2014 was quite a year for CharityPaws!

We launched our Beta test in May with the group HeARTs Speak – they were kind enough to be our “guinea pigs” so to speak so we can work out the kinks of what we hoped to do and because of their active participation – their first campaign raised over $1k! Because of the popularity of that campaign we did run a second campaign a few months later which resulted in over $500 more for the group.

We learned a LOT this past year – and after running a few campaigns that had less successful results which resulted in a loss of money for us, we knew we needed to do things differently for the new year!

We found that those campaigns that were more successful really put in effort to make it work. They worked with us closely to monitor our combined efforts and created social content that their readers could relate too. Unfortunately, some campaigns were not promoted as well as others and that of course had a direct affect on the success of the campaign. So that is why we decided to do things differently for 2015!

But before we address those changes, here is what we donated in 2014!

HeARTs Speak – $1,600
Ziggys Haven Bird Rescue – $1,040
Volunteer Auxillary for Animal Shelters – $80.00
Nashville Cat Rescue – $460.00
Pibbles & More Animal Rescue – $320.00
4Paws4Ability – $80.00
Standing Proud Pitbull Rescue – $12.00
New Leash On Life USA – $47.68
Feeding Pets of the Homeless – $142.15
Friends of Clay County Animals – $200.00

Then there is also the exposure we helped them gain with our outreach, Facebook and Google Adwords advertising campaigns as well!

Overall we are happy with what we accomplished given this is a part time venture and a new market that we have never explored before. But we hope to be able to do so much more in 2015 and use what we learned during our tests last year to help even more animal groups this year.

So, what has changed with our fundraising program?

Not a lot honestly. We have stopped creating new shirts with each campaign – since we had to order a minimum of shirts, we wound up losing a lot of money. We will release new shirts each month though that you can promote. Our new program also allows ALL GROUPS to participate all the time! We used to focus on only one charity at a time, but now we will work hard to promote all of our partners!

1) EVERY 501(c)(3) receives 20% of every order they refer – every day! Use this opportunity to be as creative as you want to promote your custom URL to raise as much as you need. Join our program now to get started!

2) We will offer special campaigns throughout the year for groups that are looking to invest some time on co-marketing with us. These special campaigns can earn from 30%-50% of every order referred, will focus on building new supporters and help you gain visibility socially! These campaigns will require a dedicated marketing person from the charity to work with us!

3) Any net profits¬†we receive that are not from a referred charity partner will go into a “pool” of funds to be donated. Throughout 2015 we will do promotions so our friends can help us choose who to send those donations to. For example, our donation to Friends of Clay County was done via our Facebook page – our fans suggested they get the donation – so they did! We hope to do these often.


We hope to achieve a lot this year to help even more rescues with their financial needs! Here are a few of the top goals we hope to achieve in 2015! Although this is a very part-time venture for us now, we do hope to be able to focus more attention on this project as the year progresses so we can meet these goals!

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is our donation goal for 2015!

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new shirt designs released each month!

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is the number of rescues we hope to raise at least $1,000 for!



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