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Big Boy & The Death Row Dogs Book Fundraiser

Big Boy is a Westminster Dog Show winner who finds himself lost in the big city of New York. He finds a group of death row dogs who take him in to their home in an abandoned subway tunnel. This is where the adventure begins into a world that Big Boy did not even know existed.

This is a book that will touch the heart and help us understand the life of street dogs and what they go through.

The book was created by the people behind the nonprofit organization Save Death Row Dogs and they are donating the proceeds from every book sold to animal rescue organizations.

Become A Rescue Partner

If you would like to be listed on the website to receive donations, you can reach out to Save Death Row Dogs at savedeathrowdogs1@gmail.com or by phone at 973.202.3075.

Once you become a partner you will be added to the website and you can send your supporters there to make a purchase.

As a pet parent – this is a great gift idea for the animal lovers in your life.

FAQ About Partnering

These are some of the advantages:

1. There is never a fee to Partner with Save Death Row Dogs! 

2. They receive all of the Net Profits from each sale!

3. There are 3 Purchase Plans:

  • BRONZE – $10 from each purchase goes to the Rescue.
  • SILVER – $20 from each purchase goes to the Rescue.
  • GOLD – $30 from each purchase goes to the Rescue.

Save Death Row Dogs

Save Death Row Dogs is a registered nonprofit organization in the US who is focused on helping animal rescues raise money. They initially started as a group of individuals who worked to be able to donate pet oxygen masks to First Responders and money to local rescues.

This amounted to over $25,000. Wanting to do more they decided to move forward and create Save Death Row Dogs.

Big Boy and the Death Row Dogs is their first national fundraiser!

Big Boy and the Death Row Dogs is their first national fundraiser!

big boy and the death row dogs book cover

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