5 Valentine’s Day Rescue Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraising Ideas Tapping into holidays is a great way to promote your shelter or rescue – and bringing on the creativity can make all the difference in making your fundraiser a success! Valentine’s Day is one of the best holidays to be creative because it focuses on love and relationships – and who is more loving and…read it all!

Sick of Fundraising – Well, Why Not Try Scrip Fundraising!

Fundraising Ideas Fundraising is probably the most difficult part of running a rescue or shelter. Having heard so many say they are sick and tired of fundraising – we know it is an issue many face in the animal rescue world. Because of this we are always on the lookout for great new fundraising ideas that any…read it all!

Making An Event Fundraiser Black & White

Fundraising Events, Interviews Imagine creating an event fundraiser that is not only strikingly beautiful – but emphasizes the needs a rescue has and to top it off raises $36,000 to help animals in need! One Love Pit Bull Foundation made it all happen. This fundraising event was a very different concept in that the rescue showcased images that…read it all!

Never Stop Fighting: Design Download

Freebies Another one of our best-selling t-shirt designs when we sold them in retail! The “Never Stop Fighting For Animals” design features a fist – showing unity among animal rescuers – and a ribbon that seemingly takes a pledge. Once you start in the animal rescue journey – you are a part of something bigger –…read it all!

Need Help With Vet Bills? Meet Waggle!

General News Imagine having the opportunity to get some help with your vet bills! Waggle is a brand new crowdfunding platform just for pets and we are thrilled to be able to share them with you as they kick off their beta platform. I heard about Waggle a while ago – and as soon as I did,…read it all!

Steals Chained Dogs: T-Shirt Design Download

Freebies One of the most frustrating things we see in animal rescue are dogs that are chained in backyards with no cover from the weather, dirty food and water bowls – and worst of all, lack of attention and love. Although we know in most areas we cannot just go in and remove a dog from…read it all!

Rescue Is My Religion: T-Shirt Design Download

Freebies Those involved in animal rescue – are typically dedicated and have a world where rescue IS their life! We thank those that do what they do every day to make the lives of homeless animals better! Our “Rescue is my Religion” design was made with those special people in mind – the ones who make…read it all!


Nurture Your Childs Love Of Animals With Rescue Runts!

Products & Reviews Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to save every animal you could find that was in need? From the bird that ran into a door to the dog that was running loose – if there was an animal, you would be its hero right?! Except mom and dad would usually respond with…read it all!

GPS Dog Tracking Collars: A Buyer’s Guide

Products & Reviews What is a GPS Dog Collar or Pet Tracker? A GPS dog collar/pet tracker is a special technology based dog collar or tag that offers complete tracking capabilities if your dog should get lost. GPS is short for Global Positioning Satellite and these GPS enabled dog tracking collars will allow you to use an app…read it all!

Gifts That Give Back: A Gift Guide For Pet Lovers

Products & Reviews It’s the most wonderful time of the year – filled with laughter, family, friends and of course food. But for the animals who will spend their holiday season in a shelter, boarding or rescue – there is not much reason to celebrate. If there are animal lovers on your gift list then this is the…read it all!

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