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Oct 22, 2015 | Events, News |

We recently heard a story about an elderly woman who was admitted to the hospital unconscious and sadly fell into a coma. Weeks later she awoke – and only then did the nurses learn she had a beloved friend at home – her cat. Unfortunately, it was too late and the cat had passed.

Pet At Home Emergency CardWe imagine that this happens more often than we think. Not everyone has friends or resources to help them if something should happen. Whether they are seniors, singles, students or even families where a lot of travel is involved. You never know when an accident may happen -and as loving pet parents you want to make sure that your pets are cared for!

CharityPaws is proud to announce their new “Pet At Home Emergency Cards”.

Beginning mid – November 2015 – a FREE emergency card will be sent with every order!

These cards are high quality & super thick for durability and features a front where you can note the number of pets in your home and a back where you can list your emergency pet contacts.

[bctt tweet=”An estimated 100,000-500,000 pets are sent to shelters each year after their owners die! Do you have a plan?”]Who will take care of your pet(s) in the event of an emergency?

Leave it in your wallet, purse or glove compartment so if an emergency should arise – you can find solace in knowing that your emergency contacts will be reached.

Sometimes the person we want caring for our pet may be someone outside the family (some family members are the first to take beloved pets to the shelter when owners cannot care for them!) – so while your family may be called on your behalf for your health and well being – this card will allow you to designate a specific pet care provider who can care for your pet in your absence.

List your best friend, a rescue colleague, veterinarian or anyone who cares for your pet as much as you do!

Other Things To Do To Plan For Your Pet

Although we do not like to think about it – there is always a chance you will outlive your pet. Sadly, the statistics for families to take in pets who have lost their owners is not high – a larger majority of families surrender the pet to a shelter to be euthanized. If you love your pet – you of course do not want this to happen!

Here are a few options for you to ensure that your pet lives the life you want he/she to live when you can no longer care for them:

1) Delegate A “Caregiver” – this of course is the best scenario. If you have friends or family who would be willing to take your beloved pet, this is the best option for you both. Be sure to talk about this with your potential caregivers to ensure that they have the means to care for your pet and understand any medical conditions or special needs your pet may have. We recommend a list of several caregivers in the event something happens that prevent your primary choice from caring for your pet.

2) Shelter or Rescue – reach out to rescues, shelters or even sanctuaries that may be able to take your pet and care for them until they can be adopted. If you can pay for their care and make a donation to the group – that would benefit everyone involved! This would be a more difficult arrangement since so many facilities are overwhelmed and underfunded. You also want to be sure they can offer your pet a life that is worth living. If your pet is coming from a loving home with lots of room to roam – living in a cage with minimal human contact may not be the best option for them. Be sure to learn about how their lives will be at the facility and get REFERRALS!!!!

3) Euthanasia – while we do not recommend this option in most cases and most reputable vets will not take this option lightly – in cases where the pet is elderly or has extensive medical issues this may be a more humane option. Elderly pets deserve peace in their later years and the loss of a parent combined with stress of moving and new environments coupled with an existing illness may be more than they can handle.

While there are many things to think about – be sure to follow up with an attorney to create a will and or trust to have a written record of your decisions and to be sure your wishes are carried out!


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