50+ Grants For Animal Rescues & Shelters (Updated For 2023)

Are you looking for grants for Animal rescues and shelters? We have spent a lot of time and effort on this list to bring you the best of the grants we could find. We have researched and found as many grants as we could find with the goal of keeping them all under one page. Be sure to bookmark this page and come back throughout the year.

Animal shelters and rescues are always in need of funds and what better way to receive much needed help than from a grant.

There are a large collection of animal related grants available, some are well known organizations, other are smaller groups that you may not have heard of. But they all have one thing in common, they want to help animals!

Please be sure to read all requirements!

Some of these grants for animal rescue groups are on temporary hold due to an overwhelming number of applicants, but you should check back often to make sure you do not miss an opportunity when it comes available.

What can I do if I can’t afford a vet? If this is a question you ask, then just click that link and see the resources we have for pet owners too!

Whether you are caring for a dog or cat, our article is filled with ideas and grants for individuals to receive veterinary bill assistance. We try to keep this list of grants updated, but keep in mind that some grants will close their doors without notice. Other grants for rescues will put a pause on receiving applications and others will open during specific times each year.

If you know of a grant that will help an animal rescue that we do not have listed, please contact us so we can get them added to our ever changing list.

US Based Grants

American Humane Association: Second Chance Grant (Closed Down)

FOCUS: Animal Cruelty
AMOUNT: Maximum of $2,000

The Second Chance grant offers financial assistance to rescuers of animals that have been victims of abuse or neglect.

Veterinarian receipts must be submitted and claim must be made within 6 months of an animals treatment.

Each organization is only allowed to receive up to $2,000 in any fiscal year.

Grants are offered on a case by case basis and the submitting rescue or shelter must be a registered 501(c)(3).

American Humane: Hero Dog Awards

FOCUS: Service Dogs

The Hero Dog Awards has 5 main categories where your pup can win. One of those categories is Emerging Hero and Shelter. The contest starts in April and ends by November with the end of year ceremony.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

FOCUS: Multiple areas of focus
AMOUNT: $500-$10,000

The ASPCA has a variety of grant opportunities that range from $500 to approximately $10,000 per award.

Awards are provided to groups for some of the following: equine welfare, emergency & disaster, anti-cruelty, scholarships and more.

Each grant has specific requirements and some are by invitation only.

Athletes for Animals

FOCUS: Cat and dog rescues
AMOUNT: $500-$5,000

Athletes for Animals offers a semi-annual (March 15 and September 15 deadlines) grant opportunity to registered 501(c)(3) organizations that support canines or felines and do not euthanize adoptable animals.

Applies to organizations in the US or Canada and amount of grants range from $500 – $5,000.

Assistance Dog United Campaign

FOCUS: Assistance Dogs
DATES TO APPLY: April + May – deadline May 31

ADUC is committed to helping assistance dog member programs reach their highest potential.

Annual grants are provided to meet program needs that will further that development, ultimately benefiting the assistance dog partnership.

Banfield Foundation

FOCUS: Organizations that provide veterinary assistance to pet owners

The Banfield Foundation offers grants to animal welfare organizations that help delivery veterinary services to pets.

These grants include the opportunity to receive funds for veterinary assistance, pet advocacy, medical equipment, flea/tick and disaster relief. They have multiple grant options to choose from so be sure to check if one of the grants they offer can help your animal rescue or shelter.

Each grant requires a different application.

They also added a grant called Safer Together that provides funding to help pets of domestic violence victims.

The Binky Foundation

FOCUS: Organizations that are starting an initiative to protect animals and their habitats
AMOUNT: Up to $2,500

The Binky Foundation is dedicated to the the protection of domestic and wild animals as well as the protection and expansion of wildlife habitats.

Their grant program is focused on helping organizations that are in the development stages of a program or initiative that will help provide a long-term benefit and perform their mission.

Bissell Pet Foundation

FOCUS: Reduce homeless pet population

The Bissell Foundation focuses on helping animal organizations that work to reduce the animal population whether through adoption programs, foster care programs or spay and neuter.

Applicants must be a member of the BISSELL Partners for Pets program for at least 3 months and does not provide grants to groups that do not micro-chip the dogs they adopt or declaw their cats. They currently partner with over 6,000 animal welfare groups across all 50 US states.

Bow Wow Buddies Foundation

FOCUS: Reduce homeless pet population
AMOUNT: up to $2,500 per grant
DEADLINE: Applications reviewed the 15th and 30th of each month

Individuals, families, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, and government animal shelters may all apply for a grant for one dog per calendar year.

Grants may cover necessary medical treatment for the dog for a one-time scenario. They allow for individual/families as well as shelters to apply for a grant. The animal shelter grant application has 19 questions that need to be answered.

Veterinarian estimate required.


FOCUS: Retired Racing Horses

Since 2008, CARMA has granted over $4 million to organizations that retire, retrain and re-home Thoroughbreds that have raced at partnering tracks in California.

CARMA’s grant process includes submission of applications, arranging and participating in site visits for those that have properties, conducting interviews and/or office visits for those that do not have farms, reviewing the grant proposals submitted by each applicant, and allocating funds at the end of each year Grants are allocated once a year – typically in December.

Our application process begins each summer when the current application form becomes available online.

The applications includes an information form for the organization and a detailed list of requirements.

This list details all the items that must be included in every application to be considered for funding.

Cold Noses Foundation

FOCUS: Medical Care, Community Outreach and Longterm Projects
AMOUNT: $2,000 -$5,000

The Cold Noses Grant is to help organizations fund special projects relating to humane treatment of animals, finding homes & non-lethal alternatives to euthanasia, veterinary care for needy families or organizations, and humane education.

Must have income of $200,000 or less in last fiscal year.

Dogs Trust USA

FOCUS: Dog welfare
AMOUNT: Up to $50,000

Three rounds of grant funding annually.

Grants provided for dog population management (spay/neuter), improving successful rehoming, or constructing a veterinary clinic.

They may be education projects working with children or other groups, to improve safety around dogs or responsible dog ownership.

They may also be projects that provide subsidized or low-cost vet treatment to disadvantaged communities.

Doris Day Animal Foundation

FOCUS: Senior pets are their primary focus
AMOUNT: Maximum $5,000

The Doris Day Animal Foundation offers grants that are primarily focused on helping groups that help senior companion animals, but do offer grants to other programs as well.

