Dog Rescue Centres In East Anglia

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Dog Rescue Centres In East Anglia

Owning a dog can be a rewarding experience for the entire family.

If you and your family are ready for a new addition, we have put together a list of dog rescue centres in East Anglia to help you find the right pooch for your lifestyle.

Most of these rescues are nonprofit or charity organisations and rely on the help and support of their local communities.

By going through a dog rescue centre you are truly saving the life of a dog that would otherwise be put down or euthanised.

Look through our list of rescues and contact the ones you may be interested in going through.

Some of these rescues may be breed specific such as the Clarks Farm Rehoming Centre which focuses on rehoming Greyhounds.

Dog Rescue Centres In East Anglia

1.) Norfolk and Suffolk Animal Trust

Norfolk and Suffolk Animal Trust started as a police pound for stray dogs.

In 1986 Nellie Jordan, Brady, Daphne, Shirley Welch, and Lillian Carver signed the trust deed to take in and care for animals that are sick, maltreated, or neglected.

You can find dogs in need of a home on their site.

However, viewing is strictly by appointment only as lots of visitors can cause stress to the animals.

The adoption page is updated regularly as more animals come to the rescue.

The Norfolk and Suffolk Animal Trust also offers you a glimpse into the lives of all the successfully rehomed pets on their site.

You can support the NASA Trust by making donations or attending their fundraising events.

Rescue and Adoption Details

2.) F.A.I.T.H. Animal Rescue

This progressive animal rescue centre is located on the North Sea Coast in Norwich.

F.A.I.T.H. is an acronym for the centre’s mission: ‘For Animals In Trouble there’s Hope’.

This dog rescue centre in East Anglia cares for both the mental and physical well being of their rescues.

The facility features expansive grounds where the dogs can exercise and socialise.

The dogs also enjoy covered kennels that protect them from the elements.

Dogs at this facility share kennels where possible to help them socialize and prevent isolation.

All pets brought to this facility are neutered, wormed, vaccinated, and microchipped.

If you adopt a dog from F.A.I.T.H. Animal Rescue, you might be lucky enough to leave with a free 4-week pet insurance policy.

This dog rescue facility also has a strict non-destruction policy which is exempted only to end suffering under veterinary guidance.

Any dogs that do not get adopted remain at F.A.I.T.H. Animal rescue for the rest of their lives.

If you have no room for a pet at home, but would still like to show the rescues at this facility some love, you can volunteer to clean, walk the dogs, or do other general maintenance work around the facility such as painting, groundwork, and wood preservation among other tasks.

Rescue and Adoption Details

3.) Meadow Green Rescue Centre

This privately-owned dog rescue facility takes in dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Meadowgreen has been a haven for canine rescues for over 15 years and came under new ownership in July 2004.

The facility has over 40 kennels and rehomes over 200 dogs annually.

As it is not a registered charity, Meadowgreen still relies on donations from well-wishers and dog-lovers.

You can also support the dog rescue centre by donating your time to walk the dogs or help around the kennels.

There are lots of dogs waiting to be rehomed at Meadowgreen so if you are thinking of opening up your home to a new fur baby, consider checking out their adoption list.

The facility also offers home checks regardless of distance.

Rescue and Adoption Details

4.) PACT Animal Sanctuary

The animal lovers at this dog rescue have made a pact to help animals.

The People for Animal Care Trust was registered as a charity in March 1995.

It is one of the largest dog rescue centres in East Anglia and its specialty is ‘problem animals’.

PACT accepts all types of dogs and rehabilitates them.

At this facility, any neglected, abandoned, and injured animals have a haven where they can be nursed back to health.

The facility also helps dogs that have suffered physical and mental abuse overcome their behavioural distress and restore their dignity.

If you are interested in rehoming a pet to a new forever home, check out their dogs for adoption page where you can book an appointment.

If you do not find a fur baby suitable for your home, check back every few weeks, as the facility regularly takes in new pets.

Rescue and Adoption Details

5.) RSPCA Suffolk Central Branch

The RSPCA Suffolk East and Ipswich Branch was founded to help animals in need through rehabilitation and rehoming.

The facility offers a variety of services including veterinary care, microchipping, neutering, and behavioural training.

This dog rescue centre is a separately registered charity from the national RSPCA with over 90% of its income coming from fundraising and donations.

The facility does not receive any funding from the government.

RSPCA Suffolk Central Branch has a strict non-destruction policy and takes the time to train ‘problem animals’ to resolve their behavioural issues.

You can find all the dogs available for rehoming on their adoption page or reach out through email to request an application form.

Rescue and Adoption Details

6.) Heathlands Animal Sanctuary

Located in Royston, Hertfordshire, Heathlands Animal Sanctuary is run by volunteers dedicated to helping unwanted pets.

The facility takes in all types of pets including dogs and rehomes over 300 animals annually.

