8 Best Chew Proof Dog Leashes

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8 Best Chew Proof Dog Leashes

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the most popular chew proof dog leash is, then we recommend the Black Rhino Heavy Duty Dog Leash as the best Chew proof dog leash.

It’s no secret that dogs love to chew, especially large dogs and puppies.

Playful pups will often tear up shoes, furniture, and whatever else they can get their teeth on.

This makes their leash a victim of excess chewing. While walking or just sitting outside, your dog might bite on their leash and play with it like it’s a toy.

It might seem cute, but that’s only until your dog tears their leash to shreds.

So, if this sounds like your mischievous pup, then you might need a chew proof dog leash.

In This Article, We’re Going To Review The Following Chew Proof Dog Leashes

Chew Proof Dog Leash Reviews

There are so many chew proof leashes on the market, so how do you know which ones are the most durable?

I have selected eight of the best chew proof dog leashes and analyzed them based on features, pros, and cons.

Paw Lifestyles Extra Heavy Duty dog

This heavy duty leash is made with tightly webbed nylon that’s about two times thicker and stronger than standard leashes.

The leash itself is almost entirely black, except for the handle, which is soft with either blue, pink, or green.

The handle is made with a neoprene padding for additional comfort.

The threading on the edges of the leash is made with reflective stitching to keep your dog safe at night too.

Unlike other heavy duty leashes, this product is both lightweight and water resistant.

It even has a ring to clip a poop bag holder to, and the clip at the end of the leash is a standard size that can fit onto all regular collars and harnesses.


  • It’s affordable.
  • It comes in three colors.
  • It’s reflective.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • It’s waterproof.
  • The handle is padded.


  • The clip isn’t always sturdy.
  • The leash is too thin for a large dog.
  • The stitching could come loose.

Tuff Pupper Double Handle Heavy Duty Dog Leash

This is another leash that’s made with tightly webbed nylon that is designed to be two times thicker and stronger than regular leashes.

However, this product is unique because it has a heavy duty clip that has a locking mechanism.

This feature ensures that your dog won’t break out of the latch.

his leash also has two handles: one on the end of the leash and one closer to your dog.

That way, you can more easily control your dog during an emergency.

Both handles are also padded for maximum comfort.

The exterior of the leash is completely reflective to keep your dog safe at night.

Then, the interior of the leash comes in red, black, or blue.


  • It’s reflective.
  • It has two handles.
  • It has a more secure clasp.
  • It comes in three colors.
  • The handles are padded.


  • The second handle could rip off.
  • The stitching could break.
  • The locking mechanism might not be as durable as it claims.

Black Rhino Heavy Duty Dog Leash for Medium and Large Dogs

The Black Rhino Heavy Duty Dog Leash is another product with two handles.

It has one handle at the end of the leash and another close to your dog for added safety.

Additionally, both handles are padded for additional comfort. When holding the handle at the end, the leash can reach up to six feet.

The durable fabric is mostly black, but the interior of the handles can come in aqua, blue, black, pink, or red.

The stitching in the leash is reflective and the fabric is water resistant.

It even comes with an attached poop bag holder for convenience.

It’s designed for large and medium dogs, but it might work for small dogs too.


  • It has two handles.
  • It comes in three colors.
  • It’s waterproof.
  • It’s reflective.
  • The handles are padded.
  • It comes with a poop bag holder.


  • It’s not designed for small dogs. 
  • The handles are small.
  • The clasp might not last long.

Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Cable Dog Leash

This leash is made of steel braided cable as opposed to nylon.

Therefore, it should be strong enough to prevent even the heaviest chewers from breaking it.

However, the handle is still comfortable and padded.

The clasp on this leash is the same type of clip that rock climbers use, so it can hold up to 850 pounds of force.

The latch is attached with a swivel mechanic to prevent your dog from getting tangled.

The leash is a total of 6 feet long and it can be purchased in green or orange.


  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s made with a steel braided cable. 
  • It has a padded handle.
  • The clasp can hold 850 pounds of force.
  • It comes in two colors.
  • It’s lightweight.


  • The cable can be difficult to grab onto. 
  • The metal piece at the top could be sharp.
  • The handle could break.

Rucal Pets Strong Dog Leash Reflective Rope

This product is more rounded like a thick rope as opposed to a flat structure.

It’s made with a thick, braided nylon paracord to prevent dog chewing.

The handle is also made with a strong nylon fabric that should be comfortable on your hands.

This is a 5-foot leash with reflective stitching to keep your dog visible at night.

It also comes in eight different color patterns. The leash is even made with a tangle-free clip that should keep your dog secure while walking.

Also, the top of the leash has a crack-resistant plastic piece to be safer for your hands than a metal piece.


  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s reflective.
  • It comes in eight colors.
  • It has a comfortable handle.
  • It’s shorter for easier control.


  • Dogs could chew through the plastic part.
  • Heavy chewers might still be able to rip it.
  • The leash is a little heavy.