Applications are accepted all year long.

Food for Thought Campaign

FOCUS: Vegan Events

If you are hosting an event and are interested in having a vegan or animal friendly menu but do not know how to proceed, Food for Thought Campaign can help.

They also offer financial help you with your food costs if you meet their requirements.

Grey Muzzle Organization

FOCUS: Senior dogs
AMOUNT: $2,500-$7,500

The Grey Muzzle Organization offers grants exclusively to those organizations that improve the lives of at-risk senior dogs.

The grants require the willingness to host an on-site visit by a Grey Muzzle board member and you must provide an impact report.

Guinness Dunn Foundation

FOCUS: Shelter/Rescue, Pet Food Assistance, Vet Bill Assistance, Mobility Carts
AMOUNT: $500.00 to $10,000.00
LOCATION: USA & International

Created to honor a beloved dog, Guinness, The Guinness Dunn Foundation is dedicated to serving those most vulnerable and in need through a variety of grant opportunities.

The Guinness Dunn foundation is on a mission to improve the plight of homeless and neglected animals by providing grants to like-minded rescue groups in the U.S. and Internationally.

We are committed to keeping pets and their families together during difficult times by providing financial assistance for emergency veterinary bills, pet food assistance and mobility carts for disabled dogs.

With our grant opportunities, we will keep families together and assist rescue organizations around the world achieve a common goal of helping animals in need.

Healthy Paws Rescue Race

FOCUS: Homeless pets
AMOUNT: $5,000 – $20,000

Submit your nonprofit and garner votes to win one of their 6 available grants.

Email them with your shelter information to be included in their next Rescue Race.

Hugs & Kisses Animal Fund

FOCUS: Small organizations with no paid staff

Hugs & Kisses offers grants to what they consider “mom and pop” animal welfare groups in the US that have no paid staff and have a minimum of a 5 year record.

Their grants are given to organizations that have minimal staff to help with fundraising and is offered to support ongoing operations or emergencies.

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

FOCUS: Medical Emergencies
AMOUNT: Maximum $1,000 Per Application

Provides medical grants for pets that have come from a rescue situation and applications for these grants must be received within 3 months of the rescues intake.

Grants are only for covering injuries received by abuse or neglect.

Jason Debus Heigl Foundation

FOCUS: Various

Provides grants to humane societies, rescues, shelters and advocacy groups.

Also offers “David’s Grant” which helps small rural shelters.

Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust

FOCUS: Animal cruelty prevention and humane treatment of animals

The foundation accepts proposals from organizations in the USA that are designed to improve the lives of animals in Ohio and the Great Lakes region.

Eligibility does require that 100% of an organization’s governing board must have made a monetary contribution to it during the past year. Grants vary in amounts.

Kurgo Foundation

AMOUNT: Various

The Kurgo Foundation offers grants to organizations that work to improve the lives of dogs.

Laura J. Niles Foundation

FOCUS: Canine health research, animal protection, search & rescue training
AMOUNT: $2,500 and up

The Laura J Niles foundation has a particular passion for dogs and offers grants to support health research for canines, search & rescue training, protection of animals and adoption.

Grants are awarded on a case by case basis.

Lazin Animal Foundation

FOCUS: Primarily canine programs that reduce euthanasia or owner surrenders

Grants to organizations that need assistance in their work of caring for and protecting animals, primarily canines, from unnecessary euthanasia or relinquishment.

Reviews letters of inquiry through the end of September each year.

Little Guy Grants

FOCUS: No-Kill Rescue Organizations
AMOUNT: Various Smaller Donations

Tails of Joy was started by comedian and writer Elayne Boosle and offers grants to registered 501(c)(3) organizations that are no-kill and receive no government money.

There are a few other requirements listed on the website as well.

Maddie’s Fund

FOCUS: No-Kill

Maddie’s Fund was created to help assist in the creation of a no-kill world!

Grants are provided to support groundbreaking ideas that help increase the number of lives saved and that cultivate new leaders and advance foster care.

Grants include research, education and a grant for groups implementing new programs that improve lifesaving opportunities.

Mary Jo & Hank Greenberg Foundation

FOCUS: Animal Rescue Organizations: Cats & Dogs

Giving primarily to organizations that rescue, provide care, housing and services for homeless and neglected animals, especially cats and dogs.

There is no website and the phone number found online does not seem to be associated anymore, but we do know they are still offering grants based on news releases.

Link below is to their Grantmakers profile which does have an address and email but we have not verified any details.

Meacham Foundation Memorial Grant

FOCUS: Shelter Expansion & Improvements
AMOUNT: Up to $4,000

Provides financial assistance to animal welfare organizations for shelter expansion or improvements.

Grant money must be used to increase and/or improve the quality of care for animals.

Mutt Nation Foundation

FOCUS: Animal Shelters
AMOUNT: Various

Started by Miranda & Bev Lambert, Mutt Nation Foundation supplies grants to animal shelters all over the US.

The shelters are carefully and vetted and they try to support a shelter in each state.

There is no application, but follow them on social media to get on their radar.

On Shore Foundation

FOCUS: Animal Welfare, Wildlife Preservation, Animal Population Control

On Shore Foundation supports registered 501(c)(3) groups that have income/assets totaling less than $275,000 and that work to improve the lives of animals.

All donation requests must be done via regular mail.

Oxbow Rescue Grant

FOCUS: Multiple areas of focus

Supports rescues with monetary grants, sponsorships, product support & discounts and educational and event support.

Pedigree Foundation

AMOUNT: $1,000 and up

Pedigree Foundation offers various grants for operations, disaster relief and more.

Penny Fix

FOCUS: Spay & Neuter
AMOUNT: $2,000

PennyFix provides spay and neuter funding for cats and dogs from a program where pet owners pay an extra penny for a can of food they purchase.

Petco Foundation

FOCUS: Disaster Relief & Adoption Events

Petco offers several opportunities to animal welfare groups to help with disaster relief and to sponsor local adoption events.

Petfinder Foundation

FOCUS: Multiple areas of focus

Petfinder Foundation offers several grant opportunities for animal welfare groups including: disaster & emergency response, senior pet adoption grants, dogs playing for life, play yard renovation and more.

Each grant offers a separate application.

To apply for any of their grants – animal welfare groups must be an active Petfinder member in good standing.


