The Best Chew Proof Crate Pads

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The Best Chew Proof Crate Pads

Some dogs love to chew. No matter how much you try to deter your dog’s bad behaviors, they might just keep chewing when your back is turned. Because of this, crate pads are a common victim of destructive chewing.

Dogs will get bored or lonely in their crates, which could cause them to rip their bed to shreds. So, looking for chew proof crate pads could keep your home a little cleaner.

Chew Proof Crate Pads Reviews

There are unlimited crate pads to choose from, but some are certainly more durable than others. I’ve selected seven chew proof crate pads to help you narrow down your search. I’ve analyzed each one based on features, pros, and cons.

K9 Balistics armored crate pad

K9 Ballistics is a standout in the world of durable dog products, and this armored padded dog crate pad is by far our top pick!

OK, it may not look super comfy, but we assure you – based on customer feedback, dogs seem to “dig it”.

K9 Ballistics is also a Certified B Corporation which means they are a responsible company! We personally love that.

This dog mat features an aluminum frame and corners which alone may deter some dogs from chewing. The padding is made from their rip-stop fabric which offers comfort for those lazy afternoons napping in a crate.

With over 1,600 5 star reviews on their website, there is no doubt that this one will be a winner!


  1. 30 day manufacturer warranty
  2. 120 day chew proof promise
  3. Available in 5 sizes
  4. 2 color options
  5. Rip-stop fabric
  6. Aluminum frame and corners
  1. Expensive


k9 ballistics dog crate pad

K9 Ballistics is a standout in the world of durable dog products, and their dog crate pad is no different. This almost indestructible crate pad is made just for those dogs that enjoy being a little frisky while in their crate! They are also a Certified B Corporation which means they are a responsible company!

Got a digger? Got a scratcher? Chances are this mat will give your dog a challenge! While some dogs have been able to rip and tear this bed, the overwhelming amount of pet parents have said their dogs could not.

K9 Ballistics does not use velcros or zippers on their beds and fill them with a recycled polyfill. The non skid base will help reduce sliding in the crate and the attached tie-downs can help secure it entirely in the crate. While these pads are a bit on the pricey end, the hope is that it will last much longer than traditional crate pads meaning you will spend less in the long run.

The pads are machine washable and can easily be spot cleaned.


  1. 30 day manufacturer warranty
  2. 120 day chew proof promise
  3. Available in 6 sizes
  4. 4 color options
  5. Non skid base
  6. Rip-stop fabric
  7. Waterproof
  8. Recycled batting for filling
  1. Expensive
  2. There have been reports of dogs chewing/ripping the beds


gorilla dog crate mat

Gorilla is a leader in the dog bed world and for a good reason. They make amazing products that have exceptional reviews and are committed to making their products in the USA!

Their chew proof crate pad offers over 1,400 5 star reviews on their website making it another top pick from the CharityPaws team. We could not find any negatives outside of the cost. But remember, you should only need to buy one bed that will last a while! Cheaper beds that are easily destroyed will cost you more in the long run.

The fill for this dog bed is certified by CertiPUR which means there are no harmful chemicals or materials that can make your dog sick. The bed is mildew and mold resistant and made of a military grade material.

  1. Available in 2 bed colors
  2. 5 options for accent thread color
  3. 6 size options
  4. 125 day chew proof warranty
  5. Made with CertiPUR certified foam
  6. Exterior shell is washable
  1. Expensive
  2. Foam interior pad is not washable


carharrt durable dog crate mat

Carhartt has been creating durable clothes for hard working people for years. Now, they have decided to jump into the pet world with a small collection of pet products including the dog crate pad.

What makes this a more durable option is the firm duck canvas that is used on one side. This canvas can withstand a bit of destructive behavior including scratching and chewing. The flip side is a super soft Sherpa which might not withstand that same behavior as well.

The baffles help to minimize the fill from bunching making it uncomfortable for you pup.

While normally Carharrt items are made in the USA, we could not find anything confirming this. Some report that the tags say Nicarugua, so if USA made is important you may want to call and verify before purchasing.


  1. Available in 3 sizes
  2. Baffles to minimize the fill from bunching
  3. Soft sherpa
  4. 12 ounce 100% ring spun cotton duck canvas on one side
  1. Expensive
  2. There have been reports of dogs chewing/ripping the beds
  3. Only one color option


aiperro dog crate pad

This is a soft, thin crate pad that comes in a royal blue color. You can easily fold it in half for storage and travel. The top is plush and padded while the bottom has no-skid backing to prevent your dog from moving it around. It’s well-stitched to ensure that it doesn’t easily tear apart. It can also be either machine washed or hand-washed for easy cleaning. You can buy it in five different sizes, all of which fit standard crate sizing.

  1. It’s easy to clean.
  2. It has a no-skid bottom.
  3. It has a cushioned top.
  4. It’s lightweight.
  5. It comes in five different sizes.
  1. It only comes in one color.
  2. It’s too thin to be a bed on its own.
  3. Aggressive chewers might still rip it.
No Crate Pad Is 100% Indestructible!
The crate pads below are the best out there, but even the best can fail under the powers of a determined dog. There is absolutely no such thing as 100% chew proof!

Indestructible Dog Crate Pads Buying Guide

Crate pads are often thinner and more affordable than a regular dog bed. But that doesn’t mean they have to be flimsy.

In some cases, regular dog beds might even work better for aggressive chewers. Selecting a chew proof crate pad can help stop your pup’s unwanted habit.

Why Do Dogs Need Crate Pads?

One of the most important parts of crate training is never using the crate as a punishment. So, your dog’s crate should be a comfortable space where they’ll willingly go once properly trained. Some families use crates much more often than others, but all dogs should at least be crate trained in case you need to confine them when you’re away, during travel, or while you sleep. Plus, using a crate can help your dog get used to being apart from you, reducing the chances of separation anxiety.

