If you have not heard there is a lot of social talk about the sneak peak of the SuperBowl ad that GoDaddy has created, and it has the animal lover world in an uproar!

It is bad enough that dog breeders want to profit off of animals when we are killing thousands every day, but now GoDaddy wants to profit off of dog breeders by suggesting they use their web services to build a website to sell dogs! Really GoDaddy?

For those that have not seen the video, here it is:

UPDATE: 7:00PM EST – GODADDY HAS PULLED THE AD! They will not be airing it during the SuperBowl and they also seem to have removed it from Youtube as well, which is why you cannot see it below. Thank you to everyone that has shared, posted and written in an effort to have this removed. #teamwork

I remember the uproar back in 2011 when GoDaddy CEO, Bob Parsons was in Zimbawbe killing an elephant that he said was destroying Zimbabwean’s crops. Then he killed a leopard – but we have no reason for him for doing that. OK, yes – villagers may have used the elephant for food – but in our opinion for the amount he had to pay to go on this hunt (estimates say approximately $20,000 is the fee for a hunt of this type) – he could have donated that MONEY to feed a lot more of the villagers instead of maliciously killing an animal. And there were other animals he killed – he does this for SPORT, not for humanitarian reasons.

Are you on GoDaddy and would like to move but do not know how? Well it is easy. CharityPaws associates are web developers by day and are taking it upon themselves to help those hosting on GoDaddy to GET OUT!


It is simple – the 2 hosts below are 2 that we recommend – to have us move your site for you, here are the steps you need to take:

1) Choose your host and click the button below to go to the host you prefer to use

2) Create your account and place your order for hosting

3) Send an email to jill@2dogsdesign.com with the following:
–new host name
–new host username and password
–GoDaddy account number and password
–Domain name registrar, username and password  (if you registered your name with GoDaddy we can move that too to a new registrar, but it is not necessary – it will incur more downtime to move a domain name)

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How are you doing this for free you ask?

When you click one of the banners there is an affiliate code appended to the banner, so basically the host will send us a referral fee – so we have no reason to charge you for the move.

We are ONLY recommending hosts that we have personally worked with and know people that use and are happy with them. We at CharityPaws are hosted on a dedicated server at LiquidWeb and have no personal affiliation to BlueHost of Hostgator – we just have clients on our web design business that use them and are happy with them.

This is our way of helping animal lovers move away from a company that has no respect for animals – and encourages the profiting of them.

[featured_box title=”OFFER DETAILS” img=”” img_width=”” pos=”center” link=””]

This offer is valid through February 15, 2015! All websites will be moved with 7 days of receipt of information to the email address noted above. You will receive a confirmation of your move request. Website owner holds 2 Dogs Design harmless from any issues related to hosting on Bluehost or Hostgator and is responsible for doing their own research into the use of recommended services to ensure their website will work on these hosts. 2 Dogs Design will not be responsible for host related issues after the move.


If you have another host you would like us to move you to – we would be glad to do that as well for a flat fee of $100.00! Please email your request to jill@2dogsdesign.com.

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