Meet Annwn Animal Sanctuary: Raleigh, NC

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Meet Annwn Animal Sanctuary: Raleigh, NC

There is a new kind of rescue organization happening down in Raleigh, NC and they are this weeks Meet The Rescue feature organization.

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Annwn Animal Sanctuary was founded in 2020 and are based out of Raleigh in North Carolina. While many rescues focus on cats and dogs, not Annwn – they are focused on helping the exotic animals that are often overlooked.

But they are not just a rescue, but a true animal sanctuary where people can learn about the critters in their care.

About Annwn Animal Sanctuary

Annwn was funded and founded by Grace and James Danks. Both are passionate animal lovers who wanted to create a rescue environment that was all about the animals.

With their business and educational backgrounds they have the skills needed to make this rescue an amazing community asset. But, they do need help from people like you!

So read on, see what they do and connect with them to show some support!

Through rescue, rehab, rehoming and education they help small and exotic animals heal and find permanent homes. The sanctuary is currently home to so many animals including pigs, rabbits, snakes, bearded dragons, chameleons, chinchillas, and so much more.

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They also act as a safe haven for pet owners who need to surrender their pets. They will assist with the vet care, any rehab a pet may need and then work on finding that pet an amazing new home.

Applying for pets to adopt is a process! They take adoptions seriously and you will be screened if you would like to adopt from them. They want to ensure that you – and the pet you would like to adopt are a great fit!

They also offer lifelong support when you adopt from them – so if you have questions, concerns, or need assistance you can reach out and they will try to help.

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image credit: Annwn / Facebook

What About The Name?

I know – you are curious too! The team really put some thought into naming their organization!

So, what I learned is that Annwn is actually a word that comes from Welsh mythology. According to Wikipedia, it refers to a world that has no disease, food was plentiful, and filled with good things to delight.

So, it makes sense to name an animal welfare organization this since this is what we want for every animal – and of course human friends too!

Animal Encounters + Education

Annwn also offers animal encounters and educational programs. This is the perfect way to be able to enjoy exotic animals without the need to own one. They host educational events at their own sanctuary or can go onsite at your own location. They will bring the animals to you and teach the audience about the care and habitat of these unique animals.

Animal encounters are great for birthdays, schools, senior centers, 4-H clubs, and so much more.

They also offer kids who are interested in Zoology the opportunity for some hands on learning in their sanctuary. Students in the Zoology Animal Exploration classes can learn about all the different species they currently host, their native habitat, feeding and health care, and more. These classes are small in size and a fun way to nurture your child’s love of animals.

Below is a recent Facebook post showing how students in the class are creating an enclosure for the sanctuaries Emerald Swift Lizards! Pretty cool thing to learn.

Annwn also works with community schools to provide an after school club called Animal Exploration Zoology Club (AEZC). This allows children to meet with like minded peers in a relaxed center to learn about their passion – animals.

kikajou at annwn
image credit: Annwn / Facebook

Please contact Annwn via any of the links below to learn more about all of the programs they offer.

And of course, please consider donating or supporting them by sharing their content – or better yet, adopting one of the animals waiting for a home!

Contacting Annwn

Annwn is a confirmed registered 501(c)(3) with the EIN number 86-3902661. If you would like to learn more about them, donate to them, or volunteer – you can reach them on any of the sites below.

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