Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates That Are Almost Escape Proof

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Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates That Are Almost Escape Proof

One of the things most dog owners dread is coming home from work and finding the dog has broke out of the crate and caused mass destruction! Finding the best heavy duty dog crate might help since many are almost escape proof!

While these crates are usually more expensive than the more basic dog crates, but how much is it worth to keep your home from being damaged?

So, let’s dive in and see what other dog owners are loving when it comes to heavy duty dog crates that they Houdini’s cannot get out of!

Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate Options

First, I want to start with the truth. Truth is – there is no “best escape proof dog crates” out there.

There are many great options available these days, but every dog is different. Some dogs may be much more focused on getting out than others – which means they would need a much stronger crate than other dogs. You know your dog best – so deciding which crate you need will be dependent on your dog’s size, strength, and capabilities.

Below are the best options we could find for an escape proof crate for your dog. All of them have great reviews from various places on the web and seem to do a good job of keeping dogs crated.

Crate training a puppy can really help alleviate the stress and anxiety that is often associated with bad crate behaviors. So, if you are currently in that puppy stage, please be sure to help them get acclimated!

Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Dog Crate

frisco dog crate

The Frisco is a heavy duty dog crate that seems to be successful in keeping even the strongest dogs in! The heavy duty steel and welded construction make it extra strong. They also added 2 different locks for those escape artists who can open crates from the inside.

The floor of the crate comes as a grate so any cookie crumbs or other messes can fall through to the included tray. This is a great idea, but some dogs may find it uncomfortable, so definitely consider that!

Available in 2 sizes.

  1. 22-gauge steel with 1/2 inch diameter tubes make this crate super secure
  2. Dual lock system
  3. Wheels with locks for easy movement
  4. Grated floor that allows messes to fall through keeping the crate clean
  1. It is heavy
  2. The grated floor might be uncomfortable
  3. Reports of the wheels having issues

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

proselect dog crate

The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is a twenty-gauge steel crate with half-inch steel reinforced steel tubing walls and floor. The crate is a medium size measuring 35.75 x 23.5 x 24.5 inches. The floor is the same grating as the walls and ceiling but comes with an easy cleanup tray beneath.

The dog crate comes on casters to help you move it easily from your home to the vet or other locations. You can take the casters off for use around your home. The crate design helps it withstand a beating from the largest dogs with sturdy latches and heavy-duty steel construction.

  1. The crate uses heavy-duty steel to ensure your dog stays inside
  2. An easy-to-remove and clean tray come installed beneath the crate
  3. You can take the wheels off the crate for regular use around your home
  1. Strong dogs can bend the steel tubing of the floor
  2. The wheels can break off easily with active dogs inside
  3. The hinges can break off the door

Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crate

smonter heavy duty dog crate

The SMONTER Dog Crate is a non-toxic crate designed as a treated, multi-layered crate. The crate is rust-resistant and contains no harmful chemicals or things that can make your dog sick. In addition to non-toxic materials, the dog crate is rugged with a reinforced steel construction.

The crate has solid welds on the frame to ensure even the most aggressive dog will stay in the crate. The crate provides plenty of ventilation to offer the most airflow and comfort to your dog. The dog comes with safety locks and safety buckles that prevent your dog from escaping the dog crate. The size for this product is 38 X 26 X 32 inches.

  1. The dog crate comes with casters that rotate three hundred sixty degrees for easy transport
  2. A removable tray comes with the crate that is easy to remove and clean
  3. The door of the crate comes with safety locks that prevent the doge from opening the crate
  1. The safety lock can cut a dog’s mouth if the dog chews on it
  2. A dog paw can open the safety lock
  3. The dogs can fit their jaws through the bars resulting in bites

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate

LUCKUP heavy dog crate

The LUCKUP Heavy Dog Crate is corrosion-resistant steel, designed to be damage-resistant. These crates have a non-toxic finish that helps prevent corrosion. This product comes with two safety buckles that prevent the dog from escaping the crate. The crate also has casters, so you can move your dog around and lock the wheels to prevent the heavy duty crate from moving. The kennel comes with a cleanup tray that you can slide out to clean. The crate is easy to assemble and takes five minutes to complete. It comes in medium and large sizes, with heights of 38 inches and 42 inches.

