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Metal Animal Art From Nozomu Uchida

Pet Lifestyle 04.09.2018
By Jill Caren
Metal Art Orca
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There are so many amazing artists in the world – but of course we are kind of partial to those that work to create beautiful likenesses of animals. Whether paintings, sculptures, drawings, glass or as shown here – metal, these animal artists really just blow us away.

This metal animal art from Nozomu Uchida is some of the finest we have seen so we wanted to share his amazing work with you. Nozomu is a Japanese artist who focuses on what is called Tankin art, which is a hammering technique of metal plates that creates various shapes and forms.

So basically, every one of his creations is created by beating metal. We think that is pretty amazing given the appearance of his art! The mixture of colors and textures gives each piece a unique feel and a touch of realism which we love.

The artists creations are interpretations of the special skills that animals have that humans do not such as diving or flying. He has merged these interpretations with the concept of how humans have used technology to possess these skills – like with submarines for underwater travel or planes for flying.

From his Fisher Penguin rendering to his Moon Rabbit – there is just so much creativity and diversity in his work.

He is becoming more popular across the world, but his current reach is largely in Tokyo and he has had exhibitions in a variety of locations. If you like what you see here, definitely take a peak at his gallery – it is beautiful!

Metal Art Cat
Image credit: Nozomu Uchida
Metal Art Orca
Image credit: Nozomu Uchida
Metal Artwork of a Bull
Image credit: Nozomu Uchida
Metal Artwork of a Frog
Image credit: Nozomu Uchida
Metal Artwork of a Turtle
Image credit: Nozomu Uchida

Jill Caren

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