Doggielawn: Bringing The Outdoors Indoors For Your Pet!

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Doggielawn: Bringing The Outdoors Indoors For Your Pet!

Whether you are potty training a puppy, or or stuck home for an extended period of time or even a city dweller – offering your dog an inside potty option like Doggielawn is a great idea!

City life is great – and so are rescue dogs – whether puppies or seniors, but both of these things can make potty issues more prevalent. Cities mean people may need to climb stairs and have limited grass access, that is where DoggieLawn comes in.

Or maybe you are in fact in the suburbs – but are gone for long hours – this indoor potty area will be a great way to be gone for a long time and not stress about your pet needing to “go”.

While there are other indoor grass dog potty options – we particularly love this one for so many reasons and we are going to talk about those below!

Doggielawn Details

Doggielawn – a monthly subscription service that brings that outdoors to the indoors for your dog is one of the leaders in their industry! Find out everything you need to know and what customers are saying about this innovative pet potty idea.

  • Uses real, hydroponically grown grass, option for east coast customers to receive non-hydroponic grass for XL dog subscriptions
  • 4 sizes including standard, medium, large and x-large
  • Prices include free shipping
  • Perfect for indoor, patio or balcony use
  • Easy clean up due to its “soil-less” feature – simply discard in your compost can or trash
  • Comes with disposable gloves
  • Complimentary training kit and roll of poo bags in your first subscription shipment
  • Choice of subscription deliveries ranging from every week to every month.


  • Real grass feel won’t confuse dogs when they need to go outside while on walks
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Size options from 24″ x 16″ up to 24″ x 48″
  • Disposable – no mess to clean
  • Free training consultation available if needed
  • Easy setup with a simple removal of the lid
  • Every subscription results in a donation to an animal shelter


  • Some dogs may not take to it or it may take some time to get them used to it, but DoggieLawn offers free consultations to help
  • Reports of grass arriving yellow not green, but many noted they placed it in the sun and it turned green
  • Some customers have noted odors upon receipt of the grass

What Customers Say

Whenever we talk about products we always try to do some homework for you to help you make the best decision whether an item is right for you! below are some links to reviews from around the web that are from actual customers (not bloggers) – that can tell you first hand how customers feel about Doggielawn!

Amazon Reviews – over 2,400 reviews with an average 4 star rating
Doggielawn Reviews – over 2,600 reviews with an average 5 star rating


BunnyLawn indoor grass for small pets

Not forgetting other animals, the makers of Doggielawn have also created BunnyLawn – the perfect indoor potty for your pet bunny, guinea pig, hamster and more.

The BunnyLawn measures 12″ x 9″ and comes with hydroponically grown grass. It can be kept indoors or outdoors and should be lightly misted to keep it healthy. Not only can they use it as a potty – but the thrill of having grass to chew on is another bonus when you cannot get your pet outside.

At just $14.99 it is a great option to keep your smaller pets happy so head on over and get your BunnyLawn today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take Doggielawn To Ship?

Shipping happens Monday – Wednesday of each week for hydroponic grass and local grass ships out Tuesday – Wednesday. If you order before midnight Sunday your order will ship the upcoming week – if you order after Sunday, then the order will ship the following week.

How Long Does Doggielawn Last?

This depends on your pooch! The subscription can be set to match your dogs unique needs and subscriptions range from once a week to every 4 weeks.

What Type Of Grass Is Used?

There are 2 types of grass used – one is a hydroponic grass that is grown just for this use and is lighter than regular grass and is soil-less making it a cleaner option. If you are in some Eastern and Central states you have the option of getting natural grass which is a traditional grass.

Canceling/Suspending A Subscription

Doggielawn makes it easy to do both! Just log into your account and request cancellation or suspend your subscription for the time length you wish.

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