Therefore, crate pads are necessary for keeping your dog comfortable. The more comfortable they are, the less likely they are to misbehave. If a dog strongly dislikes their crate, they’ll probably bark, whine, and howl more. So, a bed can prevent that because it can help your dog relax more and sleep after a while. Plus, you wouldn’t sit alone in a room for hours without a comfortable spot to rest, so why should your dog have to? for further info on crates check out our articles on the best heavy duty dog crates and collapsible travel dog crates.

Using a crate pad also makes it easier to clean the crate. Most crate pads are machine washable, so if your dog has an accident or if the pad starts to smell, you can simply throw it in the wash to make it good as new. If your dog is still potty training, you might want to put some pee pads under the crate pad just to be safe. The bottom of the crate isn’t quite as easy to clean off as machine-washable fabric. Therefore, crate pads are a necessity for both you and your fury friends.

How to Stop Your Dog From Chewing on Their Crate Pad

A durable dog bed can stop your dog from filling their crate with stuffing, but it only prevents the problem momentarily. As soon as your dog gets a hold of a less firm crate pad, they’ll likely still tear it to shreds. So, the best way to indefinitely stop your dog from chewing on items like their crate pad and dog bed is to teach them to stop chewing.

Most dogs chew in their crate because they’re bored. So, it’s always a good idea to exercise your dog before putting them in their crate. Take them for a long walk or play fetch in the yard before putting them in their crate. The more you can tire them out before leaving them alone, the better behaved they’ll likely be. They might still whimper at first, but they’ll be too exhausted to cause havoc.

Some dogs might also chew on crate pads because they’re anxious, upset, or scared. Since you can’t eliminate the crate like you would with scary sounds or strangers, you can help your dog get used to it instead. Find ways to make your dog more comfortable in their crate and help them get used to being alone.

Putting them in their crate for small amounts of time while you’re still home can help get them used to the crate before you leave them alone for hours. Start with a few minutes at once and work your way up each time. Also, make sure the crate is accessible to your dog at all times so they can rest in it with the door open when they need time to themselves. Dogs who use their crate frequently and are rewarded for going in their crate are more likely to be comfortable in it.

Sometimes, dogs just like sensory objects that make them feel less alone. Leaving a light on near them, turning on the radio, or leaving something that smells like you in their crate are ways to help your dog feel more comfortable. However, toys and chews are often not recommended during crate time because your dog could break them and choke on them when unsupervised. The less anxious your dog is, the less likely they are to chew on their crate pad.

Indestructible Crate Pads Features

Indestructible crate pads aren’t built quite like regular dog beds. After all, they need to be able to withstand even the heaviest of chewers. Even if you train your dog to stop ripping beds apart, they could fall back into their old habits if you leave them alone for too long. So, it’s best to use a stronger dog bed in case an accident occurs.

The material that the bed is made of is crucial. Chew proof crate pads are made out of heavy duty materials like durable nylon or aluminum frames. If the bed is all fabric, the stitching needs to be strong and not pull apart easily. Oftentimes, using an elevated bed or a memory foam mat is better than a flat crate pad.

All crate pads should also be easy to wash. As much as we love our dogs, they can get smelly sometimes. So, being able to wash your dog’s crate pad often is a huge plus. Also, if the material is waterproof, that can also be beneficial, especially if you ever have their crate outside with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing chew proof crate pads can be a difficult decision since there are so many products on the market. Here are some questions that dog parents commonly wonder before selecting the perfect option.

Does Every Crate Need A Crate Pad?

Yes, every dog should have a crate pad in their crate. It might seem like a hassle for dogs who constantly shred their beds or move the pads out of the way, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate having a cushion. It just means they weren’t taught how to stop chewing on things that aren’t toys.

Imagine sitting in a tiny room for hours on end with nothing comfortable beneath you. That is how most dogs will likely feel if they don’t have a crate pad. It’s especially important for dogs with thin hair that need something soft to keep them warm. So, instead of taking away your dog’s crate pad as a punishment for chewing, find ways to deter them from chewing instead.

Are Any Crate Pads Guaranteed To Be Indestructible?

Unfortunately, no crate pads are guaranteed to be indestructible. The same is true for any type of product. Some chew proof crate pads will certainly be more durable than others, but there will always be certain dogs that can chew better than any other dogs.

So, just because a crate pad claims to be durable doesn’t mean your dog will never rip it. This is why it’s important to pair stronger pet products with proper training to stop your dog’s chewing behaviors once and for all.

Final Thoughts

Chew proof crate pads are the best way to keep your dog comfortable without allowing them to cause a mess. Yet, it can still be difficult to decide which one is best for your furry friend. I’ve chosen my favorite options based on specific categories to help you with that final choice.

The best budget pick is the AIPERRO Washable Dog Crate Pad. Not only is it the most affordable option, but it’s also a great product for both travel and everyday use. It’s padded, lightweight, and easy to wash. Plus, it’s sized to fit most crates without sliding around.

The best value for money is the Kuranda Elevated Dog Bed. This dog bed might not be as soft as some of the other options, but it’s the most durable, it’s easy on your dog’s joints, and it’s great for both indoor and outdoor use. If you have highly aggressive chewers, this is probably the best option for you.

The best premium product is the K9 Ballistics Orthopedic Dog Bed. It uses relaxing foam to keep your dog comfortable in their crate, especially if they’re older or prone to joint problems. Plus, it’s easy to clean and made with high quality materials.

Crate pads might not seem important, but your dog needs them to be comfortable when home alone. So, choose one that’s strong enough to withstand your dog’s teeth, but also soft enough to still be comfortable. You know your dog better than anyone else, so it’s up to you to make that final decision.

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