We have been thinking – and re-thinking and over-thinking and everything in between and have come to the difficult decision to close our partner program and discontinue selling our advocacy apparel.

This is not a decision we take lately as we had big dreams for this project – but our dreams were hard to meet with the realities of daily life.

Since the start of our project in 2014 we have seen a huge influx of t-shirt websites that do similar things and it is making it hard to make our partner program effective or beneficial for our partners.

The t-shirts are a big investment for us in both time and money and we are finding the value does not warrant these investments any more – so we needed to do things differently so we can make a bigger impact.


  1. All apparel in our store is greatly reduced to sell off our inventory. No donations will be made with these orders due to the low pricing of the items.
  2. Apparel will be made available through June 30, 2017. After that date any leftover stock will be donated to 1 of our partner groups.
  3. Any monies owed to our partners will be paid in full by June 30, 2017.
  4. All sales are final on the shirts – no returns or exchanges will be made.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our partners!


But there is some good news!

We are not going anywhere — we are just modifying what our mission is and how we will help animal organizations.

We are still going to be very active in animal rescue and will work hard to do our part to make a difference, but using our other skills that we feel will be more beneficial!

If you did not know we are the owners of 2 Dogs Media, LLC which is a web development and SEO agency located in Central NJ – and we specialize in helping nonprofit organizations. Our skills are in design, WordPress development and Organic SEO — so we will utilize these skills instead to help animal rescue groups!


Because we found a large percentage of our visitors come to our website looking for resources – that is what we will focus on! Our Fundraising guide is our top visited page and we know that is a key area that groups need assistance with so we will grow this area to include case studies – step by step guides and more!

Yep – we have a lot of great things coming down the road….

Some of the other things we will be doing here at include:

  1. Resources for rescues for fundraising ideas, case studies and event planning.
  2. An array of inspirational resources for designing event and adoption fliers to build more awareness.
  3. Heartwarming stories of adoption, redemption and beating the odds.
  4. Studies and data to help educate and inform the general public.
  5. Interviews with success stories in the animal world to showcase the amazing things people are doing to make lives for animals better.
  6. ……..and there will be more!


15% of every client we contract with at 2 Dogs Media, LLC will be donated to animal organizations. The organization to receive the donation will be chosen by our Facebook friends via shares and likes.

If YOU refer a client to us who engages in a contract for web development or SEO services – then we will make the donation to the group of YOUR choice! Just let them know to tell us who referred them!



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