Is The Casper Dog Bed All That?

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Is The Casper Dog Bed All That?

Casper is a pretty well known brand in the mattress world and when I heard they came up with the Casper Pet Bed I knew I had to learn more about it.  

This Casper Dog Bed Review has everything you need to know to make a buying decision that is right for your dog and family!

Casper claims to have one of the best mattresses for better sleep for humans and with a positive consumer sentiment around their brand – it is apparently pretty true. It makes sense for a mattress company to create a dog mattress – and that is just what they did!

The Casper Dog Bed has some great reviews and generally speaking people seem to really happy with it but I wanted to dig a little deeper to help you determine if this is a good bedding option for your pet.

The way I see it – you can continue to buy $30 beds from Target or Walmart that quickly get torn or become flat a few times a year or make an investment into one bed that will last for a few years. Sometimes it makes more sense to look at the long term – but does the Casper dog bed fill that gap?

Below are all the details I could dig up on Casper and their dog bed – so take a peak and see what you think!

Casper Pet Bed Features

Casper is a higher end mattress brand that claims to have created a sleep environment that works with a dogs’ natural behaviors in their Casper dog bed. They mixed pressure-relieving foam with a layer of support foam to create a bed that really molds with your dogs sleep style.

They do note that the pet bed is designed and assembled in the USA – but it is not 100% clear where the materials are from which I talk about more below. This is an important factor for me these days when making purchasing decisions and I wanted to make sure you knew where this item was made.

Cleaning – Only the cover is washable so the foam may become an issue after some time in terms of dirt and odors. The removable cover can be machine washed in a gentle cycle and then tumble dried on low heat or hung out to dry. Some have recommended a “wee pad” under the cover for an additional protective layer.

Zippers – Most of the beds we have had over the years have zippers – we get it, they are needed. But Casper got it right because they put their zippers into these pocket like things which prevents your dog from scratching themselves on them and it also protects your floors.

Waterproof – The Casper cover or foam bedding are not waterproof.

Sizes – There are 3 sizes available – unfortunately, very large dogs will not be comfortable in the largest size as the recommended weight maximum is 90 pounds.

Colors – There are 3 different color options available including gray, beige and blue.

Durability – The Casper dog bed states that dogs can dig and scratch and the strong cover material will withstand it. The dog bed is NOT chew proof though and a few customers have shown pictures of the damage that their dogs did in fact do to the bed. Casper also claims that their bed will not sink over time like other dog beds.

Cover Materials – The cover is made out of olefin fiber (which is a synthetic fiber), polyester and nylon. It is not waterproof and can be removed and washed. There is no easy way to purchase a replacement and you will need to contact Casper to get one.

Mattress Materials – The interior of the bed is made from Visco elastic memory foam and Polyurethane support foam. We could not find where these materials actually come from and have not heard back from the company yet when we asked. Because there are known issues with some chemicals in memory foams

From the UK Casper website I was able to find that they noted the bed is made in the USA and was assembled in the UK with components from China. I am assuming it is the same here in the US – but am trying to get confirmed answers. I would be interested in knowing what “components” are from China.

Casper dog bed materials

Cost – Casper is a higher end product so you will expect to spend a bit more. The pricing starts at about $125 for the small size and goes up from there.

The Development Process

I just found it interesting to see know the details of their development and testing process. It is amazing to know they put this much effort into creating what they hope will be a successful pet bed that consumers will love.

  • Apparently to make this bed as badass awesome as it is they invested over 460 hours of testing in a laboratory.
  • They created 110 prototypes.
  • Then they spent 11 months doing sleep studies with dogs (wonder how we can get that job!). 

Not only did they do all of that but they put an awful lot of thought into the sleeping habits of canines to ensure they provided them a space that was a perfect sleep opportunity!

The Dig Proof Claim

Ever notice your dog does a zillion circles and paws at a spot before it lies down? 

There is a reason for that. 

Way back when before dogs were living the life of luxury – they would have to move dirt around to find cooler spots on the ground to sleep and move away the debris to make it more comfortable.

Casper thought about this and designed the bed to have an extra material on to that helps give your dog the feeling that they are digging in the great outdoors. Best part – they cannot hurt the bed!

While the Casper bed does say their cover is not easy to rip through it does not promote itself as a chew proof dog bed – so if you have a chewer, this is probably not a good option!

Casper Dog Bed review

Picking A Size

The Casper dog bed is available in 3 sizes:

  • Small measures 26″ x 19″ x 6″ and is recommended for dogs up to 30 pounds.
  • Medium measures 33″ x 25″ x 6″ and is for dogs up to 60 pounds.
  • Large measures 45″ x 35″ x 7″ and is for dogs up to 90 pounds.

One of the additional doggie details they took into consideration when creating their bed is that dogs like tight cozy spaces. Our dog is always rolled up in a ball and curved in tight to my body when she snuggles and I imagine many others sleep the same way.

Casper took note of this!

The bed has bolsters (or arms) around it that lets a dog feel snug and safe. When you are choosing a size make sure you think about that and do not get one that is too big or they may not get to enjoy that “safe” feeling that is meant to comfort them!

Casper Dog Bed Pros & Cons


  • Won’t flatten over time
  • Zippers are in pockets to keep dogs and floors safe
  • Strong cover to help prevent damage from diggers
  • Foam bolsters give your dog a sense of security
  • Machine washable & removable cover
  • Made from pressure-relieving & support foam
  • Microfiber cover
  • Made with CertiPUR foam
  • 30 night risk-free trial
  • 3 color options


  • No size big enough for extra large dogs
  • Does not state that it is chew proof
  • Foam is not orthopedic foam
  • 1 year warranty is not the best
  • Need to contact Casper to get a replacement cover – and they are pricey
  • Some reports of product pilling and durability issues
  • Some assembly required
  • Not waterproof

Warranty Information

While they do have a 1 year warranty that covers only defects due to faulty workmanship or materials. They have limitations on the warranty and it does not cover the following:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Comfort preference – meaning if your dog does not seem to like it you cannot return it
  • Physical abuse or damage like burns, cuts, tears, liquid damage etc.
  • If you buy a bed from a non-authorized retailer there is no warranty coverage

A Brand With A Sense Of Humor!

I love a brand with a sense of humor, and clearly Casper has that covered too! Check out this awesome video of how they tried to introduce their new dog bed to the market. 

Final Thoughts!

While I hope this Casper Dog Bed Review helped you get an idea of whether this dog bed is the right option for your pet – I know you will want to do a bit more research!

Head on over to Casper to learn more about the brand and if you want to spoil your pet, then you can go ahead and order on their website.

If you are more of an Amazon kind of shopper – you can get your Casper dog bed here and check out the reviews as well.

If you have a Casper dog bed I would love to hear your experiences so please leave a comment below!

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  1. I purposely picked this bed because it was made in the was pricier than most but that was ok ..I got the bed today and it is made in CHINA ..both the bed and the mattress are made in China ..very very disappointing at the deceptive advertising

    • Hi Janice, unfortunately they never noted all parts were made in the USA. Even in our post I tried to outline that they say it is “designed and assembled” in the USA. This usually means parts are brought in from other countries. When I created this post I could not find anything about where they source their products. Their UK site does say some components from China though – so I assumed that is where the US gets theirs from also. Not sure if you saw this post before you made your purchase, but I tried to make all this clear! I am so sorry you are not happy with your purchase though – sounds like I need to find some 100% USA brands to write about. Jill