FOCUS: Multiple areas of focus

PetSafe sets aside a portion fo their profits annually that allows them to donate back to various animal charities located in certain counties in Tennessee and Virginia.

PetSmart Charities

FOCUS: Multiple areas of focus

PetSmart Charities offers a variety of grant opportunities for animal welfare groups.

Grants are broken into several categories including: adoptions, spay/neuter, emergency relief, transportation, capital, intake diversion, shelter operations, trainings, quality of life and keeping pets & families together.


AMOUNT: $500 or $2500

The PIP fund offers 2 different grants for animal welfare organizations and the grants are given out 2x a year.

Planet Dog Foundation – (Currently Inactive)

FOCUS: Programs that train, place and support dogs that help people in need.

Planet Dog Foundation focuses on providing grants to organizations that train and support dogs that help those in need.

Therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs and fire/military canines are all dogs that are supported with this grant.

Rachael Ray Save Them All Grant

FOCUS: Reduce shelter deaths

Rachel Ray has partnered with Best Friends for a “Save the All” grant that focuses on funding for initiatives that reduce shelter deaths such as spay/neuter, TNR, adoption campaigns etc.

This grant is only available to Best Friends Network Partners.

Regina B. Frankenberg Foundation

FOCUS: Animal welfare and cruelty

Offers grants to national organizations helping wild animals and NYC area for companion animals.

Funding is offered for the protection of endangered animals and to help improve the lives of homeless companion animals.

Applications to be received by July 1st of each year.

Rescue Bank

FOCUS: Pet food grants

Rescue Bank is a program from the group at GreaterGood.org and provides grants to the animal rescue community to provide donated pet food from a variety of manufacturers.

Any animal welfare organization that is a valid 501(c)(3) can apply.

SBB Research Group LLC

FOCUS: Various
AMOUNT: $1,000 – $5,000

SBB Research group offers grants for various nonprofit organizations.

There is no specifications to what they look for, but you can apply monthly.

Second Chance Fund

FOCUS: Animal Abuse Cases
AMOUNT: Up to $2,000

Financial assistance to homeless animals that are victims of abuse.

Funding is awarded on a case by case basis and can only be used for medical care that is related to abuse, not for standard care.

Any animal welfare organization that is a valid 501(c)(3) can apply.

Stanton Foundation

FOCUS: Various canine

The Stanton Foundation has several canine grant opportunities from mobile adoption vans to police K9 vests and training and more.

Some grants are specific to certain areas.

The Summerlee Foundation

FOCUS: Various

Grants offered for organizations in certain areas dealing with certain issues.

Cat overpopulation in the US & Canada, dogs outside of the US, wildlife, marine life and more.

Susie’s Senior Dogs

FOCUS: Senior dogs over 7 years of age

Medical grants for senior dogs that are available for adoption.

Rolling admissions and approvals.

USDA Loan & Grant Application

FOCUS: Building construction or improvements

A program that helps to develop community facilities in rural areas with either a loan or grant.

Must be a registered 501(c)(3) in an area with no more than 20,000 residents.

Can only be used to purchase, construct or improve facilities such as animal shelters.

William and Charlotte Parks Foundation

FOCUS: Research, projects or activities that advance animal welfare
AMOUNT: Up to $10,000

The William and Charlotte Parks Foundation offers grants to support projects, research and activities that enhance the welfare of animals.

Recent recipients include those that have created adoption programs, animal rescue training and the creation of research/data driven websites to help advance animal welfare initiatives.

Walmart Local Community Grant

FOCUS: Local Communities
AMOUNT: $250-$5,000

Eligible nonprofit organizations must operate on the local level (or be an affiliate/chapter of a larger organization that operates locally) and directly benefit the service area of the facility from which they are requesting funding.

If your shelter or rescue is offering spay/neuter or other services to your local community you should apply.

Arnall Family Foundation

FOCUS: Dogs, Cats, Horses: Homelessness, Cruelty & Research

Must be a participant in Shelter Animals count and you cannot specifically apply for grant but they invite you to submit a letter of interest.

Every Cat Health Foundation

FOCUS: Cat health studies
AMOUNT: Up to $15,000

The Winn Foundation makes grants available for cat studies related to medical problems that affect cats.

Examples include asthma, diabetes, bacterial diseases and more.

Location Specific Rescue Grants

Remy Fund

LOCATION: Alabama – certain counties
FOCUS: Companion Animals
AMOUNT: $2,000 – $20,000

Grants are for organizations that do work with companion animals within Blount, Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair and Walker Counties in Alabama. March-April application period.

Two Mauds

LOCATION: Appalachian Region
FOCUS: Medical, S&N, TNR

Two Mauds offers grants to organizations that help animals in the Appalachian region that have annual budgets of $100,000 or less. Grants can be applied to uses including medical expenses, spay & neuter of TNR or owned pets, programs that enhance neuter before adoption trends.

The Arizona Companion Animal Spay and Neuter Committee

FOCUS: Spay & Neuter

Funding provided to humane societies, municipal animal control agencies and other animal welfare organizations. Funds are raised through the sales of animal friendly license plates thrrough June 30th of each year.

California License Plate Grant

LOCATION: California
FOCUS: Pet Overpopulation
AMOUNT: $330,000 available

Revenue received from the sale of these plates is awarded to eligible organizations through a grant application process. Grants available to groups that provide low-cost or no-cost animal sterilization services. Applications due by March 1st.

Community Foundation of the North State

LOCATION: California – Shasata, Siskiyou & Tehama counties
FOCUS: Animal welfare
AMOUNT: varies but usually under $5,000

The Community Foundation created the Animal Welfare Endowment Fund to support organizations who are providing for the welfare and care of animals in Shasta, Siskiyou and Tehama counties. Grants will be made to nonprofit organizations who promote the welfare of animals in the following categories:  supporting homeless animals; supporting owned pets, supporting wildlife, supporting working animals, and disaster preparedness for animals. Please see application detail for more information.

David and Jane Gotelli Family Fund

LOCATION: California – Napa Valley
FOCUS: Companion animals health, welfare and humane treatment
AMOUNT: $5,000 – $30,000
DEADLINE: January 18, 2023 for the 2023 grant

The grant is offered through the Napa Valley Community Foundation and is offered to nonprofits and public agencies that are helping improve the welfare of companion animals.

