Product Fundraising ideas for animal rescues & shelters.

Find creative and unique products for your next fundraising event! Our unique fundraiser ideas will help you stand out from the crowd!

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Pet Products

As we all know, people will spend a lot of money on their beloved pets! So what better way to get a little extra money for your rescue than selling products that animal owners will love to get for their pets?

Life’s Abundance

Life’s Abundance is a premium health food, treats and supplements line just for pets. There program offers a unique e-commerce website where a portion of sales goes right back to your group. Visit Life’s Abundance >

Dog Tag Art

Every pet needs a dog tag – so this is a great fundraising opportunity! Unique pet tags in a large variety of styles and designs – or create your own! The website offers several ideas for helping shelters and rescues maximize their program. Visit Dog Tag Art >

Got Antler?

Got Antler? offers registered animal rescues and shelters discounted rates so they groups can offer their products as a fundraising opportunity. Visit Got Antler >

Kuranda Beds

Kuranda beds are a staple in most shelters and some rescues. Sign up for their program and by promoting among your supporters you can earn free beds for your group. Visit Kuranda >

People Products

For animal lovers – products are a great fundraiser! With holidays, birthdays, special occasions running all year round it is a great way to create a consistent donation stream!

RDA Cutlery

RADA Cutlery offers 100% American made kitchen products that you can earn 40% of with their fundraising program. Knives, utensils, gift sets and more are available through their program. This is a great all year round fundraising event that is unique and offers great products that every household uses! Visit RDA Cutlery »

Morris Press Cookbook

A cookbook fundraiser is a great way to raise funds and bring your group together! How much you raise can vary, but several groups have raised thousands of dollars. The program allows you to easily create and print custom cookbooks from recipes you and your group submit, add images a custom cover and more to make it really yours. Visit Morris Press »

Right Response

First Aid Kits – the most unique fundraiser that every family can use. Earn 50% profit for every first aid kit sold with Right Response. They offer a great collection of kits that will appeal to a large audience from families, to campers, to seniors and more. Visit Right Response »

Flower Power

Earn 50% with this fun and colorful fundraiser! You can use their fundraising catalog or start an online fundraiser – or for best results offer both options for your campaign. Their large variety of flower options for the garden make this a great fundraising option! Visit Flower Power »

Photo Calendar

This is a great way to not only get your supporters involved, but a way to bring a sense of community together while raising big donations through sales of the end product. Take a peak at our step by step guide on the process we used to create a calendar for a local shelter. View Our Photo Calendar Strategy »

Relic Wood

Beautiful handcrafted wood boxes that can be customized with your rescues logo, animal pictures and more. These high end boxes are handcrafted in the USA and are a truly unique option for a fundraiser. Visit Relic Wood »

Food Products

Admit it – we all LOVE food! From pizza to chocolate and everything in between – these fundraisers will appeal to donors of all kinds all while getting you much needed funds to save more fur friends.

Joe Corbi

Joe Corbi is a pizza kit company that offers fundraising opportunities through the sales of their traditional pizzas, gourmet pizzas and even pies. Visit Joe Corbi »

Spice Partners

Spice Partners offers premium seasonings with a 50% profit margin for groups. Customize the labels on the spices to brand your rescue for an added touch! Visit Spice Partners »


Ghirardelli Chocolate offers a program for qualified non-profits where they can earn up to 50% profits on all chocolate sales. A premium brand that will be sure to be a success with your chocolate loving supporters. Visit Ghirardelli »

Gertrude Hawk

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates offer several ways for non-profit groups to raise funds. Whether you sell in person or setup your own online fundraising website, you have the opportunity to earn up to 50% profits. Visit Gertrude Hawk »

Fun Pasta

Earn up to 50% with Fun Pasta Fundraising. Creative pasta shapes make this fundraiser a fun and creative one that can benefit every non-profit! Visit Fun Pasta »

Benefit Wines

Who does not love wine? Benefit Wines allows you to personalize your bottles and for every bottle sold charities can receive up to 100% of the retail profits. Visit Benefit Wines »

Mrs. Fields

Mrs. Fields offers offers a cookie fundraiser that offers a 40% profit. Visit Mrs. Fields »

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