The Best Calming Dog Beds

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The Best Calming Dog Beds

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the most popular calming dog bed is, then we recommend K&H Heated Dog Bed as the best one.

There are a lot of factors in daily life that can cause stress for a dog.

For example, a lot of dogs have separation anxiety when their owners leave for work.

Other dogs get stressed when they can hear other dogs outside.

Regardless of the cause of stress, a calming dog bed may provide a sense of relaxation for your dog.

In this article we will be looking for the best calming dog bed for your dog.

We are going to review the following calming dog beds

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

The Furhaven Pet Dog Bed’s ergonomic contour design will fit in great with any home’s modern décor.

This bed is available in a variety of sizes and over twenty colors.

This bed is made of a solid slab of five-inch-thick medical grade orthopedic foam.

This provides joint support and soothes pressure points which allow your dog to have a deeper sleep.

This is one of the larger beds on the market, regardless of the size you pick.

The perk of a large bed is that your dog can have plenty of room to sprawl out while they sleep.

This calming bed for dogs is covered in a removable machine-washable micro velvet material.

This provides the maximum amount of snuggling possible.

This product has a 90-day limited coverage plan to protect you against any material defects that may occur.

The foam used in this bed is 100% American made.

The edges of this bed serve as a “built-in pillow” if your dog lays on the bed the right way.

Lastly, these sloped ends of the bed serve as added orthopedic support for the hips and spine.


  • The dog bed has a modern design that will look good in any room.
  • The dog bed is machine washable removable cover and perfect for puppies who may be prone to accidents.
  • The Furhaven bed is made from orthopedic American made foam.
  • There are a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.
  • The bed has room for the dog to sprawl out during sleep.


  • The bed may not have enough support for dogs with serious health conditions.
  • Some beds shipped in small boxes that smashed the bed itself.
  • The material is thin and may not hold up to harsh washing cycles.

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Best Friends Sheri Calming Cuddler

The Best Friends Sheri Calming Cuddler is a luscious plush option that is perfect for the dog that is always trying to sleep in your bed!

This comfy calming dog bed is by far the fluffiest option on the list.

The circle shape makes this bed unique from others on the market.

It is available in two colors so you can pick the one that matches your color-scheme best.

This bed is designed specifically for pets who like to sleep curled up in a ball.

It contains a raised rim that provides a sense of security as well as head and neck support.

The Cuddler is filled with a super-soft filling that offers relief from joint and muscle pain.

This bed is perfect for puppies since the soft exterior is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat.

The bed has built-in crevices that allow your pet to burrow until they find a comfy spot!

When it is time to wash the bed, you can toss it in the washer and the dryer on a gentle cycle for easy cleaning.


  • The Cuddler has a round design that is perfect for dogs who like to sleep curled up in a ball.
  • The Cuddler is made out of soft plush that reminds dogs of sleeping next to their mother.
  • The Cuddler can be easily cleaned by tossing in the washer and dryer.
  • This bed would look cute in any room in your house.
  • The Cuddler has a raised rim for head and neck support.


  • Some beds don’t come with enough stuffing to reach the desired level of support.
  • There is a “blank space” in the bottom that isn’t covered with cushion.
  • As you increase in size, the price increases drastically.

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MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed Comfortable Donut

The MIXIJOY dog bed resembles a donut!

This is another round dog bed with a more pronounced rim around the edge for head and neck support.

The bed is made of durable nylon, recycled polyester filling, and luxurious faux fur to keep your dog snuggled and warm during naps.

The bed itself is light and easy to travel with.

Since the bed is so lightweight, you could get one to keep in the car for road trips. It can be stored under the seat when not in use.

You can even take this bed outside for evening outings or camping adventures.

When you are done, throw it in the washer and dryer for easy cleaning and you won’t have to worry about it losing its shape.

This bed is available in four colors and sizes small-large.

Something that makes this bed stand apart from others is that it features a non-slip and dirt resistant bottom.

This way your pup won’t have any issues getting in or out of the bed if you choose to place it on a slippery surface like tile or hardwood.


  • This bed is portable which is great for the dog that is always on the go.
  • You won’t have to wake up to wining from your dog in the middle of the night because your dog will be sound asleep!
  • The bed has a pronounced rim around the edge for head and neck support.
  • The bed is filled with recycled materials which are great for the Eco-conscious shopper.


  • The bed arrives vacuum sealed, so you have to give it a day or two to expand to its full size.
  • This bed won’t withstand puppy bites.
  • This bed may not have enough support for older dogs.