Annenberg Foundation

LOCATION: California – certain counties
FOCUS: Animal Welfare
AMOUNT: Various

While not specifically pet related, this grant does offer consideration for animal welfare related groups. Bark Avenue Foundation was a grant recipient so we wanted to make sure it was listed.

Shasta Regional Community Foundation

LOCATION: California (certain counties)
FOCUS: Animal Welfare
AMOUNT: $1,000-$5,000

The Community Foundation created the animal welfare fund to provide for the care of animals in Shasta and Siskiyou Counties. As the fund grows, grants will be made to nonprofit organizations who promote animal welfare such as support for: rabies clinics, spay and neuter services, animal rescue, animal rehabilitation and more.

Animal Assistance Foundation

LOCATION: Colorado
FOCUS: Animal Welfare & Shelter Improvements

Animal Assistance Foundation offers a grant to organizations that are in Colorado or directly benefit pet owners in Colorado. The offer funding for a variety of animal welfare issues and offer a separate grant opportunity for capital improvements for shelters.

Grand Foundation

LOCATION: Colorado
FOCUS: Various

Grand Foundation offers annual grants to the community for services that impact the community in a positive way. In 2019 Grand County Pet Pals received a grant to help assist pet owners with their spaying and neutering. In 2022, $3.7M in grants were awarded.

Chelsea Groton Foundation

LOCATION: Connecticut & Rhode Island
FOCUS: Animal Welfare
AMOUNT: Various

A bank serving CT & RI offers grants to charity organizations that are in their service areas.

Florida Animal Friend

FOCUS: Spay & Neuter
AMOUNT: Maximum of $25,000

Grants are available to Florida based 501(c)(3) that have spay & neuter programs to help control animal population. Grant funds comes from the sale of animal friendly license plates.

Franklin’s Friends

LOCATION: Central Florida
FOCUS: Spay & Neuter, Education
AMOUNT: Various

Supports Central Florida animal welfare by granting funds to local non-profit and government agencies for shelter/rescue, spay/neuter, and community education programs.

Operation Round Up

LOCATION: Georgia: 14 counties served by Central Georgia EMC
FOCUS: Various
AMOUNT: Various

Grant provided by Central Georgia EMC to local organizations that are working to improve the lives of others.

Freeman Foundation

LOCATION: Montgomery County, Maryland & Sussex County Delaware
FOCUS: Animal Welfare
AMOUNT: $2500-$5000

Freeman Foundation offers grants to all nonprofits within the locations specified and has noted animal welfare as one of the types of nonprofits they help.

I Care For Animals Tag Program

LOCATION: Mississippi
FOCUS: Spay/Neuter & Animal Welfare

Grant opportunities for registered animal welfare groups in the state of MS. Funds come from the sales of animal friendly license plates.

Maddie’s Pet Project

FOCUS: Animal Welfare

Must be Nevada-based 501(c)3 or government animal welfare organization focused on dogs and/or cats.

Columbia Bank Foundation

LOCATION: New Jersey

Applies to various local nonprofits. Animal Dignity Organization of Pequannock Township has received a $60,000 grant in 2019.

NYS Companion Animal Capital Fund

FOCUS: Shelters & Humane Societies

Municipal and incorporated not-for-profit pounds, shelters and humane societies are eligible applicants.

Purina Shelter Champions

LOCATION: Missouri: within 50 miles St. Louis
FOCUS: Animal Welfare

Purina offers grants to organizations that promote pet welfare. Grants are only offered to pet welfare organizations located within 50 miles of their St. Louis headquarters or one of their manufacturing facilities. They also offer event sponsorships, product donations, disaster relief and have a special program called Purina Farm Pets in the community.

East Hill Foundation

LOCATION: New York: western regions
FOCUS: Various
AMOUNT: $50,000 and under
DEADLINE: Letter of intent due May 15, 2023. You can read more about their requirements and application due date on their website.

East Hill Foundation provides grants to all types of 501(c)(3) organizations, but animal welfare organization can apply.

Ohio Animal Foundation

FOCUS: Rescue & Shelter Services, Wildlife Protection
AMOUNT: $250

Grants for organizations in Ohio that are working to improve the welfare of animals.

Scranton Area Community Foundation

LOCATION: Pennsylvania: Scranton, Lackawanna County, Northeastern PA
FOCUS: Various grants are distributed to all needs, but animal organizations can apply.
AMOUNT: Up to $25,000 based on grant type

Grants are available for organizations in PA that are beneficial to the community. This is not an animal specific grant, but they have provided funding for animal welfare groups. There are 3 types of grants and you must enter a Letter of Intent if you want to apply.

Rhode Island Foundation

LOCATION: Rhode Island
FOCUS: Humane Treatment & Animal Protection

Several funding opportunities are available to organizations that promote or provide services that focus on humane animal treatment and a general improvement in animal welfare within Rhode Island. Capital projects are also considered.

Dog Park Dash

LOCATION: Tennessee
FOCUS: Building of Dog Parks

Helps to build dog parks in the state of Tennessee

The Community Foundation

LOCATION: Middle Tennessee
FOCUS: Animal Welfare

The Community Foundation offers grants to various 501c3 organizations in Middle Tennessee, animal welfare is listed as eligible recipients for their grants. Grants are limited to organizations in certain counties as listed on their website.

Houston PetSet

LOCATION: Houston, Texas
FOCUS: Spay & Neuter, Transport, Community Education, Cruelty Prevention, Research, Advocacy

Moody Foundation


The Moody Foundation is not just for animal related organizations, but do offer nonprofits the opportunity to receive a grant for work that will impact their community.

Ursula Landsrath Animal Rescue Fund

LOCATION: Virginia
AMOUNT: $500-$2,500

Grant can be used for spay/neuter, TNR, medical funds, equipment, building repairs and/or public outreach and education expenses.

Washington Federation of Animal Care & Control Agencies

LOCATION: Washington – must be voting member of the Federation
FOCUS: Spay/neuter
AMOUNT: up to $5,000

Grant can only be used for spay/neuter procedures whether for owned or homeless animals. Only those who are voting members of The Washington Federation of Animal Care and Control Agencies can apply.

Peterman Foundation

LOCATION: West Virginia
FOCUS: Spay & Neuter

We could not find a website specifically about this foundation but they provide spay and neuter grants for local rescues in WV to help with overpopulation. Contact information is in the link below.