Although the sanctuary does not have premises to keep its rescues, Heathlands has a strict non-destruction policy.

Most rescues at Heathlands are housed by foster carers with some dogs boarded at commercial kennels until a foster parent is available.

Through the foster homes, the Heathlands team gets a better idea of the pet’s temperament and behavioural patterns.

Pets at this facility are rehomed around the Herts/Beds/Cambs area although the sanctuary also considers nationwide adoptions.

Check out their adoption page to find a new furry addition for your family.

You can also support this facility through donations or participating in auctions and monthly lotteries.

7.) Dog Trust Snetterton

Dogs Trust Snetterton is dedicated to helping all dogs enjoy a happy life without the threat of unnecessary destruction.

This dog rescue centre in Norfolk was founded in the 19th century by Lady Gertrude Stock to protest against cruel practices such as prolonged chaining of dogs.

The facility which has survived two world wars became Dogs Trust in 2003 and has continued to celebrate many successes including changing dog welfare laws and launching its Dog School.

Dogs Trust does not receive any funding from the government and relies on the generosity of well-wishers and animal lovers.

The facility offers a variety of services including help for pawrents who would like to give up their fur babies.

If you are looking to adopt a pooch, browse through the list of available dogs on their site and set up an appointment to determine whether your lifestyle suits the pet’s needs.

Rescue and Adoption Details

8.) Clarks Farm Rehoming Centre

This registered charity takes in ex-racing Greyhounds in close collaboration with Friends of Crayford Retired Greyhounds.

While traditionally considered racing dogs, Greyhounds also make excellent family pets and Clarks Farm works tirelessly to find retired racers their forever homes.

If you are looking to adopt a dog that suits your busy lifestyle, a Greyhound is the perfect choice.

This breed is naturally athletic so it does not require much exercise compared to other breeds.

They can also co-exist peacefully with other pets such as cats and other canine breeds.

Before adopting a pet from Clarks, you will need to get registered by answering a few questions about your family, lifestyle, and any other pets you might have.

While their process is longer than others, it ensures that each pet is rehomed in a suitable home to reduce the rate of returned dogs.

The facility will also organise a home check carried out by a volunteer Greyhound parent to ensure there is enough space in your home for your new fur baby.

You can also contact the friendly team at Clarks with any post-adoption questions or inquiries.

You can support Clarks Farm Greyhound Rescue by sponsoring long-stay residents, sponsoring a kennel, volunteering, and making donations.

Rescue and Adoption Details

9.) The Canine Welfare Rescue Centre

Most pets at this dog rescue centre are brought in from previous homes where their parents may no longer have the ability to care for them.

The Canine Welfare Rescue Centre is self-funded so pet parents looking to adopt are required to pay an adoption fee.

This rescue centre has a strict non-destruction policy and all dogs surrendered to the facility are kept there until they can be rehomed.

Over the last 30 years, this rescue centre has successfully rehomed hundreds of pets.

The facility also permanently houses dogs who are not available for rehoming for various reasons.

You can support The Canine Welfare Rescue Centre by making monthly donations or visiting the facility to adopt a pet.

Rescue and Adoption Details

10.) Broken Halo Animal Rescue

Kristy Williamson founded Broken Halo Animal Rescue in 2015.

Kristy is passionate about animals and helps abused, surrendered, and pounded animals at risk of being put down as unclaimed strays.

The dog rescue centre in Suffolk has a wide foster base reaching across the UK, Spain, Greece, and Romania.

If you are interested in adopting a pooch from Broken Halo you will be required to attend an interview and a home check before signing the contract.

You can also support this dog rescue in Suffolk by donating, volunteering, fundraising, or fostering a pet.

Rescue and Adoption Details

11.) Greek Animal Rescue

This small UK-registered charity in Suffolk is run by a group of unpaid volunteers.

The team at Greek Animal Rescue is dedicated to saving dogs that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned.

The animal rescue takes in all types of animals with dogs being the most prevalent.

The team at this facility also works hard to rescue abandoned animals from Greece because there are no major organisations to assist the strays in the country.

Before adoption, all Greek pets from this facility are microchipped, sterilised, and vaccinated in preparation to enter the UK.

They are also issued with a pet passport following DEFRA requirements.

Get in touch with the Greek Animal Rescue to see dogs that are available for rehoming.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Conclusion on Rescuing A Dog In East Anglia

Find Your Next Dog From A Dog Rescue In East Anglia

As you can see there are a number of great dog rescues to choose from in the East Anglia area.

By rescuing a dog in East Anglia you will not only be saving the life of a dog but also making room for additional dogs who need to be rescued.

Be sure to reach out to each rescue you are interested in adopting from to get more information on their adoption processes.

Some dog rescues are also in need of support, whether you adopt a dog from them or not.

Most dog rescues are nonprofits/charity organizations and rely on the support of their communities.

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