20+ Cat-tastic Cat Puns To Amaze Your Friends

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20+ Cat-tastic Cat Puns To Amaze Your Friends

Well hello there fellow cat lover! We imagine you are on the prowl looking for some hiss-terical cat puns to amaze your cat loving friends and boy do we have you covered.

We have spent a lot of time compiling this list of cat puns and sayings that will bring smiles to those you share them with. It would be a “cat astrophe” to not use these and give people something to smile about!

Some you may have heard before – but we are confident there are some cat-tastic ones you have not heard before. (<– see what we did there with, cat-tastic? ). Funny cat puns are a great way to break the ice with strangers – or show your friends what a cat lover you are.

Cat Puns That Are Just Plain Punny!

Cat-tastic (Fantastic)
Kind of like fantastic, only better because it includes a cat! Use it when you are talking about how awesome something is.
Usage example: This post is cat-tastic!

Hiss-self (Himself)
Goes with the word himself and can be used to talk about any male.
Usage example: Did you see Bill being a jerk last night, he should really get over hiss-self.

Cat-titude (Attitude)
A great way to describe a personality! If you know someone who has the attitude of a cat – you know they only want attention when they want attention or hiss at you when you rub their belly, they may have “cat-titude”.
Usage example: Boy does Cheryl have so much cat-titude today.

Clawsome (Awesome)
The perfect cat pun to describe something that is amazingly awesome! If you are tired of using the word awesome, then use this one as an alternate.
Usage example: That movie was so clawsome!

Another option for the pun clawsome is pawsome which can work the same way and can be used as a dog pun or cat pun!

Procatstinate (Procrastinate)
Those moments you spend playing with you cat instead of doing chores or work is what procatstinate is. Can also be used as a verb with the term procatstinating!
Usage example: If I did not procrastinate so much I could get much more done every day.

Furry (Very)
A great alternative to the word very in a variety of ways.
Usage example: That ice cream cone was furry good!

Hiss (Kiss)
Makes a great play on words for the kiss.
Usage example: I cannot wait to get my very first hiss.

Pawlease (Please)
When you need an exaggerated alternative to please – this hits the mark perfectly.
Usage example: Oh, girl can you pawlease stop acting like that.

Purrsonality (Personality)
Typically used to describe someone, especially if they have attributes that are cat like – like being spunky!
Usage example: That actress has so much purrsonality.

When things just go wrong as they sometimes will and it is a major event, you may consider it a catastrophe.
Usage example: That car accident on the way to the vet was a catastrophe.

Furtunate (Fortunate)
When one is lucky or has lots of good things happen to them they may be considered furtunate.
Usage example: That cat was so furtunate to have found such an amazing family to adopt them.

Cathletic (Athletic)
Finding one to be truly skilled in sports or to have cat like reflexes.
Usage example: The way that cat climbed that tree was so cathletic.

Self-Pawtrait (Self-Portrait)
When one draws or paints a likeness of themselves.
Usage example: That self-pawtrait he did is amazing.

Pawsitive (Positive)
One is sure of something and needs a way to describe it.
Usage example: Are you pawsitive that chocolate is not good for animals?

Clawfile (Awful)
Describing something that is really bad.
Usage example: Well, that was a clawful thing to do.

Hiss-terical (Hysterical)
Great use for when describing how funny something is.
Usage example: That joke he told was hiss-terical!

RSPCA Queensland Cat Pun Illustrations

The RSPCA of Queensland has created a few adorable cat pun illustrations that we think you will enjoy! Below is one of our favorites that showcase the funny cat aspect of our feline friends! This is such a creative way for a rescue or shelter to get a little extra attention too. By creating these types of memes for people to share they are getting more exposure for their organization.

Cat pun illustration from Queensland RSPCA
image credit: Queensland RSPCA

If Cat Puns Were Not Enough, How About Some Cat Jokes?

Here are a few of our favorite pun inspired cat jokes from around the cat-osphere.

  1. What do cats eat on hot summer days? Mice cream of course!
  2. What is a cats favorite TV show? The Evening Mews!
  3. Where does a cat go when it loses its tail? The re-tail store.
  4. What do you call cat who loves music? A Meow-sician!
  5. If there are 5 cats in a boat and 1 jumps out, how many will be left? None, because they are all copycats.
  6. What do you call a pile of cats? A meowtain.
  7. Where do cats love to shop the most? Cat-alogues.
  8. Why do cats enjoy sitting on computers? They like to keep an eye on the mouse.
  9. What is the most popular car for cats? A Furrari

Landysh Cat Pun Illustrations

Another great illustration that are puntastic from an artist named Landysh that are featured on Lingviston.com. You can find a lot of great cat related items that have puns on them from t-shirts to prints. Below is one of her designs with a cat saying we just love.

Cat mermaid pun print from Lingviston.com.
image credit: Lingviston.com

Creating Your Own Cat Pun

If you are creative with words you can probably create some new cat puns yourself.

Think about cat related words that you can use to replace similar sounding words or part of words.

There are also a couple of tools you can use to help you come with your own like the Cat Pun Generator or Kittify.

Other Creative Cat Puns

Deck the Paws
Meowy Christmas
Help Meow-T
Purrrty Girl
You have got to be kitten me
Are you pawsitive
I am feline fantastic

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