10 Billion Lives That Matter

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10 Billion Lives That Matter

According to the USDA almost 10 billion animals are bred and raised just to be killed for food each and every year.

Think about that.

10 Billion Lives.

Factory farming is the term used for this horrific practice, and as an animal lover – I am hoping this is something we can change! These animals deserve so much more than to be kept in cages that are too small or raised with no sunlight or grass to feel.

The ASPCA also has some great resources that talk more about this and the various animals that are affected by this.

This film was created to help inspire people to understand the impact of eating animals and hopefully change perceptions and behaviors. It showcases the horrors of the “business” of factory farming and the suffering these animals go through to end up on your table.

We can change this. We can be more humane. We can minimize the pain and suffering.

This is a hard video to watch – very hard. But it is an important one to help bring change in animal welfare. It is just 4 minutes long – but it packs a powerful punch.

Organizations and filmmakers that played and important part in putting this vide together include:

  • Decipher Film & Photo
  • Dr. Olivier Berreville / Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Food Animals
  • Humane Society of the United States
  • Mercy for Animals
  • Neel Parekh
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  • Toronto Pig Save
  • Veracity Films
  • Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

I truly hope that watching this makes you “feel” something. Makes you want to take a stance and make some change. And remember, sharing is caring…..

Jill Caren CharityPaws

Jill Caren

Jill is an avid animal lover who spends her time helping animal rescues by photographing homeless pets and through her work on CharityPaws.

She is currently owned by Cleo, an American Pit Bull Terrier and Snoopy Cat. Her inspiration comes from her girls Ginger and Riley (RIP) – pit mix sisters who were loved family members for almost 15 years.

You can find her on LinkedIn and Instagram.