the cutest... read more

$300 Donation Contest For Giving Tuesday

Do you have a registered 501(c)(3) animal rescue or shelter that you work with, support or just feels can use a little help? If your comment is selected the rescue you suggested* will receive a $300 donation and you will receive a CharityPaws shirt of your choice!... read more

When Pit Bull Owners Attack!

So what should people really be afraid of – pit bulls or their owners? This video is a funny look at a pit bull parent! Guaranteed to make you laugh. This is a great example of creative marketing that garners attention and makes an impact – all while being... read more

20 Ecommerce Brands That Give Back

It is almost that season – the season of what the heck do I get for the person that has everything! The holidays are meant to be a time to come together – be thankful and help others, and what better way to do that than to get them gifts that give back!... read more

NEW! Pet At Home Emergency Cards!

We recently heard a story about an elderly woman who was admitted to the hospital unconscious and sadly fell into a coma. Weeks later she awoke – and only then did the nurses learn she had a beloved friend at home – her cat. Unfortunately, it was too late... read more

Pain Pain Go Away – I Don’t Want To Feel This Way

14 years of love. 14 years of friendship. 14 years of loyalty. 14 years of laughter. 14 years of you being an obnoxious, stubborn bully with a boat load of personality…….. …….. and now you are gone. I cannot hold you. I cannot kiss you. I... read more

#GivingTuesday – Time To Get Ready

#GivingTuesday is an alternative to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday trends that we all know and love. It debuted in 2012 and over 10,000 non-profit groups have taken part in this event while tens of millions of dollars have been raised. Pretty impressive in only a... read more

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