To say that we are appalled is an understatement. There is a very damaging post regarding shelter dogs going around the web – written by an ill informed and damaging writer who claims she will “Never Adopt A Shelter Dog Again”.

Losing A Pet Sucks

Ginger & Riley – the CharityPaws dogs! Can you imagine they are almost 13 – and ADOPTED from a shelter? Who could have thought they could live this long.

OK, so you have decided that because you have had a couple of sick dogs that you adopted that all dogs that are in shelters must be sick – you are telling the world in a nutshell that dogs from shelters are “damaged goods” and will bring nothing but expense and heartache.

OK, maybe that is not what you wrote exactly – but it is how it was interpreted by many a dog lover and rescuer who works endlessly, selflessly and tirelessly to adopt out shelter dogs. You just made our work that much harder. Thank you.

We wonder how many more dogs will die this week because of your article as people scamper to find designer doggies to scoop up with the misbelief they will be healthier.

You stated it was a point of pride that you adopted dogs for so long – and that you secretly judged people who bought theirs.

Well, now you are being judged. 

So, because 2 out of 3 dogs were sick – that is a reason to write a post that basically warns people to not adopt dogs because “you do not know what your are getting?”.  You did not note what kind of dog Yogi was – but I am assuming it was another pug/boston terrier type mix. Do you realize that these breeds of dogs each have more than average health issues?

Yes, really.

The high risk cancer in dogs award goes to the Boston Terrier. – and interestingly enough they put the cancer statistics in dogs at about 1 in 3! ONE IN THREE! That is a lot of dogs getting cancer.

And that pug you adopted – Pugs are KNOWN for their health issues. Don’t believe me? Take a peak at this Pug loving website that validates that Pug’s are GENETICALLY prone to a whole slew of health issues –

Maybe you should have researched your choice in dog just a little bit better?

Hmmm…..we seem to see a trend here. Dogs with more “designer” in them tend to have some issues – just a thought.

Breeders seem safer you say? Really?

This is just a little reading for you – hope it opens your eyes.

Clearly you do not work in the rescue world – or you would see the lies, deceit and greed that most (NOT ALL) – but most breeders have.

So you show up at this amazing house with the sweetest woman ready to take your money for a dog that is not “showable”. Great. How do you know that is where your dog came from? Do you know how many fronts there are for puppy mills. The sweetest of breeders who run acres and acres of hell for dogs. Are there good breeders? Yes, probably — but they are few and far between these days as the dollar is much more attractive than the well being of a dog.

And did you ever think for a minute that the adorable Boston Terrier or that cute little Pug came from a “reputable” breeder and then got dumped at the pound from where you adopted them? Cancer is not a “shelter” issue and it is incredibly naive to say so. I would take bets your adorable Yogi was a designer breed of some sort as well who was probably also a dog someone paid a lot of money for then dumped when it was not cute anymore.

Do you know how many designer and full breed dogs a rescue gets? Yes, a lot!

Did you consider, maybe even for a moment that it was time to change the TYPE of dog you are adopting? Why not get a mutt – you know the dogs that don’t speak glitz and glamour – typically do not fit in a pretty little shoulder bag and do not offer any significant “wow” factor if that is what you are after. Mutt’s are typically healthier – don’t believe me? Check out what thinks.

Yeah – mutts rule – especially when they are rescued – oh and those evil dogs called pit bulls – yeah, those are kind of the healthiest dogs ever, but I am betting that you would never allow when in your home.

Oh — and “rehoming” from a breeder? That is not really a thing — call it what you will – you BOUGHT a dog from a breeder.

And that cute paw licking thing that Pony has — sounds like allergies to me……

On A Personal Note

I find it incredibly sad that as a writer with so much reach and so much ability to make the world a better place for both people and animals that you choose to write a one sided article with no factual evidence that could in effect cause animals to lose lives. Dogs being unhealthy is not a shelter issue and it is irresponsible and uneducated to state something that makes people believe that. I am disappointed in todays media that allows articles such as this to be written with no concrete studies, statistics or even interviews with specialists to give their input. Media is meant to inform and educate – not entertain and do damage. We hope that you will take a few moments and really educate yourself and talk to the professionals about this subject and then do a new post with that information so that people can make judgements off of ACCURATE date and not your personal opinion. The Washington Post should be held to higher standards that what this article represents. Jill Caren, Owner


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