ArtWare For Good Shelter Fundraising

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ArtWare For Good Shelter Fundraising

A great fundraising idea for shelters and organizations that have a facility is ArtWare for Good.

ArtWare for Good is a concept created by Diana Polack and offers several different creative opportunities for both companies and nonprofit organizations including animal shelters.

The basic premise for their tile wall service is that an organization can raise money in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Sell tiles at a set rate – these can be custom designed, or selected from pre-made designs.
  2. Offer tiles to donors at certain donation levels – so if they donate over $300 they can get a tile on your wall.

ArtWare For Good will work with you to create a campaign that will help you achieve your goals for either of these options! This whole creative fundraising idea is very flexible and adaptable – so we highly recommend you reach out to them to learn more!

Below are some examples of walls they have created and a little more information about how they work.

Montclair Animal Shelter

At the time of my speaking with Diana she did not have a lot of images available to show us that were animal related but she did share some details about two projects they were actively working on.

One of her favorites in terms of graphics is the one she is working on for the Montclair Animal Shelter – sadly as the work began the shelter had a fire and they had to rebuild so the wall will get done (and hopefully be bigger and more impactful as they raise funds for the new building) after they finish their capital campaign and get the new place built.

Below is the link they setup on their website to accept donations and images – if you scroll down you will see the image choices.

Cat Haven Tile Wall Project

Another project ArtWare for Good has done is for Cat Haven in Louisiana – which includes a center area that features the painting “12 Cats” by Simon Baxter with tiles surrounding it with donor names.

The cat painting will be blown up and will be printed on over about 120 tiles that will sit as the focal point and the donor names will go on the lighter tiles all around the painting. They are using branded colors throughout and will have a second wall to match that has additional donor names on them. 

The entire wall is about 400 tiles total.

Below is a sample of the tiles they created getting ready for shipping to the shelter to be installed.

There is an image of the final tile wall you can view here – it is pretty awesome!

image credit: ArtWare for Good

Tile Pricing

Organizations can price the tiles as they see fit. The Cat Haven charged $100 for small tiles and $200 for large ones. Either way with 400 tiles – this is a substantial amount of money.

Montclair handles theirs a little differently by making it a thank you for certain donation levels. The smaller level gets a small tile with some pre-made graphics and custom text – while the higher level gets the bigger tile with custom imagery and text.

Non-Animal Non Profits:

The Rona Barrett Foundation (as in the gossip columnist of the 70’s) creates affordable senior housing in California called Golden Inn & Village. They came to us to create a wall to thank their donors – which ultimately turned into three installations being done for the foundation.

ArtWare For Good Tile Wall for Rona Barrett

Florence Fuller Child Development Center

One of Diana’s favorite projects – 400 heart tiles made up from the art of the students that Florence Fuller serves.  Every time a donor pledges $250 they get their name on a tile.  It has been so successful that they will be installing a wall in their soon to be second location.

Fundraising tile wall for Florence Fuller Center

Other ArtWare For Good Programs

ArtWare Art Parties

A whole other way to engage your community is to host an ArtWare art party and let all of your friends, co-workers, family and friends create art that we transfer to tiles for your cause

ArtWare For Good can create a special party pack for your organization and you can encourage your supporters to take part by ordering some kits and having a party on your behalf.

Team Building

A fun and creative way to get your organization inspired and build a sense of community! Perfect for business large and small – ArtWare provides the goods – your team creates the tile designs and then they are fired up by ArtWare for finishing.

These tiles become a permanent reminder of the enhanced team spirit that was nurtured at your event.

The Process

The tile walls can be used as a fundraising vehicle or used after the fact to thank donors for contributions made – value of the tiles differ in both scenarios but the cost is the same.

ArtWare will work with an organization to come up with a theme and direction for the look of the wall.  They can be involved as much as the organization needs us to be.

Then we come up with all of the ways they can disseminate the information, host events and sell the tiles.

ArtWare creates the tiles for you.

The organization hangs the tiles in their location.

Contact ArtWare For Good

Interested in learning more about ArtWare? Definitely reach out to get the details – and get your fundraiser started!

Diana Polack
ArtWare for Good
[email protected]

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