PNC Charitable Trust

LOCATION: Various States
FOCUS: Various

Grants are awarded to eligible nonprofit organizations from nearly 200 perpetual charitable trusts and private foundations for which PNC is trustee. A New Jersey shelter received $25,000 in 2020 to help build a new shelter.

Victoria Animal Welfare Fund

LOCATION: Australia
FOCUS: Companion Animals

The Animal Welfare Fund Grants Program was established to support improvement of companion animal welfare in the Victorian community.

Miscellaneous / Worldwide Grants

Botstiber Institute for Wildlife Fertility Control

FOCUS: Supports the advancement of wildlife fertility

The Botstiber Institute for Wildlife Fertility Control (BIWFC) seeks public policy research projects that advance the knowledge, acceptance and implementation of wildlife fertility control as a method of wildlife management throughout the world.

Cultural & Animals Foundation

FOCUS: For scholars and artists who use their skills to build a deeper understanding of the human animal bond and a greater respect for animal rights.
LOCATION: Any country
AMOUNT: Range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars
DEADLINE: Proposals accepted from November 1 through January 31 each year

CAF funds academic and artistic projects that raise public awareness about animal rights. Grants are awarded in three categories: Research (scholarly projects about animal advocacy and its cultural roots and impact); Creativity (original work by artists and thinkers that expresses positive concern for animals); and Performance (public performances and exhibitions to raise awareness of animal advocacy).

Helping Animals International

FOCUS: Promotes improvement in animal welfare & suffering, with a particular focus on cats.
DEADLINE: Applications accepted throughout the year

Established in 2013 in memory of Jeanne Marchig, Helping Animals International promotes work in animal welfare and suffering with a particular interest in the protection of domestic cats. There are no restrictions on the geographical area of the work (with the exception of the USA and Canada). Priority will be given to the welfare and protection of domestic cats whether owned, stray or feral.

Product Grants

Companies that offer products to shelters and rescues.

PetPlay Warm Bellies – bed donations

Grant Resources

Resources to help you find and write grants to get what you need for your shelter!

Animal Grant Makers
Instrumentl – grant search portal
Candid – find funding & grants

Are you aware of a grant for shelters or rescues we do not have listed here?

Please leave a comment and we will be sure to add it to the list! We hope to create a comprehensive and updated list to help animal charities find what they need when they need it! Thank you!

If you found this post useful, please share it! We update it often and will improve it in the future to help rescues find what they need faster!

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful resource. We are an approved 501c3 animal rescue sanctuary in NY but currently looking for larger property and funding for the structural buildings. Our focus is on small ( what should be ) 4 legged animals and senior dogs to live the remainder of their lives ) with love and a place to call home. We will eventually provide animal assisted therapy for people with a wide range of disabilities. Hoping to get involved with Veterans at some point. If anyone knows of any groups or grants that assist with development ( I believe one of the companies did that a few years ago), please let me know, or if there are any other connections that would be helpful. Thank you everyone for helping make a difference in this world!

  2. I am trying to find grants to build a new Animal Shelter in my county in California. We are a poor county and the existing shelter is very old. The sound is deafening. The kennels are too small. We are heavily impacted with mostly large dogs. They stay in these small kennels 23 hours a day. This is a government run shelter. I am working with my district supervisor, but we are having great difficulty finding appropriate grant funding.

    • Alex, first thank you for what you are trying to do. Unfortunately, all we are aware of is what is listed here. I do add to it as often as grants come in, so check back every once in a while, but I am not sure I can offer any more help. My heart breaks for the smaller counties —- have your tried fundraising events or even a GoFundMe? Reach out to bigger businesses and see if they can offer support to!

  3. This is an EXCELLENT resource and we really appreciate it. It is easy to use and the links are helpful.

  4. i am an indvidual that is seeking information and funding for building improvement to start a rescue shelter for homeless, surrendered, and older dogs, i reside in a small home that provides 40 acres of proerty that is able to be used for the needs pf my passion, which is dogs and any other animal that deserves a safe inviroment food health care amd love and my goal is that they find forever homes , however there are so many that just need a second chance and a place to be loved, i have no idea how to do this but ive been caring for and rescuing dogs for over half of my life and have worked in the pet care business in grooming boarding rescue and basic first aide and life support training , i bek=lieve i am their voice and im standing on the roof top screaming for help and direction in my efforts to provide for these animals , i thank you in advance for any and all direction and assistance you may be able to assist me with. im not asking for anything unreasonable i just need some advice and guidance to acchieve a goal that is for the greater good of my furry friends that have been dealt a short hand by no fault of thier own. respectfully Susan Bear 970=939=8175 Dogmom1one@gmail,com

  5. Wings Rescue is located on the gulf of Mexico in the small town of Rockport TX, We are an all volunteer wild bird and seabird rescue 401C organization. Established in 2016 we have rescued/rehabbed over 850 birds so far in 2021. Currently in need to start up our own lab for diagnosing and treating. Also in need of a large raptor enclosure. Any suggestions where we can apply for help?

    • Hi Patricia, thank you for all you do for the birds! Outside of what is listed here, I am not aware of any other resources at the moment. But please check back often as we do add new grants as they come in. For the raptor enclosure maybe you can reach out to a local fencing company who might be willing to donate? Jill

  6. Hello there:
    This is a great resource for finding grants. I have never applied for a grant but am volunteering for Children’s Nature Retreat in Alpine CA. They need $1,500 a day just to feed the 201 animals they take care of. I will go through some of these grants and fill out there application.
    All the Best and God Bless!

  7. I am looking for a grant for dog food for a non kill shelter in Mountainair New Mexico. The name of the shelter is call Friends of Mountainair Animal Shelter
    I felt so bad when I went there to ask for food to feed an abundant dog that I been feeding since 2014. The shelter is struggling because no one is donating food and they told me they couldn’t really give me any food this time because they need what they had 5 bags of dry food to feed the shelter dogs. I wish I could help them and donate food , but during this time of the pandemic I cannot afford it. I am hoping there is help for the shelter with food grant. Thankyou Elisia S

      • Thankyou for reading my statement about the shelter in Mountainair NM.
        I have not heard from the shelter yet if they had any spare dog food to help me out. Have you been in contact with them?

    • Hi – Go directly to the pet food companies. Hills and Purina both have great shelter assistance programs. Also, contact your local human food pantry network. They might have donors or connections. Good luck!

