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13 Cat Shelters That Raised Money For Animals!

So what do you get when you get a group of architects together to do something amazing?

You get 13 unbelievably cool cat shelters that not only look amazing – but raise money for charity!

FixNation is the organization that was the recipient of the donations earned from the sales of these cat shelters. Working in Los Angeles, FixNation deals with one of the largest populations of stray cats in the country. They have had much success with their TNR ( Trap Neuter Return ) program and the humane colony management programs they have created.

Coined as Architects for Animals┬«, the Giving Shelter exhibit took place on October 19, 2017 at the HermanMiller Showroom in California. The event invites various designers and architects to build a cat shelter that can be used outdoors and is functional but yet one of a kind. While not meant to solve the real problems of homeless cats, it is meant to be a fun and engaging event to raise much needed funds – and it does just that!

Each of these unique shelters is auctioned off and all the money gets donated to FixNation so they can do more amazing work to help homeless cats.

If you are interested in seeing some of the great shelters created in previous events – or maybe get involved yourself, visit Architects For Animals to learn more!

Photo credit: Meghan Bob Photography

Architect: Abramson Teiger Architects

“White Jack” is a 3 tube creation that allows for cats to climb through it and explore. In the center of the tubes is a bed area where cats can snuggle up for the night.

Architect Designed Cat Shelter For Auction

Architect: Abramson Teiger Architects

A gigantic ball of yarn may just be every cat’s dream! The twine is manufactured into a giant ball with a cozy entryway to their bed. Loose pieces of string are purposely left for the cat to play with!

Architect Designed Cat Shelter For Auction

Architect: CallisonRTKL

Inspired by that safe havens of cathedrals this unique cat shelter is filled with geometric patterns and stained glass windows. The carpeted ramp leads to an indoor perch that will keep them safe from the elements. The ramp also has a safe space below it that cats can enter through arched entries leading them to cover and safety.

Architect Designed Cat Shelter For Auction

Architect: d3architecture

Focused on an environmental style cat shelter, this unique application offers materials that are commonly used in the streets and alleys of cities like old HVAC equipment. These pipes act as tunnels and passageways which we know cats love and while they are inside the center bed area they can feel safe and warm.

Architect Designed Cat Shelter For Auction

Architect: ES-EN-EM

“Meow Miaow” is an origami inspired cat shelter made of plywood with a urethan finish. It can fold flat for easy moving and can offer homing for several cats.

Architect Designed Cat Shelter For Auction

Architects: Formation Associates, Terremoto Landscape & Arktura

“Flora-Gato” offers a dual purpose take on a shelter. The biomorphic trellis offers shelter to the cats but also has a sitting area for the loving volunteers who care for these cat colonies. The trellis was created from recycled and fiberized plastic and made into rib style accents that are water absorbent – creating a great environment for plants. Spanish moss and Korean grass are both utilized in this super creative cat shelter.

Architect Designed Cat Shelter For Auction

Architect: HKS

“CAnT We All Get Along” is a fun take that incorporates a cat shelter with the various bird houses to keep kitties entertained! The house component is made to look like a fish shape from slatted wood.

Architect Designed Cat Shelter For Auction

Architect: HOK

Seven chambers of warm comfy felt enclosed by a warm faux wood to help keep kitties warm and comfy. The wood can hold up under any weather – making it a great addition for small cat colonies to huddle up and stay warm and safe.

Architect Designed Cat Shelter For Auction

Architect: Knowhow Shop

Cats will love this angular designed shelter with shingles and a base that is filled with indestructible peacock feathers. The cat house area will keep them safe from the evil beings that want to do harm and will keep them safe from the elements on those bad weather days.

Architect Designed Cat Shelter For Auction

Architect: Kollin Altomare Architects

“Cat’s Win! Cat’s Win!” was inspired by they “W” in Chicago giving this shelter an urban look that cats will love. The natural wood elements were used to give cats the ability to exercise and use their natural clawing techniques. The various heights of the elements can work those climbing muscles and can offer protection from predators.

Architect Designed Cat Shelter For Auction

Architect: Perkins+Will

“UnFURIed” is a almost tube like shelter that was designed to be adaptable and fun. The kit is interactive and easily interchangeable to help keep your cat entertained with its different variations that can be created.

Architect Designed Cat Shelter For Auction

Architect: RNL now Stantec

With its almost harp like look this fun cat shelter encourages the natural love cats have for stretching. The architecturally creative wooden element sits on a soft faux fur base offering cats the warmth and comfort of something soft to rest while giving them an activity that can help them stretch. climb and claw.

Architect Designed Cat Shelter For Auction

Architect: Standard Architecture|Design

The “Catosphere” offers a warm yet modern look with its brass rails that hold a concrete and wood accented pod with a comfy cat bed inside. This creative cat shelter can help protect cats from the elements with the wood wood louvres that can be opened or closed and the concrete was used because it helps gather heat during the day and can release it at night when it gets cooler. Reclaimed wood for this project was provided by East Teak.

Architect Designed Cat Shelter For Auction

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