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Nova Microdermabrasion comfortable self-warming washable bed

The Nova Microdermabrasion self-warming bed is another round shaped bed perfect for dogs who like to be snuggled while they sleep.

The standout feature of this bed is its ability to keep your pup warm while they sleep.

Some puppies have stress and anxiety about bedtime.

The warming feature may provide the comfort that they need to feel relaxed enough to drift off to sleep.

This bed is designed for medium and small dogs and features an antiskid bottom that is also waterproof.

This bed is great for pooches that enjoy digging or burrowing before settling in for a nap.

Some beds can’t withstand this behavior, but this one can!

It also features a supportive outer rim for the head and neck while sleeping.

The bed doesn’t shed and keeps its shape after the pup wakes up from their nap.

The bed is available in beige or grey which are neutral colors that should go well in any room.


  • This is the perfect pet bed for small dogs who like to sleep curled up.
  • The bed contains a self-heating feature in the shaggy fur that makes this bed stand out among others.
  • The bed keeps its shape even after repeated use.
  • The heat provided by this bed will give your pet a sense of safety and security.
  • The bed features an antiskid bottom that is also waterproof in case of any accidents.


  • This bed is designed only for medium and small dogs.
  • The zipper may arrive damaged on this bed.
  • This bed is only available in two colors which may not allow for enough customization.

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Aspen Pet Self Warming Dog Bed

The Aspen Self-Warming dog bed is a unique option because it is available in a “barn red” and cream color.

Most of the dog beds are only available in neutral colors so this is a great option if you are looking for a pop of color.

Additionally, this bed has a Mylar interior layer that reflects your dog’s body heat.

This provides comfort and warmth without having to worry about having electricity in the dog bed.

It has a non-skid bottom so that you can place it in any room and not have to worry about your pet.

This bed has a lightweight design so that you can take it in the car with you for road trips.

The bed has plush corduroy on the exterior and the sleep surface is covered in faux lambswool to create a cuddly experience for your dog.

This bed can be hand-washed as needed to keep it smelling and looking fresh.

The bed has a rectangular design with raised sides so that your pet can be completely inside the bed.


  • There are unique color options available for this pet bed aside from the traditional neutral colors.
  • This bed has a rectangular design with raised edges on all four sides for maximum safety.
  • The bed has a Mylar layer which sets it apart from other beds. The Mylar layer will keep your dog warm without any electricity.
  • The bed is light and easy to travel with.


  • This bed is designed only for medium and small dogs.
  • The zipper may arrive damaged on this bed.
  • This bed is only available in two colors which may not allow for enough customization.

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Slow Ton Calming Bed

The Slow Ton Calming Bed is a round plush bed designed for small to medium-sized dogs.

This bed is available in coffee and cream colors.

The bed is made of high-quality synthetic plush fur that is soft, yet breathable, for your pet.

The extra small size is recommended for dogs up to ten pounds, the small size for dogs up to twenty pounds, and the medium for dogs up to thirty pounds.

The bed is designed with anti-skid sticky beads and high-density waterproof fabric that is mildew proof.

This eliminates any worries that you may have had about your pet staying safe while resting in this bed.

The bed is lint-free and easy to care for.

The outside cover is not removable, so you can toss the whole bed in the washer and the dryer on tumble dry for the best results.

Be sure that the bed is the only thing in the load to avoid the plush getting matted during the wash and dry cycles.

This bed is flexible and has plenty of room for your pup to curl up for a nap.


  • Plush cover that will be comfortable for your pet to lay on.
  • Machine washable as well as dryer safe.
  • The fabric is waterproof and mildew proof.
  • The bed is still breathable for your pet even though it is soft and fuzzy.
  • The bed is designed with smaller pups in mind.


  • The sizes of this bed do not accommodate larger dog breeds.
  • The calming pet bed cannot be washed with other items in the washer and dryer.
  • The bed may need to be fluffed up after your pet sleeps on it.

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K&H Heated Dog Bed

The K&H Heated dog bed has a design that is different from the rest.

This bed has soft five-inch-high foam walls for your dog’s comfort and is electric so it will warm to your pet’s body temperature when your pet is in the bed.

The heater is removable if you do not wish to use that feature.

The pillow and outer cover are also removable for easy cleaning.

The heater is only six watts and has been tested and certified to exceed USA/CA electrical safety standards.

The heater is what sets this pet bed apart from the rest.

Low wattage means that you won’t see a spike in your electric bill when you plug this bed in.

The heater is designed to keep the bed between ten to fifteen degrees (Fahrenheit) above the air temperature to keep your dog warm and relaxed.

