Dog Coloring Books: Feel The Stress Drain Away!

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Dog Coloring Books: Feel The Stress Drain Away!

Who doesn’t love coloring? Even as a middle-age woman I find it so incredibly relaxing to snuggle up in my favorite pj’s with a glass of milk and some cookies – and of course my daughter and dog and color away. Then there is the smell of crayons that takes me back about 40 years to a happy time when life was easier – we all need a bit of that right? But whether you use crayons, markers or colored pencils – each of these coloring books that feature a variety of dog designs are sure to bring a smile to your face.

But I know when I was a kid there was no such thing as a dog coloring book — we had flowers, we had cartoons (which may have had dogs in it), we had everything else but there was never anything that was all dogs all the time! If there was I would imagine I would have been one horribly annoying kid until I got one.

But now there are just so many options out there that both older kids and adults will absolutely love! If you are a dog lover – and someone who loves to color, then below is your dream list of coloring books. Some are more challenging then others – but the skill of each of the artists who designed these books is off the charts!

Here are a few of our favorite coloring books featuring nothing but dogs!

ColorIt Dog Coloring Book

A beautifully designed spiral bound books that offers 50 different hand drawn doggy designed pages. A variety of dog breeds are present in the book and the details from the stunning mandala accents to the floral design will keep even the most artistic colorer feeling inspired.

Coloring book features:

  • Perforated pages
  • 50 coloring pages
  • Spiral bound
  • Hardback cover
  • Acid free – thick paper that prevents most color bleed
  • Bonus blotter – place it under your page as a little extra protection from markers or gel bleeding through

Doug The Pug Coloring Book

Umm, yeah – this is a thing! We know Dog the Pug is pretty darn popular but when we saw they had a coloring book we kind of chuckled! A perfect gift for the pug lover in your life – this coloring book is sure to put the kid back into even the grumpiest adult. The book features illustrations of Doug eating his way around the world. Join him on his adventure as he goes coasts all over several countries to explore the local food.

Not as quite as intricate as some of the other books on our list – we could not resist the cuteness, and educational factor in this adorable coloring book.

Doug the Pug book features:

  • 75 illustrations to color
  • 15 crossword puzzles, word searches and mazes
  • Paperback book

Amazing Dogs Coloring Book

A gorgeous breed inspired coloring book that has intricate details but allows the breed of the dog to be easily seen. Although not every dog breed could be accounted for in the book – we were thrilled to see an American Staffy in their, so thank you to the author for that. Every page is unique and has a theme so you are challenged to color something different ever time!

Amazing Dogs features:

  • 30 dog design to color
  • Pages are not perforated
  • Recommend using pencils or crayons due to thinner pages

Dazzling Dogs Coloring Book

With the happy smiling pooch on the cover we knew this one had to be included in our list! Doggy portraits that are accented by a variety of patterns from florals to paisley as well as whimsical elements that tell a dog’s tale. Some may feel this particular book is a little too “teeny bopper” with its usage of flowers and hearts – but who doesn’t need more of that these days?

Dazzling Dogs features

  • Perforated pages
  • Single sided printing
  • Paperback design

Doodle Dogs Coloring Book

This coloring book features dogs in an array of designs – with some being less difficult than others to color. Some are simple dog designs in frames, while others are surrounded by elements and patterns.

Doodle Dogs features

  • Paperback design
  • 30 dog designs
  • Bonus PDF file containing printable PDF’s

Dog Sugar Skull Coloring Book

This one may just be a top pick – the designs are beautiful! With the flair that only Mexico can give, the collection fo dogs is festive and ornate and will look amazing with your creative touch. The author on this one has some mad illustration skills that we are sure you will love.

Dog Sugar Skull features

  • Paperback design
  • 30 unique breed drawing
  • 60# paper stock
  • Single sided printing

Dog Butt Coloring Book

We like dog butts and we cannot lie! Especially Corgi butts – not sure what it is about Corgi’s but they have the best butt shakes ever! Not the most difficult coloring book, but we think any dog lover will absolutely love the cuteness factor that comes with this book. Different breeds are in the book on different backgrounds that are in a array of coloring difficulty.

Dog Butt features

  • Paperback
  • One sided image
  • 60 pound weight paper

Create Your Own Dog Coloring Book!

ReallyColor is a great platform that allows you to upload your own dog photos and turn them into coloring books – or single pages if you wish. Perfect gift for anyone who loves their dogs!

Other Resources For Coloring Dogs

A few other resources where you can download dog color pages for free. They are not as great as some of the books from above, but you may find them useful!

Just Color


Coloring Pages

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