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Are you looking for a dog rescue located near you?

Most everywhere has some type of dog rescue or animal shelter that is run by nonprofits or charities.

These incredible people devote both their time and money on running a rescue that will save the life of dogs.

We all know what happens if a dog is sent to the city pound.

Because of the overcrowding conditions in many pounds and even in some animal shelters, the only option is to euthanize these animals if no one comes to claim them.

Those who are looking to surrender their dog for free can find help at a dog rescue or dog shelter.

We are putting together a list of quality dog rescues located not just throughout the 50 United States but also those in other countries.

Instead of buying a dog from a breeder or a local pet store, it is always better to adopt.

Many dog rescues and shelters often have young puppies who need homes.

For people who are looking for a specific breed of dog, there are breed specific dog rescues who focus on saving that specific breed of dog.

You can easily find a list of quality dog rescues and animal shelters by choosing your state below.

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