  1. The crate comes with wheels you can lock
  2. You can easily clean the tray beneath
  3. The frame of the crate is corrosion-resistant
  1. Big, aggressive dogs can pop the locks
  2. The locks on the crate bend easily
  3. Aggressive dogs can snap the welds on the crate

KELIXU Heavy Duty Dog Crate

kelixu heavy duty dog crate

The KELIXU Heavy Dog Crate is a safe, heavy-duty, escape proof dog crate. The design of the crate helps give your dog plenty of room to stand up and sit down. It looks unique because is has a triangular top, sort of like the roof of a house. The steel used is corrosion-resistant. Heavy-duty casters come with the crate. These rotates three hundred sixty degrees for easy moving.

The design of these crates allow you to access your dog through the main door or the top of the kennel. The door comes with three locks to help prevent escape. An easy-to-clean tray slides out from beneath the crate, so you can keep your dog clean and happy.

  1. You can interact with your dog through the roof of the crate
  2. The door comes with three locks with the roof door coming with two
  3. The crate uses heavy-duty steel to prevent the dog from escaping
  1. Smart dogs can easily get all latches open
  2. The bars of the crate is wide enough for some dogs to chew on the bars
  3. Aggressive dogs can bend the hinges of the door

What To Look For In A Heavy Duty Dog Care

For many dogs a cheap wire crate just won’t cut it. Some dogs just do not like being in a small place. If you recently adopted, then training a rescue dog to use a crate is highly recommended so they have a “space place” in their new home.

If you have a dog that is just high energy, then finding a crate that can handle their shenanigans is super important. Below are some of the things you need to consider before you make a purchase!


Some dogs are incredibly good at escaping from crates, gated yards, cars, and anything else where they feel confined. This is especially true if a dog suffers from separation anxiety. Cheaper heavy-duty dog crates can split, allowing your dog to go on an adventure or hurt themselves as they try to get through. The crate you select should have indestructible materials and multiple locks that will ensure your dog stays safe and unharmed.

Metal Construction

Metal absorbs impact in case of accidents. It also will stand the test of time by remaining in good condition and being resistant to brute force attacks by a growing dog. High-quality steel will not bend or break when your dog flings themselves at the walls in excitement or boredom.

The steel will withstand the attacks of even the most high-strung canines.
The type of cage you select needs to be high-quality metal to avoid the dog trying to chew their way through the bars. The bars must be close together to prevent snouts from getting through the bars and non-moving parts of the door exposed on the inside.

Especially with young dogs, they will want to chew, and a determined dog will get through even the toughest cages, even if they are high quality and promoted as a indestructible dog crate.


The height and width of the cage are important if your dog is still growing. You will want something they can grow into without cramping them up. Most crates are either rectangular or designed to look like a miniature house. You can select the type of crate for your dog based on their size and needs.

If you get your dog as a puppy, you might need to put a divider in the crate if they’re too small for it at first. Otherwise, they might do their business in the crate if they have the space to do so.


While you do not always need a portable crate, it is nice to have for when you need to move your extra-large dog through security at the airport or take them to the vet. A portable cage makes moving and storing your large friend easier. If you have a small dog, a lightweight cage with a handle is fine.

But if you have a larger pup, you can choose one of the crates with wheels. You need to ensure the wheels on the cage you select will support the weight of your dog and are high enough in quality not to break from regular use.


Dogs are clever. Latch manipulation is nothing new for a smart dog. Many cheaper heavy-duty crates will come with latches that are plastic or weak, low-quality metals. These latches will not hold when your Labrador decides they want to see you when you come home.

