We are thrilled to announce that the winner of our first DonationMatch contest is Ziggy’s Haven Bird Sanctuary! This fantastic group is a not for profit 501(c)3 that specifically works with parrot rescue. They are a no-kill group that works hard to ensure that their birds are placed in the right home with people who understand the unique needs for these amazing animals. With a food bill of almost $400 per week for the 200 animals they care for, we know this donation will be a big help for the care of the birds.

Ziggy’s Haven has a mission to procure permanent sanctuary for abused and/or aggressive parrots as well as a foster program for those that can be adopted out. The provide education on the parrots and how to care for them, permanent homes for un-adoptable birds and so much more.

Located on 12 acres in north central Florida, the facility offers refuge in its 2 large pole barns that have been transformed into a wonderful place for a parrot to live life including a flight area for those parrots to prefer to be birds as opposed to pets. A place they can live life freely, but safely.

If you have a passion for birds – then please visit Ziggy’s Haven Bird Sanctuary online and learn more about them!

You can also visit them on Facebook and join in their bird loving community!

Thank you to everyone at Ziggy’s for taking part in our contest and for doing all you do! We look forward to writing a check to you after our first campaign launch ends! Stay tuned for totals raised for this great group — although they are guaranteed a $250 donation from us – we hope it is a lot more!

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