It has been a long few months and we still have some tweaking to do, but we are now in BETA and ready to roll! CharityPaws is hoping to make a real difference for the 501c3 groups that need it – and hope to build a community of animal lovers that can truly make a difference in the world of animal welfare, not only financially – but in making more beneficial changes like laws and punishment for those that abuse animals. We are more than fundraising – we want to be their voice!

We are thrilled that one of our very first groups is one I am so passionate about as an artist. HeARTs Speak is our debut charity and does wonderful things for artists, communities and animal welfare groups! By encouraging them to all work together to make a difference for animals in need with the use of creative methods and marketing, they are helping to bring more exposure to groups that may otherwise have little.

To learn more about HeARTs Speak you can visit our page dedicated just to them at HeARTs Speak – Charity Partner Page!

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