6+ Wooden Dog Crates That Look Like Furniture

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6+ Wooden Dog Crates That Look Like Furniture

Personally, we believe every dog should have a crate – a safe place they can go when things get a little crazy or overwhelming. Something that is “their own” place to wind down.

We have always had crates for our dogs – our girls Ginger & Riley that we got as puppies would enjoy their crate together and use it to sleep and just chill. Our current girl Cleo is filled with high anxiety and stress and will often retreat to her crate because it is her safe zone – but for her we needed to make sure we added a chew proof dog bed as her anxiety makes her destructive when she is in the crate and we are out. Unfortunately, the crate we have – while we love it and recommend it, is plain ugly, black wire does not make for great decor.

So my quest to find wooden dog crates that look like furniture began – and what I realized quickly is that the choices are overwhelming!

This list exclusively focuses on wood dog crates that look like furniture and that we would consider in our home! There are other options out there as well including metal dog crates and plastic dog crates – designed to look like furniture but we do not think they add a nice element to your home so did not include those.

All the items below have exceptional reviews and a positive sentiment around the web so you can be sure any one of these options will make a great and comfortable addition to your home! The crates in this list are primarily for small to mid-sized dogs only!

Affordable Wooden Dog Crates

The furniture looking dog crates below have all been thoroughly reviewed and are those we believe will be top picks for you! With options and great reviews and sentiment around the web, they are the top of the top – and the most affordable options for your home.

Most of these furniture styled dog crates are under $250!

Casual Home Pet Crate End Table

The Casual Home pet crate is a beautiful table look with a variety of options making it one of our top picks. There are several different color options that makes it a perfect option for any decor type. It also is available in several sizes making it one of the few furniture styled dog crates that works for small to large dogs.

It is a traditional style making it a perfect fit for any home decor. The solid wood construction is from sustainably sourced wood which is a great feature as well.

Overall it has great reviews although a few people said their dogs have chewed the wood or found their dogs to be a little too strong for it. If your dog is a chewer or super hyper and hates crates, these style of crates in general may not be right for them!


  • Color Options: 5 different color
  • Size Options: available in 5 different sizes for dogs from small to large
  • Dual door entry with locking mechanism
  • Easy assembly

Zoovilla Pet Crate End Table

This stylish pet crate from Zoovilla makes a beautiful and useful crate as well as a stunning side or end table for any room in your home. The wide table top is a great setting for lamps, magazine or your favorite knick-knacks. The crate is made from a sold MDF and offers sturdy long-lasting hinges. There are 2 options for the doors – the front (long end) of the table features 2 doors that swing out or the one door at the smaller end of the crate. This allows you to use the crate as an end table or even a sofa table or against a wall making it very versatile.


  • Color Options: Black & White
  • Overall measurements: 20.39″ D x 30.63″ D x 23.23″ H
  • Interior measurements: 17.48″ D x 27.64″ D x 22.76″ H
  • Single door entry or double door entry
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Easy assembly with included hardware

Ginny Pet Crate

A beautiful and affordable pet crate from Archie & Oscar that will make a gorgeous end table! A simple design that will complement any home decor and keep your pet perfectly comfortable. Their little home within a home features lots of viewing area and can fit a nice comfy soft bed inside to keep them comfy cozy.

The dog crate is created with a material called Ecoflex which is a non-toxic material that won’t warp. crack or split and doesn’t absorb liquids or odors. It is also a recycled plastic-wood polymer composite.


  • Available in 4 sizes for pets ranging in size from 11 pounds – 80 pounds
  • 4 color options including gray, espresso, russet and antique white
  • Easy assembly
  • Best for non chewers
  • Lockable latch
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Stainless steel bars and accents
  • 1 year warranty

BirdRock Home Dog Kennel With Pet Bed

A new addition to the BirdRock collection and since their older model got great reviews we wanted to make sure we added this one to our lineup since it is affordable and good looking! A perfect place for your pet to feel safe and comfortable while giving you much needed table space in your living room or bedroom – or any place you need some extra room while keeping your dog close.

This option only has one size and color and is best for smaller sized pets.


  • Espresso color
  • 2.75″ padded and removable dog bed
  • Easy assembly
  • Best for non chewers
  • Brass hardware
  • Double side door and single end door
  • Best for smaller dogs with internal dimensions of 21.5″ wide x 30″ deep x 22″ high
  • 1 year warranty

EcoFlex Dog Crate

A good looking durable crate that offers several options so you can find the perfect aesthetic fit for your home. The crate has a full wall back and stainless steel bars on three sides. Several sizes are available to accommodate any size dog up to about 100 pounds.

