Sick of Fundraising – Well, Why Not Try Scrip Fundraising!

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is probably the most difficult part of running a rescue or shelter. Having heard so many say they are sick and tired of fundraising – we know it is an issue many face in the animal rescue world. Because of this we are always on the lookout for great new fundraising ideas that any…read it all!

Doggy Noses & Yoga Poses: A Fundraiser For Animals

Fundraising Ideas, Interviews

When Debra reached out to us about her Doggy Noses & Yoga Poses we wanted to jump on the opportunity to profile her program and see how it works! Doggy Noses & Yoga Poses is a unique animal fundraiser that combines a love of yoga with a love of dogs and we couldn’t imagine a…read it all!

3 Facts About Chihuahuas & Shelters That No One Will Tell You

Advocacy & Education

Did you know that Chihuahuas are the dog breed found most often in shelters, second only to Pit Bulls?  That is according to the ASPCA that listed them as number 2 for 2013 and 2014. Some list them as number three, but they are always found in the top 10. How can that be? These…read it all!

Puppies Are Not Products T-Shirt Design Download


Imagine living your life in a cage – never smelling the fresh air – never seeing the sun – never feeling the grass beneath your feet. Puppy mills are sadly a real thing and until we make a stand to STOP supporting them – dogs will continue to suffer because of those who feel that…read it all!

When A Foster Dog Picks You – Why I Kept A Dog I Did Not Want.

Advocacy & Education, General News

The purpose of this post is to show people that even damaged dogs can bring so much joy and fulfillment to your life. That the dogs you may not think are the best for you – may be the ones you need the most. As the proud mom of 2 pitties Ginger and Riley –…read it all!

Lover Not A Fighter: Pit Bull T-Shirt Design Download


Pit Bull lovers rejoice – our top selling t-shirt design of all time is now being released as a design FREEBIE! If you run, volunteer for or advocate for any pit bull rescue – this is a perfect addition to your fundraisers! Whether you print it on tees, mugs, hats – or anything you can…read it all!

All You Need Is Cats T-Shirt Design Download


As some may know – CharityPaws started as a social goods shop, created just to help animal rescue groups by creating apparel that focused on an important animal issue and donating proceeds back to our partners. We closed down that aspect of our initiative for several reasons, but wanted to continue on helping in other…read it all!

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