  8. We have been BLESSED, I mean totally BLESSED to have received a grant from Guiness Dun. To make some much needed improvements to NOVASTAR Rescue in Dover, AR. Without this Foundation we would still be fundraising to get concrete poured under our kennels. We appreciate your efforts and your generosity more than you will ever know. We will send pictures as we progress.

    • Hi Laura,
      Nova Star Recuse is very welcome!
      The Guinness Dunn Foundation is so grateful to be able to help Chip (a.k.a Kicker).
      We hope he is recovering well with his dad. What a wonderful story with a happy ending.

      Rose & Ryan
      The Guinness Dunn Foundation

  9. Animal care requires too much time, effort, and sacrifice if it isn’t your passion. We are independent animal welfare advocates/ rescuers here in the Philippines. As this pandemic has affected us so much, we need an extra hand to at least help us with their supplies like food. We have run out of food and funds as we are trying to fix their shelter It is already starting to rain here and the shelter’s soil ground is slowly eroding. And when it rains hard, it goes right inside the wide window. As the canopy is yet to be built. The dogs get wet. Please. hoping for any help. Despite having work, it isn’t enough at this time You can check out the link below so see our rescues. We currently have 48 dogs now as we lost our senior ne last week, 8 puppies, 5 cats. We have very limited local support here as the big shelters are also dependent on sponsorships and donations. email is [email protected] or [email protected]


  10. An apparent disagreement between St. Landry Parish government and the Bissell Pet Foundation has led to the loss of a proposed $31,000 grant aimed at expanding the cat sanctuary facility at the parish animal shelter.

    • Wow, I just found the article – that is sad. But I think St. Landry could have just abided by the request Bissell made about vaccinations. Confused about what the big deal is on that issue. Thanks for letting us know, this is rare to see!

    • We have a similar situation. Bissell was to donate $50,000.00 to Friends of Grenada Animal Shelter to renovate or build a new shelter, but the police department (who is in charge of animal control) wanted to take its share. Due to disagreements over the funds the rescue has gotten kicked out of the shelter and now no-one is caring for the animals. You can follow the rescue group on FB.

  11. Must I be a 501c3 to apply for funding grants? I’m a independent dog rescuer/pitbull advocate for 10 years now, rescuing off the streets with no funding or any kind of help in any way! I currently have 8+ rescued dogs with various health conditions as a direct result of the abuse and neglect they were victims of prior to me rescuing them! I could really use a lot of help here if there is any available, please advise. Thank you kindly
    Tina PITBULL Weber

  12. Hello good morning,
    Senior dog owner lost job thirteen months ago, please how do I apply for financial support for my dog amputation of right leg surgery, my dog jump from a high-level bed about four years ago, without treatment but notice in the last seven weeks the injury has gotten worsen, he is holding the paw up without touch to the ground or floor and is limping badly when he attempts to use his pee pad.
    Which may require emergency medical care which I cannot afford due to the financial situation please he needs your assistance to improve his life quality without putting him to his death. His name is Kona and is twelve years old Pom/Shih Tzu mixed. Cool little guy.
    thank you.

  13. The Humane Society of St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands
    Are there grants for animal welfare outside the USA mainland?
    We are all US citizens, with passports but without voting for President rights.

  14. It’s okay Jill no problem, in case you want to see some of our works, we I can also share.

    have a good day and stay safe

  15. I am hoping that at least one can help us here. As we are from the Philippines, and we currently have 47 rescues remaining, we lost 4 dogs, 15 puppies this month of March and we are still treating 3 more with distemper. We hope we can find assistance to at be able to bring those 3 to a vet and be given canglob shots. we dont want to lose any of them anymore. We do need a vet visit but we dont have enough funds to pay them. we only depend on our Salaries.

    • Hi Lourdes, thank you for taking on such a big task. Unfortunately, I am not sure what we can do to help. I am trying hard to find resources internationally to add to this list, but have not had much luck yet. Jill

      • I appreciate your reply. Honestly, I am seeking at little help so i can just buy stocks of the needed medicines for my dogs and a little food. I sent an application to Help Animals International, I just hope they can look into my application. I have created a crowdfunding link but no one has donated.

        Well, in any case you want to see our rescues, you can open the link.


        Thank you Jill

        • Hi Lourdes, Trust me – wish I was rich so I could send every rescue much needed funds! Can you tell me the name of your rescue and share the GoFundMe? Once I verify you are a rescue in good standing I will be glad to share on social media! Jill

          • HI Jill,

            Thank you for always responding to my comments. Unfortunately, in our country, we are not eligible to create our campaign, unless an individual can organize it for us. What I have is a fundrazr campaign:


            I hope you can help me share. Thank you so much

          • Thanks Lourdes, sorry that it is not that easy for you there. It may be tough to help from the US and you may not get much since there is no real way for us to verify the legitimacy of your organization. I will see about sharing the fundraiser – but have to do my due diligence first. Jill

  16. Hi! I am working with an organization in India that takes care of over 250 animals, though they are at risk of shutting down due to lack of funds. They’re almost in $3000 usd in debt. They need urgent assistance anything can help. Could you please give me some organizations that I could apply for grant for. I really don’t want them shutting down as they help get animals adopted, vaccinated, provide treatment, food, shelter, and help educate people about stray dogs.

    • Hi Dina, all grants that we are aware of are listed on this page. We hope to be able to find some more outside of the US which we will add – but this is all we have at the moment.

      • Hi Julie, thanks for asking this. I am going to reach out to Dina in case she does not see the comment. I will let you know if I hear back! Jill

  17. Hello good morning, please how do I apply for a finical support for my cat surgery, my cat got missing for a week the got back with a lot of wonds Which required emergency medical care which I cannot afford due to financial situation please she needs assistance thank you.

  18. Thanks for all the helpful information. I am trying to help a local nonprofit with obtaining funding for improvements to their facility for their rescues. The wonderful, very large fenced in play/social area stays flooded most of the time. They need assistance in some way of fixing this problem.

    • Hi Robin, hope there were a few grants that fit your needs. One other thing you can try is to reach out to local fence companies or construction companies to see if there are any that might donate some time and possibly materials too. We have heard of some amazing stories of compassion from local vendors!

  19. When I click on the link for the Laura J. Niles Foundation, I get all kinds of warnings that it is a virus site or something. Lots of flashing, so I shut down and prayed. Please take a look.

