Not A Pitbull Problem Tank


One of our most important shirts to date! How many times have you repeated the saying “it is not the dog it is the owner” – this shirt will save the words and allow you to focus on the reasons that attacks happen! This shirt will give you the opportunity to support our pit bull friends by allowing you to open a dialogue to discuss the pit bull attack that happen and how most of the time it is an owner issue.

Lack of neutering, lack of socialization, over breeding and so many more reasons can cause a dog to snap – ANY dog to snap. Discuss the issues with the media and how they sometimes categorize dogs as pit bull breeds – who are no where near a pit bull breed. So many things to have discussions about!

This shirt is a tank just for the ladies and is made by Alternative Apparel – a leading brand that is dedicated to the environment and is a certified green business.

MATERIAL: Made from 100% cotton with a higher front and lower back hemline and racerback detail.
COLORS: White with blue design or black with white design
SIZING: Shirt does run a bit small and we do recommend ordering a size larger for best fit


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