Dog Rescues In Kansas

Dog Rescues In Kansas | 14 Rescue Groups To Adopt From

Whether you like to run, hike or explore new trails around your home, a dog is the perfect companion for all your adventures. These dog rescues in Kansas can help you find the perfect canine companion to match your lifestyle. While most of the rescues can only list the dogs as they come in, some … Read more

Dog Rescues In Kentucky

Dog Rescues In Kentucky | 15 Rescue Groups To Adopt From

Adopting a dog not only gives them a new home but also gives them a second chance at life while leaving room for another pup in need at the shelter. Adoption also goes a long way in reducing the demand for dogs from puppy mills and unscrupulous breeders. Commercial dog breeders present a host of … Read more

Dog Rescues In North Carolina

Dog Rescues In North Carolina | 15 Rescue Groups To Adopt From

Each year, thousands of pets find their way to municipal animal shelters where they are at risk of euthanasia. These dog rescues in North Carolina are dedicated to saving these pups from destruction by helping them find new homes. Most of the rescues listed here are non-profit organizations that depend on donors, volunteers, and dog-lovers … Read more

Dog Rescues In Louisiana

Dog Rescues In Louisiana | 13 Rescue Groups To Adopt From

Canine companions and other pets are a part of the Louisiana culture. The state has many pet-friendly attractions and plenty of restaurants and bars allow outdoor seating for you and your pooch. If you are considering adopting a pet, this list offers you plenty of facilities near you that will help you get the perfect … Read more

Guilt Of Returning A Rescue Dog

How To Stop Feeling Guilty Over Returning A Rescue Dog

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, and when you adopted your rescue dog this is probably the sort of relationship that you were hoping for. Sadly, things don’t always work out. While rescue centers do their best to match owners with suitable dogs, unforeseen issues can arise. This could leave you wondering whether you … Read more

Doodle Rescues In Virginia

Doodle Rescues In Virginia

With higher interest in the Doodle crossbreed, there are a lot of people searching for a way to adopt this beautiful dog. That’s not a surprise since Doodles possess many great qualities. Essentially, Doodles are Poodles mixed with any other dog breed. What you always get from this mixed breed is the high intelligence and … Read more

Dog Rescues In Ohio

Dog Rescues In Ohio | 12 Rescues To Adopt Your Dog From

The SPCA estimates that over 6.5 animals end up in shelters annually. By adopting a pet from any of these dog rescues in Ohio listed below, you give a second chance to 2 animals, your newly adopted pet and the pup that takes their place in the shelter. You can start your search from the … Read more

Doodle Rescues In Minnesota

Doodle Rescues In Minnesota 

Although Doodles are quite a popular crossbreed, lots of owners give them up for adoption because of improper conditions. Because of this, it’s not unusual to find an abandoned Doodle out on the street or in an animal shelter. We are grateful for the many rescue groups out there who are saving dogs from being … Read more

French Bulldog Rescues In California

French Bulldog Rescues In California

French bulldogs make for good pets. They are loving and do not require vigorous exercise, which is why they are considered one of the most popular AKC breeds. However, finding a french bulldog rescue in California to adopt from can be more difficult than it looks. At CharityPaws we never advocate buying from a breeder … Read more

Dog Rescue Centres In The North West UK

Dog Rescue Centres In North West (UK)

Dogs make the perfect companion for family members of all ages. The pups listed in the rescue facilities below have lots of love to give and are just waiting to meet the right parent. These dog rescue centres in North West, UK recognise the need to give needy dogs a second chance through their rehabilitation … Read more

Dog Rescues In Pennsylvania

Dog Rescues In Pennsylvania | 12 Rescues To Adopt From In PA

In America, only 1 in 10 puppies finds a loving forever home1. You can help make a difference in the lives of many dogs in shelters and kill pounds across the country by giving a dog a second chance. The dog rescues listed below collaborate with local shelters, pounds, and animal welfare organizations to help … Read more

German Shepherd Rescues In Georgia

German Shepherd Rescues In Georgia

If you are looking for German Shepherd rescues in Georgia, you will almost certainly be able to find the perfect match for you at one of the rescues listed here. While there are only a couple of breed specific rescues on this list, many of the rescues for all breeds typically have a German Shepherd … Read more

German Shepherd Rescues In Texas

German Shepherd Rescues In Texas

German Shepherds are over-represented in shelters nationwide, but Texas in particular has a lot of homeless German Shepherds. The good news is that there are also a lot of breed-specific rescues to help German Shepherds in this state. If you’re looking for a new German Shepherd to add to your home, you have a lot … Read more

Doodle Rescues In Georgia

Doodle Rescues In Georgia

Doodles are a very sought-after cross breed, because of the many favorable qualities they possess.  Not only do they look adorable, but Doodles also have a hypoallergenic coat and are easy to train.  By adopting a Doodle, you are most likely saving it from euthanasia or potentially harsh living conditions in shelters. To help you … Read more

Dog Rescue Centres In South West England UK

Dog Rescue Centres In South West England (UK)

There are numerous reasons to adopt a pooch rather than buy an animal. When you adopt a dog, you save their life and get a loyal pet that will be your loving companion for life. The pups at these dog rescue centres in South West England listed below, have had experiences that have shaped their … Read more

Dog Rescue Centres In The West Midlands UK

Dog Rescues In The West Midlands (UK) | 15 Rescue Groups

PETA UK estimates that up to 21 dogs are euthanised every day. You can help prevent these needless deaths by adopting a pooch from any of the dog rescues listed below. Some of the rescues offer rehoming services for specific breeds such as Happy Staffie which exclusively rehomes Staffordshire bull terriers. You can also adopt … Read more

French Bulldog Rescues In North Carolina

French Bulldog Rescues In North Carolina

Frenchies make for wonderful pets. They are loyal and fun to have around the home. They are not as exerting as other dog breeds and they are happy with a daily walk. If you are looking for French Bulldog rescues in North Carolina, we have found a few rescue groups to check out. Most of … Read more

Dog Rescues In Colorado

Dog Rescues In Colorado | 12 Rescue Groups To Adopt From

If you are in Colorado and thinking about adopting a dog, you might be wondering where to adopt from. There are several dog rescues in Colorado that are looking to match their dogs with the right owner. At Charity Paws, we will always advocate adopting rather than going through a dog breeder or puppy mill. … Read more

Dog Rescues In Vermont

Dog Rescues In Vermont | 11 Rescues You Can Adopt From

You are probably here because you are looking for a new dog and don’t care to support breeders or puppy mills. Finding a rescue dog will take time as each of these dog rescues in Vermont have an application process. Most of these rescues are supported by people like you, who have the desire to … Read more