Animal Rescue Marketing Inspiration

Having great visuals when promoting your events and fundraisers – or even for promoting important messages is critical in the animal rescue world. We think these animal rescue marketing examples are some of the best for animal rescues and we hope these images will inspire you to be creative and inspirational with your design work to make the biggest impact!

Please note that these are being provided as examples to inspire – please do not download or copy these marketing items as they are owned by their creators who have been credited. If you would like to use these for your own marketing, you should reach out to the creator for approval.

Event Fundraiser Marketing For Rescues & Shelters

No matter what type of event fundraiser you are hosting for your animal rescue or shelter – marketing is key! These creative promotional assets will help inspire you to think outside the box for your next event. Whether fun, serious or a play on something popular – be creative and have fun with it so your supporters have fun too!

Pet Adoption Marketing

Some of our favorite adoption marketing campaigns that help people understand how important adoption is!

From creative elements to the use of statistics – and even humor, these are all great ways to help engage the community and promote adoption from local shelters and rescues.

Animal Awareness Campaigns

While some of these are heart-wrenching, they do a great job of getting awareness out there on some difficult topics.

Pulling at the heartstrings is a great way to help people understand the importance of many of these animal welfare related issues.