CtopGo Heavy Duty Metal Dog Leash Chain

This metal leash is a chain with a leather handle on the end.

The chain is made with a heavy long-lasting material that shouldn’t rust, tarnish, or break.

The handle is made with a softer material to ensure that it’s comfortable for you to hold onto. It has a regular leash clip on the bottom, but it states that it’s a strong, heavy duty clasp.

The leash is 6 feet long, and it’s best suited for large and medium dogs, but it can still be used for smaller dogs and puppies if needed.

If you have more than one pup, you can purchase a pack of two of these leashes at a reduced price. 


  • It’s made with a strong chain.
  • The handle is comfortable.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It can be purchased in a pack of two.
  • Pets can’t chew through it.


  • Strong dogs might break the chain.
  • The chain could be difficult to grab onto.
  • It could rust over time.

SparklyPets Heavy Duty Rope Bungee Leash for Large and Medium Dogs

This product is a regular rope leash, but it comes with a durable bungee extension.

This helps the leash prevent your dog from pulling while also being strong enough to withstand heavy chewers.

The leash is made with tough braided nylon, and it can be purchased in teal, red, green, or black.

It also has features reflective stitching. The comfortable padded handle is bound with leather to ensure that it doesn’t rip apart.

There’s an additional handle toward the front of the leash for added security.

Additionally, the metallic hook on the end is extra strong.

With both parts of the leash, this product is about 5.6 feet long, making it the ideal length for keeping your dog under control.

It’s ideal for medium and large dogs, but canines of all sizes can use it.


  • It has a bungee extension.
  • It comes in four colors.
  • It has two handles.
  • The main handle is padded.
  • It’s reflective.
  • It can be used as a short leash or a longer leash.


  • The bungee part could stretch out.
  • The leather part could rub against your skin.
  • Some dogs might still chew through it.

Fairwin Leather Dog Leash Braided Military Grade

This high quality dog leash is made with real leather, so it should be stronger than a standard fabric leash.

It has a braided style on each end and a flat center. It comes in either brown or black, and it comes in four different sizes.

All sizes are 5.6 feet long, but they all have different widths depending on the size of your dog.

The metal clasp is made using copper alloy casting, which can hold up to 500 pounds of force.

This is a military grade leash that’s suitable for pets of all sizes.

This leash states that it’s made with thicker leather than similar products, making the leash stronger and the handle more comfortable.


  • It’s made with strong leather.
  • It comes in two colors. 
  • It comes in four sizes.
  • It can hold up to 500 pounds of force.
  • It’s a military grade leash.


  • It’s more expensive.
  • It could rip.
  • The quality of the clip could vary.

Chew Proof Dog Leash Summary

Your furry friend might never seem to learn, no matter how many times they gnaw on their leash.

To them, a leash is like a fun toy and they can’t stop sinking their teeth into it.

So, what should you do to stop your dog from gnawing on their leash?

Why Do Dogs Need A Chew Proof Dog Leash?

Some pups are playful and love to chew.

They might see the leash as a toy, and when you pull it away from them, it seems like a game of tug-of-war.

Many dogs chew on their leash to get attention.

They can’t contain their excitement, so they will play and chew on anything possible.

These behaviors can be cute, but they must be corrected.

If your dog chews on their leash regularly, you should train them to stop.

However, in the meantime, you can use a chew proof dog leash to help deter this behavior and to keep their leash in one piece.

Chew proof leashes are usually more durable, so even if your dog chews on it, they won’t be able to damage it as easily.

Not every dog needs a chew proof leash, but if your dog gets hyper and playful too easily when walked on a leash, then it might be a good product to have.

Ideally, these leashes should be able to make their training easier.

Tips For Walking A Heavy Chewer

Getting a chew proof dog leash won’t just magically fix your dog’s leash chewing problems.

In fact, it’s only a method of deterring the problem for the time being.

Instead of using products to avoid training, you should take the time to teach your dog good behaviors.

The more you train your dog, the better they will listen to you.

Teaching your pup not to chew involves just as much patience as any other training.

When they start to chew on the leash, don’t pull the chew proof leash away because then they might think it’s a game of tug-of-war.

Instead, redirect their attention with a treat.

However, you shouldn’t give them the treat right away or else they might think they are being rewarded for pulling on the leash.

Instead, tell them a command, such as ‘sit’ or ‘look at me’, and then reward them for paying attention.

Then, continue walking with your dog.

If they try to chew on their leash, interrupt the behavior again and reward them for responding to a command.

You will have to continue this training during multiple walks, but eventually, your dog should stop biting on their leash.

Training doesn’t always come easily, so you will have to be patient and consistent when trying to teach your dog something new. 

How to Choose the Perfect Unchewable Dog Leash for Your Dog

The primarily feature that makes a chew proof dog leash good is its durability.

The leash should not easily rip if your dog bites it or if something sharp rubs up against it.

Most regular leashes will rip if cut with a knife, but a chew proof dog leash should be able to withstand even strong cutting tools.

There are a few different types of chew proof dog leashes, and the type you choose is entirely up to you.

