Find A Fake Fire Hydrant For Dogs!

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Find A Fake Fire Hydrant For Dogs!

Dogs have a long history of peeing on anything that smells like other dogs. This often includes trees, mailboxes, and of course, fire hydrants.

Fire hydrants might seem like the preferred bathroom spots for dogs in cartoons, but those stories do actually have some truth to them. Dogs love to pee on fire hydrants, so buying a fake fire hydrant for dogs could help you potty train them and give them a feeling of comfort in their own yard.

If you are in an apartment some of these will work on a patio or balcony, but you can also consider using grass like pee pads. Doggielawn is one we highly recommend!

Fake Fire Hydrant for Dogs Options

Fake fire hydrant for dogs is not something that is actually created. There are no pet vendors actually manufacturing this specific item, so we “dug” around to find alternate options for you. Although most of these are more decorative, they are all good solid options for your dog to sniff around and pee on.

Please note most of these are small – so really only beneficial for small dogs. We are hoping to find something for us larger dog owners!

Design Toscano Fire Hydrant Post

design toscano fire hydrant

This thin, red fire hydrant statue stands 23 inches tall, and it weighs about 4 pounds. It’s designed to be a puppy pee post, so you can keep it either inside or outside, depending on where you need it. The top also lifts off, so it can be used as a storage container instead. Thus, the inside is hollow, so you might need to put rocks in it if it’s too light. It’s crafted with real metal, and it’s hand-painted to have a red, vintage look. Many dog parents also simply use it as a cute decoration.

  1. It can be used inside or outside.
  2. It’s tall enough for larger dogs.
  3. It can also be used as a storage container.
  4. It looks realistic.
  5. It makes a cute decoration.
  1. It might be too lightweight.
  2. The colors will likely fade over time.
  3. It’s expensive.

Mayrich Dog Fire Hydrant

mayrich fire hydrant

The Mayrich Fire Hydrant is much smaller than the above product because it only stands 14 inches tall. It has a wide, decorative base to ensure that it sits upright when placed inside or in the yard.

It’s approximately 3 pounds, which is a reasonable weight for the size. It’s made with resin, and it’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be used as a decoration or as a way to train your dog where to relieve themselves.

This is best for small dogs only!

  1. It has a sturdy base.
  2. It can be used inside or outside.
  3. It’s easy to transport.
  4. The base has a cute tile design.
  5. It’s durable.
  1. It’s too small for large dogs.
  2. It might be too lightweight.
  3. It could arrive with chipped paint.

Turtle King Fire Hydrant

turtle king fire hydrant

This product is a similar style to the Mayrich Fire Hydrant because it’s only 14 inches tall with a flat, sturdy base. This base is designed to look like the hydrant is sitting on stone and grass.

It’s made with polyresin, which is designed to last long both indoors and outdoors. It’s only 1.5 pounds, which might be too lightweight in some scenarios, such as a windy day. It’s designed for helping potty train dogs, but it can also simply be used as a cute decoration for dog parents.

Another small dog only option!

  1. It has a sturdy base.
  2. It’s easy to transport.
  3. It can be used inside and outside.
  4. The base has a natural look to it.
  5. It’s great for apartment living.
  1. It’s too lightweight for extreme weather.
  2. It’s too small for large dogs.
  3. It could arrive damaged.

LULIND Dog Fire Hydrant

lulind fire hydrant

This bright red fire hydrant comes with two stakes to properly keep it in place outside. It weighs almost 4 pounds and stands 14 inches high. It has a sturdy base that’s designed to look like tiles. It’s made with metal and resin, and it’s also hand painted with UV resistant paint. It has a realistic look, and it’s safe for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s designed specifically with potty training puppies in mind.

  1. It’s realistic.
  2. It has a sturdy base.
  3. The base has a tiled appearance.
  4. It comes with stakes to keep it in place.
  5. It’s painted with UV resistant paint.
  6. It’s safe for indoor and outdoor use.
  1. It might be too small for larger dogs.
  2. It could break upon arrival.
  3. The stakes might not be strong enough.

Fire Hydrant for Dogs Summary

So, now you have some ideas for options! Now, let’s talk about why a fake fire hydrant for dogs might be something you want to consider.

Listen, most dogs love stopping at fire hydrants on walks. But what about those days where you do not have time or just do not feel like a long walk?

With a fake fire hydrant you can still let Fido enjoy the thrill of a fire hydrant – but in their own backyard!

