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Alcohol Brands That Donate To Animal Charities

I am not sure I know anyone who does not enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine once in a while, and with these brands you can feel good sipping that cocktail knowing that in some way shape or form you are helping animals. We love to profile brands that give back to animals in some way whether it is in donations of money or product – or helping organizations build awareness and educational resources.

So – the next time you need some cocktails, wine or beer for your next event – please give these brands some love! And of course – be careful with alcohol around your pets as they could become very ill if ingested!

Chateau La Paws Wines

Chateau La Paws - Wine That Helps Dogs

SUPPORTS: No-Kill Animal Shelters

We love our pups here at The Good Trade, so it’s exciting to see our favorite beverage supporting furry friends in need! Chateau La Paws’s California wines include Pinot Noir, Merlot, Sweet Red, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay, each with a label that features a shelter dog who either needs a forever home or has already happily found one.

This wine raises awareness of shelter dogs in need, and donates proceeds to no-kill animal shelters in the US.

Snow Leopard Vodka

SUPPORTS: Snow Leopards

Snow Leopard Vodka was created with 2 specific purposes, one was to create a great tasting vodka that the world would love and the other was to create a brand that could contribute to saving the endangered snow leopard

They have successfully done both.

Created by Stephen Sparrow, Snow Leopard Vodka was created with a super grain 5 times more expensive than those used in other vodkas called spelt grain. Snow Leopard Vodka proudly donates 15% of their profits to the Snow Leopard Trust which was created in 1981. This nonprofit organization works very hard to protect the snow leopard in its natural habitats throughout Central Asia and works with locals to develop conservation programs.

To date they have successfully donated over $200,000 for the trust! We think we can help them raise a lot more – so go show your support today!

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Titos Vodka Gives Back To Animals

SUPPORTS: Emancipet

If you love dogs and are active in the dog community then you may have already heard of Tito’s Handmade Vodka! It is after all considered the “Vodka for Dog People” – and Tito makes it clear in everything he does as to how much he loves our canine companions. His Vodka for Dog people program was created specifically to help create a united front to better the lives of pets and their families.

Proceeds from their online store go directly to Emancipet which is an organization that helps make veterinary care affordable and accessible. Not only does the brand support animals, they also have a very open pet-friendly work environment where they are allowed to bring dogs to work and assist in rescuing local strays.

Elephant Gin

SUPPORTS: Various Elephant Organizations

Elephant Gin offers a variety premium gin options that are created with rare African botanicals. Handmade in Germany – they offer several unique blends that offer a unique African taste with 14 different rare hand-selected botanicals like Slow Berries, Buchu, Lion’s tale and more.

The founders of Elephant Gin were inspired by their visits to Africa to create a brand that would do more to help conservation trusts in Africa, so they decided to donate 15% of their profits of standard gin bottles to Big Life Foundation and Space for Elephants, while the miniature bottles will result in a 5% donation to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Each of the organizations specifically focuses on the conservation and education of African elephants.

They have donated over $400,000 USD to these organizations to date.

We love this video showcasing their history and the work that they are doing with the elephants!

Wild Tiger Rum

Wild Tiger Rum Helps Indian Tigers

SUPPORTS: Tigers in India
WHERE TO BUY: Only available in London

Updated 2020: we are not sure if this is still being manufactured as there does not seem to be any updates from them and many retailers are out of stock. We will keep it up for now but may remove it in the future.

A rum that comes from India, Wild Tiger Rum is a premium brand that offers and exotic blend that uses Indian molasses and is aged in American Oakwood casks which once was used to store Bourbon Whiskey giving this rum a unique taste.

The group that developed this rum also wanted to do good and help support the plight of the tigers in India.

With only 2,000 remaining, the Royal Bengal Tiger is in danger of becoming extinct. Proceeds from every sale of a bottle of their rum is allocated to the conservation of the tiger through the organization Wild Tiger Foundation.

Graveney Gin

Graveney Gin Supports Gorillas

SUPPORTS: Mountain Gorillas in Virunga National Park

A gin distillery based in London that prides itself on a truly handcrafted spirit that is made in small batches and uses fresh botanicals to create a truly unique experience.

Even though they are a smaller distillery, they still wanted to do their part to help protect the rare mountain gorillas that reside in Virunga National Park in the Eastern Congo region. Gearing Up for Gorillas is the charity they support by donating 10% of all profits to help with the conservation, education and care of the gorillas.



SUPPORTS: Organizations that prevent animal abuse

Started by Nile Niami, an animal lover from Mexico, VIVA XXXII is a tequila brand that is defined as a fresh and crisp “sipping” tequila that needs no other drink to chase it down with. There are 3 different varieties currently in their offerings.

On every bottle you will find their mascot “Phil” a feisty little chihuahua to hit home their animal friendly mission. Nile was inspired to do more because of her growing up in Mexico and seeing all the homeless dogs – but the day she met an injured dog as an adult was the day she knew she needed to make a difference.

She donates 10% of the net proceeds from every bottle sold go to organizations that work to help prevent animal abuse likes the ASPCA, SPCALA and START.

The Naked Turtle White Rum

Naked Turtle Rum Helps Turtles

SUPPORTS: Sea Turtle Conservancy

To date, the Naked Turtle in partnership with the Sea Turtle Conservancy have saved over 392,000 turtles! The journey to creating this rum began in St. Croix and their motto for the “naked” part of their brand comes from the fact they never touch the inside of the barrel where the rums are distilled.

The rum makes partnered with the Sea Turtle Conservancy in 2012 to help save baby sea turtles and they have been working together ever since!

Donations are just a small part of what they do – they work together on creating educational programs and awareness to the plight of the sea turtle as well. Every bottle has a small message that states “we support shellbacked buds” and has the Sea Turtle Conservancy logo as well.

Have A Brand You Love That Is Not Listed Here?

If you know of another liquor, beer or wine brand that is not listed here but does amazing things to help animals please let us know so we can share the love!

This is also a great list of alcohol brands that you can offer if you are creating a wedding to help animals!

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  1. I did not catch the name of the company that produces this sweet red wine. I do know on every bottle there is a picture of a dog looking straight into the camera. And bottle says proceeds go to sheltered animals. I’m trying to find this company because the wine was fabulous! I’m sorry I can’t help you with the name of the company but describing what the labels show might help you. The last bottle I had was a sweet red wine (well it didn’t taste like a dead red wine so I guess this would be sweet? LOL) it had a picture of a pitbull looking at the camera it was cartoon over a real picture. The wine was fabulous I’m desperately trying to locate the company to purchase more by the case. We need to help these animals they didn’t ask to bring them here so it’s our responsibility take care of them.

    • Hey Todd! First, thank you for that last line! That is our theory as well! I wish I knew the company you are referring to. The only ones we know of at this time are the ones on this list. There used to be another one on this last that no longer does the wines for dogs thing, so we removed that and I wonder if that was them maybe. If I do happen to find anymore I will definitely add them here! If you find them as well, please let me know so we can get them added! Jill


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