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Creative Pet Adoption Marketing Ideas

Creative marketing ideas to get pets adopted is an important part of what an animal shelter or rescue does. Not all organizations have budgets to hire major advertising agencies to make the kind of impact they would like - so we will be focusing on profiling some of...

The Real Cost Of Buying A Puppy!

October is Adopt-A-Shelter Dog month and here at CharityPaws we advocate for that strongly! We will have several posts related to this issue and why adopting will always be a better option than buying a dog! So, you want a puppy – that is GREAT - every family should...

How Animal Rescues Can Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

Can you imagine receiving FREE Amazon Gift Cards just for a few minutes of your time? Well - it can happen! And of course you could stockpile these cards to get yourself something wonderful - but we hope this post will inspire you to do good in the world by giving...

Flowers from Fido Rescue Fundraising

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