Our Impact

The goal from when starting CharityPaws was to make a difference – whether we can change 1 persons mind about an animal welfare issue or donate funds and or products to a group, we just want to help.

Below are the places we have donated money and/or product to since our inception. We like to think we have made an impact in other ways – but those are harder to track of course!

Monthly Donation Fund

Returning August 2021!

Because 2020 was so difficult and I lost my stream of revenue across the board, the donation fund is on hold until I can be in a more secure financial position.

Each month, a minimum of 10% of all net revenue earned that is not allocated to a CharityPaws partner will be added to a donation fund. That amount will then be donated to a rescue or shelter that our Facebook friends decide on.

More details below!

Where the donation funds come from.
1. Advertising or affiliate revenue earned on CharityPaws
2. Apparel sold from our rescue apparel store.

How the donation will be made.

1. On the 1st of each month we will tally up the 2 items above to get the donation amount we can offer.
2. On the 12th of the month we will post on our Facebook page what the donation amount is.
3. On that post you can leave a comment with the rescue you believe deserves the donation. Comments will be accepted until midnight on the 15th.
4. On the 16th of the month we will pick a random winner from the comments, and upon verifying the 501(c)(3) status of the rescue, a donation will be made!

Please note a rescue can only get a donation once in calendar year! Payment will be made via Paypal or credit card – whichever is preferred.



Adopt A Stray Rescue – $100 donation
Jersey Animal Welfare Society – 40 shirts ($800 retail value / $340 cost)


Bully Rescue Warriors – $100 donation
Father John’s Rescue – $100 donation

We sadly had little time to devote to CharityPaws in 2019 due to our full-time web design/seo business being overwhelmed so donations and revenue were flat.


Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue – $1063.84 from calendar sales. Read more about our cat rescue fundraising calendar here.
Burge Bird Services – $200 Amazon Gift Card
North Star Pet Rescue – 20 shirts ($400 retail value)
Bully Rescue Warriors – 22 shirts ($440 retail value)
Jersey Animal Welfare Society – 50 Shirts ($1,000 retail value)


Outcast Rescue – $500 Amazon Gift Card
Rescue Dogs Rock – $100
Wings of Rescue – $250
Hope for Animals – $200
Barn Sanctuary – 50 shirts ($1,000 retail value)
Jersey Animal Welfare Society – shirts ($600 retail value)


America’s Vet Dogs – $200
Jersey Animal Welfare Society – $418.50
Providing for Paws – $200
Barrk Animal Rescue – $50
Dog Training – Eleventh Hour Dog (Caesar) – $100


HeartsSpeak – $50
100 Plus Animal Rescue – $100
Eleventh Hour Rescue – $100
One Dog More – $300
Eleventh Hour Rescue – $100
Collide NYC – $200


Ziggy’s Haven Bird Rescue – $1,040
Volunteer Auxilary Animal Shelter – $80
Nashville Cat Rescue – $460.00
HeartsSpeak – $1,040
Pibbles & More Animal Rescue – $320.00
4 Paws 4 Ability – $80.00
Standing Proud Pitbull Rescue – $12.00
New Leash On Life – $47.68
Feeding Pets of the Homeless – $142.15
Friends of Clay County Animals – $200


Eleventh Hour Rescue – $50.00
Helping Paws – $20.00
Whisker Rescue – $50.00
Howling Woods Farm – $100.00
Eleventh Hour Rescue – donated photographic print for fundraising event ($75 value)