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Boba&Vespa Water Gem Cat House

Trends + Products 02.10.2020
By Jill Caren
Bob & Vespa Cat House
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Cats need their privacy and love those small hidden spots to curl up for a catnip.

This adorable eco-friendly cat house is a purr-fect addition to your home for your feline friend to enjoy.

Made from sustainably sourced cardboard, the Water Gem cardboard cat house features a simple design that your cats will love. The beauty of this cat house is that there is nothing bad for kitty to get into like paint, glue, nails or anything!

It is just cardboard – plain and simple!

Bob & Vespa Cat House
image credit: Boba&Vespa

The cat house is beautifully designed with its pyramid style top and cradled base. The elevated entry is one that cats like for their entry as it allows them to rub and leave their scent to let other know it is there space!

The inside of the cat house features headrests letting your kitty rest comfortably.

The cat house is naturally biodegradable which means it is not taking up space in a landfill and is 100% recyclable and compostable.

The house measures 24.5″ in height, 18.25″ wide and the base width coming in at 11.5″.

The entrance measures approximately 11.5″.

The Kickstarter

The Boba&Vespa team originally launched their product on Kickstarter and seems to have done pretty well! You can view the Kickstarter here.

Generally people – and cats seem pretty content with their Water Gem – although some noted it took their kitties a little time to warm up to it. Seems like most found it easy to setup as well – we only found a few people mention it was a little challenging to fold properly.

We did also see a few people mention that their other critters love it too – like bunnies!

About Boba&Vespa

Boba&Vespa was created in an effort to truly create a brand that is offers only sustainable products for our pets. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the need for plastic pet products – and we are thrilled about that!

Every product thy launch they are committed to being 100% plastic free. With a focus on products manufacturers with other materials like jute, hemp, bamboo and more – this is a manufacturer we can really get behind and support.

Think about how many toys you have for your pets that contain plastic – or items that are not sustainable. I know for one I have a ton in my home that will be discarded and sit in a landfill.

Not what I want for my families future.

So head on over to Boba&Vespa, show them some love and stay tuned for the new products they are coming out with!

Jill Caren

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Jill Caren

Jill is the owner and creator of CharityPaws and has been involved in animal rescue for over 12 years as a volunteer and board member for Jersey Animal Welfare Society. You can read all of her articles here.

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