    Thanks for collecting all of this good information for those of us who seek funding for our organizations..

    Also, note that the Animal Assistance Foundation serves Colorado animals. To say they serve organizations in Colorado is somewhat misleading, You may want to clarify.

    • Sorry about that – apparently Laura J. Niles redid their website – I amended that. Thank you for letting me know!

  20. Greetings,
    I run a 14 year old 501-3 pit bull rescue in Tucson Az that has rescued over 5000 dogs. We have a free spay & neuter program for low income families of pit bull and pit bull mixes in Pima County Az called Snip -A-Pit. Our grant monies have dried up because of Covid and looking for another avenue for grants. All of the grants that we can now find are only available to shelters….we need public assistance grant as this is not for our rescue dogs. Can anyone help?
    Warmest Wags, Fredrica Powell
    Smiling Dog Rescue

    • Hi Fredrica! Thank you for what you are doing! I totally understand that there has been a huge impact this year – and I am so sorry for the struggles. Many of the grants on this page are also for rescues – but I know the money is not immediate. Have you reached out to local corporations? Doing a mailing may be a good way to get an immediate donation from a variety of organizations. I wish I could be more help. Jill

  21. I am the Director of Flood Rescue Foundation. We provide rescue boats, trailer, motor, and anything else that might be needed. However, since there have been so many places flooded, we have run out of money in order to buy the boats. Our rescue boats transport pets from a flood to
    the shoreline. We are registered as a non-profit organization and indeed , we do not keep any money for ourselves. Could you tell me about possible resources for grants? Thank you so much. Visit us at Floodrescue.org.

  22. I am a foster mom for my county shelter in NC. Are there any grants for foster parents of animals to help with finances of food and supplies?

    • Hi Jill, unfortunately grants are usually only provided to registered nonprofit organizations. In many places the shelter or rescue will pay for the care of a foster pet – have you asked if they do?

  23. I am trying to find out if there any kind of Grant that could open up a position for an area that badly needs an Animal Control Officer? I am in Tennessee.

    • Hi Lori, I am not aware of any for that specific person. Animal control officers are usually hired by the city – so you may need to petition your city council to see if they would consider hiring one. I wish I could be more help….

  24. We have rescued 5 dogs and one was pregnant and had 6 puppies. We have a total of 11 now and are finding it difficult to provide for them. Our latest is an 8 mos. old female found her extremely thin, with mange, and a broken arm. The vet bills are adding up quick not to mention more food, doggie bed, etc. We know that the shelters are at their capacities and we don’t have the heart to leave them there so they can be in cages. we’re wondering if there is an organization that can assist us with supplies and medical care when needed. We have also rescued 2 cats, we had #10 dog spayed 2 weeks ago, we have one cat’s appointment next week, and need one more female spayed. I was looking thru the list above but none are just for a private home. We never meant to become a rescue service, we love animals and don’t want them on the streets suffering.

    • Hi Evelia,

      Thank you for doing what you do for the animals!

      Unfortunately, without being a registered 501(c)(3) you will not be able to get any grants or financial assistance. You may be able to find some help in this article though which is more geared towards pet owners. https://charitypaws.com/cant-afford-vet/

      Hope this helps!

  25. We are looking for funding opportunities to complete an ongoing project, which is to complete an Animal Shelter. $75,000 is needed to complete the interior of the new building to begin providing shelter for animals.
    Any leads will be appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Hi Duane – All we are aware of is what is noted on this list – as we find new opportunities we do add them here. Good luck! Jill

    • I would not simply look for one grant to supply the full 75K as that may not happen. You can and should apply for multiple grants to possobly help cover your project and do a fundraiser as well to show effort to those you’re applying to; one or two could possible make exception(s) to give more than had planned. You just never know.

  26. Hello! I wanted to let you know about Ohio Animal Foundation. We launched a small grants program for Ohio animal nonprofits in 2018. The average grant size right now is $250. Organizations must be based in the state of Ohio. More information can be found on our grant program webpage: http://www.OhioAnimalFoundation.org/grants. Thanks!

  27. We just adopted a deaf Boxer. We have found a trainer to help us train him, but this is going to be a long process and much more expensive than we ever imagined. Do you know of any agencies that will help fund training for rescued animals with special needs? I am in the St. Louis Missouri area.

    • Hi Ann – congrats and thank you for taking in a special needs pet! Unfortunately I have no recommendations for you but you may want to reach out to Deaf Dogs Rock and see if they have any options or resources to help. I know they have a great blog and resources on their website. Wishing you and the lucky pup the best! Jill

  28. Can you tell me how to get started to become 501c3 I have been in recuse for about 28 years now and never had a 501c3 and everyone telling me to get it I could get Grant’s to help I always worked hard and done it my self.never ask for help .

  29. I am looking for a grant that can support us for animal welfare and conservation, reducing human wildlife conflict in Zimbabwe, Africa.

    • Hi Alfred, all we know about are the ones on this list. Hopefully we will find more in Africa sometime soon!

  30. I am currently looking to help a local bird rescue and sanctuary, that does have 501(3)c status. What grants should we apply for.

    • Hi Ramona, you can go through the list above and see which one are the best for you. We do not do the actual research for you – we just source as many resources as we can for you. Good luck!

      • Please note that the Doris Day Animal Foundation is only concentrating on organizations that serve senior dogs. That is the reply I received when I made an inquiry about submitting an LOI to support affordable spay and neuter clinics.

    • Hi we are called heartsoutanimalshelter and we desperately need some kind of funding to help the cats and dogs here. Please help. C all 321.-8317

      • Hi Ramona – we are not in the position to assist as we are just some animal lovers with a blog you but you can do your homework and research the opportunities on this page to see if you can find funding. Alternately you can start a GoFundMe or some other crowdsourcing campaign to see if you can get funds quick.

  31. Hello I’m from Stephenson Michigan and would like to start a shelter for all animals but I don’t have any funds yet for the property how do I get the help for that please help me I hate seeing all these animals not having a place to call home so I’ve been thinking about this for years and it would be nice to start a place like that in my area since there is not one around here for over 200 miles

    • Hi Don – unfortunately outside of what is listed here there is not much more we can help with at this point. I would do some local fundraisers and reach out to businesses to see if you can get more funds raised! Wishing you the best and thank you for even considering doing something so selfless.