The ones that are made of chains or wires are likely the strongest, but they often don’t look as cute.

They can be difficult to grab onto if you want to hold your dog closer.

If you are looking for something that’s both stylish and durable, then a reinforced nylon leash or a strong rope are likely better options for you.

It’s also important to consider the weight of the leash.

Chain leashes are often heavier than other options, so they are probably not a good choice for smaller dogs.

Your dog should not have to feel excessive weight while they walk.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the length of the leash.

Many dog owners assume that a longer leash is better, but in most cases, a shorter leash for dogs is actually the safer option.

Shorter leashes allow you to have better control over your dog, which keeps them safer in public areas.

If your dog loves to pull while walking, then you might want to choose a shorter leash as opposed to a long one.

Make sure the clip on the end of the leash is just as strong as the rest of it.

If the clip can’t properly hold your dog back, then it doesn’t matter how strong and durable the rest of the leash is.

Checkout this video on chew proof dog leashes:

Frequently Asked Questions On Durable Dog Leashes

Before you purchase a truly chew resistant dog leash, you should spend time trying to figure out how to stop your dog from gnawing in the first place.

A chew resistant leash can help prevent the problem, but it won’t solve it completely.

Here are some leash chewing questions that dog owners commonly ask.

Do Dogs Need A Leash?

Yes, all dogs need a leash.

It doesn’t have to be a chew proof leash, but during walks, dog owners should keep their pup leashed at all times.

No matter how well-behaved your dog is, something could go wrong.

Something could spook your dog or your dog could get hurt.

And the last thing you would want is for your best friend to get lost.

Every time you are on a walk in a public area, make sure to keep a leash on your pup.

It will allow you to have better control over your dog so your surroundings don’t pose a threat.

You also have to know the rules where you live. Most HOA’s, apartment complexes, and parks require dogs to be leashed at all times.

Why Do Dogs Chew On Their Leash?

There are many explanations as to why dogs might chew on their leash.

Every dog acts out for different reasons, so it’s important to pay attention to your pup’s behaviors to find the root of the problem.

If your dog is only a puppy, then it’s likely that they’re chewing on their leash because they’re teething.

As puppies lose their baby teeth and grow adult teeth, their mouths can feel uncomfortable.

Gnawing on different objects like their leash can help relieve their pain.

Other times, puppies and adult dogs will chew on their leash when they get excited.

When you take your dog outside, they become overwhelmed with so many exciting sights and smells.

It can sometimes be difficult for them to contain themselves. As a result, they might chew on their leash because they have so much energy or because they want to play.

Finally, certain pets even chew on their leash just because they are bored.

If you are sitting outside with your dog on a leash, they might chew on the leash because they don’t have anything better to do.

They might also chew as a way of letting you know something.

Some dogs chew to let their owners know that they want to start walking or keep walking.

If your dog uses leash biting as a cue, then that’s an important behavior to correct.

You might want to check out our article on puppy biting and nipping.

How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Chewing The Leash?

A chew proof dog leash can only get you so far.

On top of selecting a heavy duty dog leash, you also need to train your pup to stop chewing during walks.

If they start chewing on their leash, redirect their attention with a command, such as ‘sit.’

When they stop chewing when you to do this command, give them a treat.

This training requires a lot of patience, but it’s good for dogs that like to chew.

On top of a strong dog leash, you will also want to redirect your dog’s chewing behavior when you are on a walk.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Chews Through Their Leash?

Even with the strongest leashes, there’s always a chance that your dog could chew through and run loose.

If this happens, it’s important not to scold your dog because that could scare them off.

Instead, try to stay calm. Dogs can pick up on fear and frustration, so if they suspect that they might get punished, they could run away.

If your dog starts running, don’t chase them either.

Most canines are faster than humans, and chasing them will only cause them to think you are playing a game.

Instead, try to get their attention with something they love, like a treat, toy, or car ride.

That way, they will come to you without thinking you are playing a game of tag.

The stronger your dog’s leash is, the less likely this will happen, but you should always be prepared in this situation.

Keep treats in your pocket while walking if you know your dog is not good at listening.

Final Thoughts

If your dog is a heavy chewer that has a hard time listening to commands, then you might want to purchase a chew proof dog leash to help reduce their biting.

Remember that it won’t fix the problem entirely, but it will help keep your leash in one piece as you train your dog.

My favorite durable dog leash is the Black Rhino Heavy Duty Dog Leash.

It might not be as durable as a cable or chain leash, but that means it’s easier to grab onto.

It even has two handles to help you better control your dog in an emergency.

Both the handles are padded and durable.

It also comes in multiple colors, while many of the other leashes only come in one or two designs. I think it’s a great choice for dogs that chew often.

As you train your dog with a chew resistant leash, make sure you are patient and consistent with them.

Some dogs might learn to stop chewing right away while others might be more stubborn.

The more time you spend training your dog, the better behaved they should be.

You also might be interested in our article on chew proof dog beds and indestructible dog balls.

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