In the world of animal rescue, volunteers are EVERYTHING! Because most rescues are so underfunded and do not typically have a staff to help with the never ending tasks – volunteers are a necessity. From cleaning cages, to working events, to socializing the animals – the duties of the volunteers just seem never ending. No matter how many groups I have worked with or been involved with on some level, it seems there are never enough volunteers to go around, so when a rescue has a good one – they do everything the can to hold on too them! Volunteering with animals is one of the most fulfilling things I personally have ever done. The look on a dogs face when you take them out to play after spending an entire day sitting in cage – PRICELESS. The thrill of watching a brand new kitten who lost their mom grow into a beautiful playful kitten and find a forever home – PRICELESS. Personally, I cannot imagine not volunteering.

Whether you work with wild animals, domestic animals, cleaning the oceans — or however you use your personal talents to help – THANK YOU! Without volunteers – the world of animal rescue would not be the same.

Celebrating National Volunteer Week
April 6-13, 2014


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