Dogs know that if they throw themselves at the door long enough, it will eventually pop open. Many have learned this from constant practice on older crates. The force of their weight hitting the door can cause the slide locks to pop open effortlessly. The crate you select needs to have an excellent way of locking it. If the crate you do purchase comes with a lock, it needs to be in the deadbolt design.

The deadbolt lock is not easy for a dog to pop open and ensures you have complete control over how your dog enters and exits the crate. Lighter weight designs will not necessarily fail you, but it is more likely your dog will pop it open, or even figure out how to use their paw to push it open.


Not all types of dog crates are crash tested. If you are concerned about the safety of your dog, you need to look for CPS certifications when researching different types of crates. CPS Certification (Center for Pet Safety Certified Program) meets the safety standards and performance standards set for the market. For dog crates, it means the crate has met quality control and manufacturing standards for protecting your dog in the event a crash occurs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few questions we saw pet parents like you had about purchasing a dog crate. Hopefully these answers will help you too!

How Do I Know What Size Crate To Get?

When you start looking at dog crates, you need to know the length of your dog and how much they are expected to grow.

You also need to know the current weight or projected weight of your dog.

Crate manufacturers build crates to fit the size and the weight of your dog. If your dog is still growing, you can purchase a crate with a divider so that you can have the correct size crate for your dog’s current needs.

Dogs don’t like to do their business in the same space as they sleep, so a properly sized space for them can help with potty training.

How long can my dog stay in a crate?

Younger dogs should not be in a crate for more than three or four hours. Like any child, they will get bored and frustrated.

Younger dogs are more likely to start to chew the crate to try to reach freedom. Chewing metal or plastic can damage their teeth and cause them to ingest particles that can make them sick).

Larger, older dogs can be inside the crate for longer, and it depends on the age, temperament, and training of your dog for how long. Most can be in the crate for at least six to eight hours, but not even the older dogs like to be in a crate that long.

Is it cruel to crate a dog while at work?

No, crating a dog isn’t cruel, as long as you don’t leave them alone for too long. It’s important to think of these products as crates or kennels, not cages.

They’re safe spaces for dogs, not just areas to lock them up in. So, as long as you limit your dog’s time in a crate and give them plenty of attention when they get home, it’s not cruel at all. If they are going to be in it for a long time, then we do recommend a chew proof crate pad to keep them comfy.

Of course, if you trust your dog to roam free while you’re not home, you’re free to do that as well.

What is the best crate for a dog with separation anxiety?

Any crate can work for a dog with separation anxiety if it’s escape proof. But you’ll need to use proper training to get a pup with anxiety to like their crate. Crates shouldn’t be used as punishments, which is a mistake dog parents often make.

Instead, dogs should be rewarded for going in the confined space, and they should be taught that it’s a safe place. Fill the crate with comfortable things and leave the door open during the day so your canine can hide inside if they’d like.

Never send your dog to the crate when they’ve done something wrong because that will only make their separation anxiety worse.

How do I know if the dog crate is too big?

If your dog has a lot of room to turn around and even bounce, then the heavy duty crate is too big. Your dog should have enough space to stand up, turn around, and lay back down, but nothing more than that. Dogs tend to get anxious if they have too much room.

They’re also more likely to have accidents in a larger crate. Thus, you need to size the crate to your dog, so they have enough room to stand up and turn around, but not so much that they can get into trouble. Most dog enclosure products will come in traditional small, medium, and large sizes.

Final Thoughts

Crates aren’t necessary for your canine, but they can be beneficial. Keeping your pet contained keeps them safe while also keeping your home clean. They can help with potty training and separation anxiety.

If your canine is a heavy chewer, an indestructible metal cage is what you’ll need. Hopefully, one of the above products is the perfect indestructible enclosure for your furry friend.

Every product has different features, so if our picks aren’t right for your pup, don’t be discouraged. There are great enclosures out there for canines of every size, personality, and breed. So, follow our tips to help you find the right one for your pup. And don’t forget to check the measurements before bringing it home.

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