5 Valentine’s Day Rescue Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraising Ideas Tapping into holidays is a great way to promote your shelter or rescue – and bringing on the creativity can make all the difference in making your fundraiser a success! Valentine’s Day is one of the best holidays to be creative because it focuses on love and relationships – and who is more loving and…read it all!

Sick of Fundraising – Well, Why Not Try Scrip Fundraising!

Fundraising Ideas Fundraising is probably the most difficult part of running a rescue or shelter. Having heard so many say they are sick and tired of fundraising – we know it is an issue many face in the animal rescue world. Because of this we are always on the lookout for great new fundraising ideas that any…read it all!

Making An Event Fundraiser Black & White

Fundraising Events, Interviews Imagine creating an event fundraiser that is not only strikingly beautiful – but emphasizes the needs a rescue has and to top it off raises $36,000 to help animals in need! One Love Pit Bull Foundation made it all happen. This fundraising event was a very different concept in that the rescue showcased images that…read it all!

More I Love My Pit Bull: Free Design Download

Freebies One of our top-selling designs when we offered t-shirts for sale! This beautifully designed pit bull design is the ultimate in showing your pit bull pride. Made just for the girls with intricate floral detailing in beautiful shades of peach, cream and green – this design is a show stopper! Most of us who own…read it all!

Busy Saving Animals: Free Design Download

Freebies Hustle! Hustle! Hustle! The rescue world is a busy world and most volunteers and or animal rescue workers are super focused and have no time to waste! Getting animals placed in homes takes dedication and perseverance and this shirt pretty much says what they often feel! If someone is bothering you when you are feeding…read it all!

Pet-Friendly Colleges That Allow Pets & Fosters Too!

General News While colleges are required to allow service animals under the ADA act (but you should still contact the college and let them know!), they do not have to allow pets on campus. But, finding pet-friendly colleges that allow pets of all types is not as hard as you might think these days! Having a daughter…read it all!

Home Is Where Dog Is: T-Shirt Design Download

Freebies Not “just a dog” but a family member – that is what any dog lover will say about their beloved pooch. This shirt embellishes how we feel about our dogs – that when we are not with them it just does not feel like “home”. A happy pet owner walking their dog – the simplicity…read it all!

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