Please note – if you have a dog that is afraid of small places, this crate may not be right for them! It might seem to be too enclosed for their liking.


  • Easy Assembly
  • Front entry
  • Available in several color options
  • Offered in several size options for dogs from 20 pounds to 100 pounds
  • Single steel latches on small and medium sizes, double latches are on larger models
  • Made from ecoFLEX – an eco-friendly option that uses recycled plastics and reclaimed wood


Pinnacle dog crate furniture
image credit: PinnacleWood

A front facing opening with a wider size makes this piece a great option to sit flush against a wall to hold your TV. All natural wood is used to build these handcrafted dog crates – no particle board in this one! Lots of customizations are available to make it your own and match the decor of your home.


  • Brown Maple wood
  • Several stain color options
  • Available in 2 sizes, large & jumbo – jumbo is custom and will require pickup locally
  • Add a drawer as an option
  • Add a plastic pan as an option
  • Add a pet mattress as an option
  • Large outer dimensions: 26″W x 41″L X 34″H (with optional drawer)
  • Large inner dimensions: 22″W x 36″L X 27″H (with optional drawer)

Luxury Wooden Dog Crates

As much as I would love to own one of these, it is so outside of our budget it is not even funny! But if you are one of the lucky folks who can afford one of these dog crate furniture pieces – they are so worth looking at.

These crates are mostly very customizable and can offer variations from single dog crates up to triple dog crates. There are wood, color and accent options for many of them as well. While these are more costly – we would imagine they will be longer lasting and because they are so beautiful you will want to have them around your home much longer than a standard mass produced dog crate furniture accent.

Most of these crates you can expect to spend $300 and up!

Kennel & Crate

wooden dog crates from kennel and crate

Kennel and Crate offers truly custom and unique dog crate furniture that we absolutely love! Choose colors, styles, designs and more to make it a perfect fit for your pet and your home. Their gallery is filled with unique dog crate creations even a dog crate desk that I am lusting over.

While a more expensive option – they are stunning one of a kind pieces that you can help create!


  • Handcrafted & Custom Made
  • Various design options
  • Endless design options
  • Floors are treated with water based stain and polyurethane to make accident cleanup easy
  • Chew guards are available if you have a chewer

Carolina Dog Crate Co.

carolina wooden dog crate

Carolina Dog Crate Co. is another fantastic handcrafted option that offers crates in single through triple dog sizes with lots of options for building it out. Choose your wood, your accents and your color to make a dog crate that matches your home decor perfectly! Prices start at about $500 and go up from their depending on your selected options. We love that the craftsman behind these crates partners with onetreeplanted.org to help restore the trees too!


  • Handcrafted & Custom Made
  • Various wood & accent options
  • Supports OneTreePlanted.org

Buying Dog Crate Furniture

There are a few important things you should really know before you make your purchase and we are going to review those below.

Sizing: Finding the right sized dog crate furniture is the most critical part of this buying process! If you are buying a crate when your pooch is a pup, make sure you get a big enough one for them to grow into. Some dog crates have a divider that you can add and remove to allow your pup to have the space they need as they grow.

Typically a dog should have enough room to be able to turn comfortably a few times and spread out while laying for their comfort. Most of the crates here would really only be for smaller dogs and we do not recommend them for large dogs.

Aesthetic: Is your home modern? Victorian? Eclectic? Finding a dog crate that blends in with your furniture will be important! Make sure you look at the options for the crate you are considering to ensure it has options for colors and accents. If your home is Victorian inspired – then making sure there is a white option would probably be best as an example.

Quality: Be sure you review the materials of the crate! If you have a puppy or a chewer making sure your crate has hard woods or finishes that are hard to chew. Less expensive woods like MDF can be a nightmare if your dog is a chewer!

Reviews: For all of the crates we have listed here – we took the time to research the reviews and comments people were making around the web so you can rest assured any one of these are great options.

Note: The only real issue we found among some of the dog crate furniture options is that some dog owners felt their dogs disliked the darkness that these crates compared to their wire counterparts. Just something to keep in mind when choosing a crate!

But if you are looking at a different one – be sure to do your own due diligence. If you are buying a crate from Amazon DO NOT just look at the Amazon reviews – go to the manufacturer website – look at forums and do a search for the crate with the word “review” and see what you can find!

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