  32. Hi there,
    I’m looking for help with grants for a large farmed animal sanctuary in California. This sanctuary is starting a program for canine rescues and adoptions, but their focus is primarily on the rehabilitation and adoption of abused farmed animals. Will most of the grants applicable for dog/cat be applicable to farmed animals?

    • Hi Debbie, the only way to really know for sure is to reach out to the grants that seem to be the best fit and inquire. If you do not get a response, I would say enter anyway – better to take the chance than miss out. Good luck with everything, sounds like a great plan that will help so many animals. Jill

  33. I found out after speaking with a manager of a Walmart grocery store that they offer local community grants. She said not a lot of are aware of this so a lot of times there are not many submissions. It can range from $250 – $5,000 I believe. here is the link to the information.

    Community Grant Program

    The Community Grant Program awards grants ranging from $250 to $5,000 through each of our facilities (Walmart Stores, Sam’s Clubs, and Logistics Facilities). Eligible nonprofit organizations must operate on the local level (or be an affiliate/chapter of a larger organization that operates locally) and directly benefit the service area of the facility from which they are requesting funding. Prior to submitting an application, please view the requirements and guidelines.

      • Hi Kathi, I am not sure what the categories are – but if there is no general category I would reach out to Walmart to see if you can get more details. I have seen animal shelters receive the grant, so I know they do get funds! Julie

      • There are plenty on this list that have grants that help animal shelters (likely the no-kill ones..) You have to read each to see if your need qualifies, then click on “View grant details” listed below each description to further see any restrictions or qualifications noted. Some are for specific states, some are for all, some want you to be a member of their affiliate associations, most have deadlines. This list is for various options available. Each searching for grant(s) must work the list, process of elimination. No one can do that for you bc they could not possibly know what yours would qualify for or not.

      • I agree there is not an obvious category, but I was able to receive one. I think I applied under either ‘environment’ or ‘safety’. Last fall most of the funds in my area were gone so I applied first thing around February.

  34. Contact the Mark Zuckerberg Foundation, and ask him to list Grant funding for ANIMAL WELFARE needs.

  35. Are there any grants that help a nonprofit animal rescue get a 501(c)3 ? Or that give grants if you aren’t 501(c)3?

    • Whatever information we have is posted on this page. I would imagine there would not be grants available to organizations that are not already 501(c)(3)s – I would recommend seeing if you can find a private donor if that is a possibility!

  36. I live in the Cape Winelands, Western Cape. I volunteer at the local SPCA in Ashton. We have many farms surrounding the five towns in the Langeberg with animals who need help. We educate and spay and neuter farm workers dogs and cats, and also the animals of the unemployed.

    I guess my question is:-
    Do you give grants outside of the US?

    • Hi Tersia, unfortunately we do not give grants, this list has all the grants we have found so far. We actively research to find grants both in the US and out – so if we do find anything it will be posted here! Thank you for all your SPCA does! Please check back or join our newsletter to find out when new grants are added! Jill

  37. Moody Foundation only gives grants to people, not animals. I found several on the list who don’t give any $ to animals.

    • Hi, Moody Foundation does in fact give animal rescues grants. They gave $50,0000 to the Animal Alliance in Texas for a spay and neuter program. They also gave $125,000 to the Citizens for Animal Protection. We researched every one of these and while some may not prioritize animal related grants, they all offer them to some capacity. You just have to review the websites in full to get the full information. Jill

    • Everything is listed above, that is all we have for now but we add new grant opportunities often so check back.

    • I want to be able to rescue cats, do spay, build catteries , study them from different areas,and educate the crulty of getting a pet and then don’t want too” people” and house with freedoms ,research behaviors so we can adapt and better all life

  38. Hi there. My name is Shawna Parenteau and I live in Billings, MT. I would like to see if there may be a rescue and shelter grant availabe. I have a local non-profit group, interested in the cause and I am checking into some real estate, with a kennel and office building on it I would appreciate it if you knew of any government grants or local grants.


    Shawna Parenteau

    • Hi Shawna,

      Everything we have to date is listed on this page. Just keep checking back as we source more we will add them. Good luck with everything! Jill

  39. Can you suggest grant available for a Charitable shelter on Vancouver Island in British Columbia that focuses on TNR and surrendered cats?

    • HI Amy — unfortunately, whatever is on this list is all we have for now. We do update it often as we find new opportunities so please do check back – or sign up for our newsletter to find out when there are new grants added!

  40. Hi, Do you know of any financial assistance programs that will help a 501(c)(3) Ohio rescue group with dog training of a non-aggressive but very fearful, unsocialized/feral large breed dog? Thank you

    • Unfortunately at this time we have not found any Ohio specific resources – I am sorry. I would suggest a GoFundMe or some kind of peer to peer fundraiser to help with this type of issue.

  41. OnShore Foundation.org- Very easy one page application grant to obtain. For both cats, dogs & tnr!

  42. Hi!

    I would like to inform you of The Compassionate Cat Grant funded by Utility Farm. https://catgrants.org/grants

    We are awarding unrestricted funding to animal shelters eligible to participate in a small survey of their adopters, and are willing to collect data on cat adopter behavior during and after the adoption process. The Compassionate Cat Grant requires an organization to distribute an educational leaflet to every new adopter. The educational leaflet will explain the risks, both to the animal and the wild animals, associated with allowing a cat to go outside.

    Funding is awarded between $500-$1500.


  43. I am hoping to get information on how to find out what grants were received by a certain rescue. Is there any sort of public record to find this information out? The grants are not listed individually on a 990 form.

    • Hi Doreen, unfortunately I do not think there is a way to know this unless the grantee would have it listed somewhere and most do not seem to list that information.

  44. My friend and I are doing a TNR program and are looking for a way to get some assistance.
    Any help would be appreciated, as we have many cats we are trying very hard to help.
    Thank you for any suggestions that you may be able to give to us.

    • Hi Lori, thank you for taking on this initiative. Outside of the list here for grants, you may want to reach out to your local community to see about getting help. Pet related businesses may be interested in working with you — and even some more corporate businesses may want to help if they are animal lovers.

      • Lori,
        I am not sure what part of the country you are in, but here in WI down by Milwaukee the Human Societies have problems to help with fixing them if they know you are a TNR group. There are some local cat rescues in the area who have gotten funding from other groups too. Maybe reach out to some of them and get some ideas. They do alot of TNR if they feel the cat can not be put into a home.
        Thank you for your hard work!