When ordering this item, you can choose from a recyclable or a retail box.

K&H has been making dog products for over forty years and is used by vets and pet experts alike.

This bed is designed to relax the muscles for active pets and soothe joints and muscles for aging and arthritic pets.


  • The K&H bed features a heater to ensure that your dog has a warm and comfortable sleeping experience.
  • The heater is low wattage, so it won’t significantly impact your electric bill.
  • There is an option for recyclable packaging.
  • You can remove the heater if you don’t need it.
  • The bed comes apart for easy cleaning.


  • You cannot put this bed in a confined space (such as a kennel) where the dog cannot get off of it because it would be too hot.
  • The sizing is difficult to interpret.
  • The price is higher than some other beds on the market.

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How To Choose The Best Type Of Calming Bed For Dogs

When picking the best type of calm dog bed for your special pup, you will want to think about what makes them unique as a dog.

For example, you will want to think about the size of your dog.

If they have health conditions. Also consider their age, their likes and dislikes.

If you are purchasing a calming bed for a puppy, you may need to search for beds with waterproof covers.

That way they aren’t ruined the first time your puppy has an accident.

Additionally, you will want to consider if your dog sleeps on their belly, side, or back.

Check out our article on hypoallergenic dog beds for more information these type of beds.

What Are The Benefits Of A Calming Dog Bed?

The overall benefit of calm dog beds is that they provide your dog with a sense of security when they are resting.

This is especially helpful when they are home alone or feeling excessive amounts of stress.

If you want to know more about the causes of dog anxiety and how treat these, be sure to read our extensive article on that.

Key Factors Of The Best Calm Dog Beds

The best calm dog beds are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Since all dogs are different, they need different calm bed options!

Some dog beds are made in a cave-like shape to provide a sense of security and a place to hide away from the world.

Other beds have heating features to make sure your dog is warm when they sleep.

Even the simplest of calm dog beds are usually orthopedic so they are suitable for your pup with arthritis or sore muscles.

What Is The Best Way To Use A Calm Dog Bed?

If your dog has anxiety or stressed, it is not likely that they will run over to the new calm dog bed and be at ease immediately.

You will have to train your dog with their new bed, so they know it is theirs.

If your dog sleeps in a crate, you can place the bed in the dog crate in the daytime so that the dog has time to warm up to it before night falls.

Aren’t All Dog Beds Relaxing?

To a degree, all dog beds have relaxing properties if your dog uses them to rest on.

However, the dog beds featured here have added features that will be of great value for anxious pups.

How Calm Dog Beds Help With Anxiety

The dog beds you have read about today all have added calming features that can help your pet feel safe and secure.

These dog calming beds can provide the dog with a sense of calm that can help eliminate the negative behaviors associated with dog anxiety.

This includes barking, crying, and destruction.

Frequently Asked Questions About A Calming Dog Bed

We would like to answer some of the questions that you may have about calming dog beds:

Are dog calming beds any good?

The short answer is yes.

A designated sleeping spot for your dog may ease some of their stress and anxiety and help them feel better.

The beds listed here provide your dog with the best experience because of their specific features.

For example memory foam, soft exteriors, self-healing features or heating units.

How do you wash a dog calming bed?

This answer will vary depending on the product that you choose.

Most dog beds are machine washable on a gentle cycle followed by a tumble dry.

You should wash the bed in a load of its own to avoid matting the fur on the bed.

Additionally, some dog beds may require you to remove the outer layer and just wash it instead of the full bed.

How big should a dog bed be?

This will depend on the size of your dog!

Most dog beds have size charts that go by the size of the dog in pounds.

If your dog likes to sleep curled up, you may be able to go with a smaller, round bed.

If your dog likes to sleep all spread out, you may need to size up to a rectangular bed.

Final Thoughts

The  winner of the most calming dog bed is the K&H Heated Dog Bed.

If your dog suffers from anxiety, stress, or sore muscles, this is the only bed on the list that comes with an actual heating unit.

This guarantees to raise your pup’s temperature and help them find some relief.

Additionally, this bed is designed to keep your pet safe with high foam walls and a removable pillow at the bottom of the bed.

This also keeps them comfortable and cozy.

This bed allows your pet to be curled up or sprawled out, depending on the mood that they are in.

This bed also can be separated into parts for easy cleaning.

Lastly, the heater is low wattage, so it won’t spike your electric bill.

Looking for advice on the right bed for your dog, check out our articles on the best beds for Dachshunds and the best indestructible dog beds for dog who like to chew.

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