What is a Fire Hydrant for Dogs?

If you have dogs, you’ve probably seen them pee on or near a fire hydrant at some point in their life. It’s a universal behavior that nearly all dogs experience.

Dogs pee on fire hydrants and other objects as a way to communicate with each other. Instead of simply going as soon as they need to go like humans do, they tend to sniff around to find that perfect spot.

Oftentimes, it just happens to be on a fire hydrant. Thus, most fire hydrants smell like urine, so dogs will feel more compelled to pee on them.

So, a fire hydrant for dogs would mimic a real life fire hydrant, but it would be a smaller one that you can have in your own home or yard. Oftentimes, families use these as a way to help potty train their dogs or to get them to use the bathroom quicker. Many humans even make their own fire hydrants and posts to encourage dogs to pee in specific spots.

fake fire hydrant for dogs

Does Your Dog Need a Fire Hydrant?

Not all dogs need a fire hydrant, but many of them would like one.

Most dogs pee on fire hydrants as a form of territorial marking, so having a fire hydrant can help prevent your dog from peeing on other objects that you don’t want them to. Therefore, fire hydrants can be used as a helpful tool for training.

If your dog is still being potty trained or if they have suddenly started peeing on objects indoors, they might need a designated place to pee. Using an artificial fire hydrant that you can move around can help give your dog a “pee post.” From there, they can more easily learn where it’s okay for them to pee and where they should never pee.

While marking territory can be a pain if your dog does it frequently, it’s an instinct. Most dogs are naturally drawn to objects to pee on, especially if they smell like urine already. So, if your dog is already potty trained and does their business when they’re supposed to, they might not need an added fire hydrant on their territory. But if they’ve been having too many accidents, then it can be a valuable asset.

Features to Look Out For in fake fire hydrants for dogs

Just because it isn’t a real fire hydrant doesn’t mean it should be low-quality. The best fire hydrant for dogs should have durable materials that can stand up to both indoor and outdoor conditions, and of course, puppy urine. So, the fire hydrant should never rust or chip.

Choosing the right fire hydrant for your dog depends on how you plan to use it. If you want it outside because your dog is marking things inside, then it should be able to withstand all types of weather from sun to snow. However, if you have a young puppy that needs a fire hydrant on their pee pads, it doesn’t need to be quite as heavy duty.

Finally, you should pay close attention to the size of the fire hydrant. If it’s too tiny, your large dog might overlook it. If it’s too large, your toy puppy might not feel compelled to pee on it. So, try to choose one that’s an ideal size for your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

All fire hydrants for dogs might seem fairly similar at first glance. So, here are some final questions you might wonder to help you choose the best one for your furry friend.

Why Do Dogs Pee on Fire Hydrants?

The exact reason dogs pee on fire hydrants is unknown, but there’s lots of speculation around it. As mentioned earlier, some dogs simply like to pee on various objects to mark their territory and put their scent on it.

Specifically, dogs seem to prefer vertical objects like fire hydrants and trees. This is likely because in a vertical position, your dog can pee higher. The higher their scents are, the more those scents will get into the air, and the more other dogs will smell them.

Some experts even suggest that the paint used on fire hydrants might have a smell that dogs prefer. After all, a dog’s sense of smell is about 40 times more sensitive than a human’s. However, they could also just be choosing to pee in a spot where lots of other dogs peed since fire hydrants seem to be popular bathroom spots for dogs.

Do All Dogs Need Fire Hydrants?

No, not every household needs a fire hydrant for dogs. In most cases, they’re used for dogs who are still being potty trained or dogs who keep peeing on things they’re not supposed to.

Using a fire hydrant gives them a marker to pee on, which makes them less likely to mark objects they shouldn’t. Young male dogs are more likely to pee on fire hydrants than female dogs, but sometimes females will try to mark their territory too.

If your dog has no problems peeing where they’re supposed to, then they probably don’t need their own fire hydrant. But even so, some dog parents like to have them simply as a cute decoration.

Final Thoughts

A fire hydrant might seem like a simple product to buy, but they all come in different sizes, qualities, and styles. So, how do you choose which one is best for your dog? I’ve selected my favorite products based on different categories to help you narrow down your search.

A fire hydrant for dogs might not seem like an essential pet product, but it’s a great tool for dogs who need a little extra encouragement. If your dog has trouble finding a spot to do their business, then maybe they need one of these adorable fire hydrants.

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