Best Dog Proof Trash Can For Your Kitchen + DIY Options

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Best Dog Proof Trash Can For Your Kitchen + DIY Options

Do you find yourself waking up in the morning to a disaster in your kitchen from an overturned garbage can?

You are not alone.

If you are a dog owner, and this has not happened to you at least once, consider yourself lucky.

But for those of you that have had this happen and maybe even multiple times, then this list of the best dog proof trash cans is what you need.

Many times your dog may be interested in the trash just because they are bored or restless.

This is a great time to think about more activities to keep them engaged.

Whether a strong chewy or a snuffle mat, this can help ward off the boredom and keep your trash in the can where it belongs.

Now, on to our guide to helping pet proof your kitchen trash.

dog proof garbage can

What To Consider When Buying A Dog Proof Trash Can

Shopping for a trash can that is dog proof is not that easy.

You may look at a trash can and think your dog cannot open it, but they are smarter than we usually give them credit for.

Many so called “pet proof” garbage cans that are recommended by other websites feature a pedal to open the top of the can.

I am here to tell you that those rarely last for long and a dog can eventually learn how to use the pedal to get to the goods inside.

Then when they do get in you will be searching around trying to see what types of dog vomit there is because it will be all over your house!

Yes, there are types – different colors, textures, and more you should know so you can determine if a visit to the vet is needed.

What should you be considering to improve the chances of your dog not getting into the trash?

My recommendations are below:

  • Pedal Openers. I would avoid these like the plague (or COVID). Most dogs will eventually catch on that pushing the pedal will open the can. This is where you do not want to underestimate how smart these suckers really are. If you do find a trash can with a very narrow pedal then it may be worth trying.
  • Plastic. I would stay away from plastic cans since they are more lightweight and offer no real tipping protection. Heavier steel or metal cans can at least offer some resistance which may be beneficial for smaller dogs.
  • Lid style. Garbage can lids are not created equal. I would stay away from any that do not have a lock or latch of some type or even a sensor. The trash cans that have those push tops are not effective at all for keeping pets out so you want to avoid those.

The Best Dog Proof Trash Can

I spent hours researching what customers were saying about all the “so-called” dog proof trash cans out there.

Other websites I found were just rattling off lists of garbage cans with most not even being remotely pet proof.

Any garbage can with a pedal is not really pet proof since dogs can usually figure out that the pedal opens the can.

Below is the only optionsI found that had exceptional reviews and seemed to truly be effective at keeping dogs out of the trash.

I only feel confident recommending this one – the iTouchless Pet Proof Sensor Trash Can.

iTouchless Pet Proof Sensor Trash Can

With over 53,800 4.5 star ratings, this is our top pick for a dog proof trash can. Not only does it seem to keep cats and dogs away from the trash – it is a good looking garbage can too!

Why do I think this is the most dog proof option? It is motion activate for opening the top – but they added a lock on the top that you can use as well. This is great in case the dog DOES initiate the motion sensor as it will still keep the lid closed if you turn it over the lid.


  • 13 gallon capacity
  • ABS plastic like
  • Patent pending Pet Lock slides over lid for added pet prevention access in case they do trigger the sensor
  • 100% touchless – simply open the lid with the motion of your hand
  • Battery (4 D size) or AC power options
  • Fingerprint proof stainless steel finish
  • Carbon odor filter absorbs and minimizes odors
  • Measures 27.9″ high x 10.8″ wide x 12.8″ deep
  • 1-3 year warranty

It seems the manufacturer support is excellent as well with many contacting support and being happy with the results.

The only small negative we could find is that the filter sits inside the garbage can and when throwing food away it can sometimes land on it. So you have to keep this area clean!

Below is a more affordable option that has some positive feedback, but still has a few issue that prevent it from being as good as the iTouchless.

Sterilite 12.6 Gallon Trash Can

With over 900 4.5 star ratings, this is also a great option for a dog proof trash can. While not as pretty as some other options, it features a dual feature to help keep pets out. You can choose to just use the step on pedal – or activate the locking lid as well to ensure your pets cannot access the trash.


  • 12.6 gallon capacity
  • Knob at top to lock lid in place
  • Step on pedal
  • D-shaped
  • Mesures 17.25″ x 13.25″ x 25.5″
  • Available in black or white
  • Comes 2 in an order

There does seem to be issues with quality of this trash can with reports of parts breaking a little too easily. A few pet parents also noted their dogs did in fact still get in to the trash by removing the entire lid off the base.

DIY Dog Proof Trash Can Options

New garbage can not in the budget or like the one you got?

Here are a few options that can save you some money and might keep your pup from trash diving.

I recommend trying them all before giving up.

  • Make sure your lid is on tight. If you have a trash can with a fitted lid, do not just let it lay on top – use the fitter feature and snap it back in place. This can inhibit it from coming off and prevent your dog from getting to the goods.
  • Use a weight or brick at the bottom of the can. This can help prevent it from tipping when your dog tries to knock it over. While this might not work for large dogs – it should be effective for smaller dogs.
  • Create a place in a cabinet for your trash can. In our house we actually created a space and our trash can sits on a piece of wood on rollers s we can move it in and out easy. When we close the door – we know we are safe from a catastrophe! Some dogs may be able to open the cabinet door – if that is the case you may need a child latch on the door as well.
  • Use a bitter spray to deter your dog. By making the garbage can smell as bad as possible you may nip the issue in the bud. Some dogs hate the smell of vinegar or bitter apple – so give your can a spray and see what happens!
  • Child safety latches. You can manually add a baby latch to your garbage can. This may make it a little difficult for you to open, but it might be worth it in the long run if you have a determined dog.

Have you had troubles with your dog in the trash? How did you solve it?

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