Dog Rescue Centres In North West (UK)

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Dog Rescue Centres In North West (UK)

Dogs make the perfect companion for family members of all ages. The pups listed in the rescue facilities below have lots of love to give and are just waiting to meet the right parent.

These dog rescue centres in North West, UK recognise the need to give needy dogs a second chance through their rehabilitation and rehoming efforts. The shelters take in stray, abandoned, and unwanted pets and give them shelter, medical care, and behavioural training until they can be adopted.

Some of the dog rescues listed here also take in pets whose parents can no longer care for them and help them find new homes.

The facilities below advocate for responsible pet parenting and ensure all their dogs are neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before adoption. The dogs are also treated for fleas and worms.

As a dog-lover, if you are not quite ready to rehome a pooch permanently, you can also volunteer as a foster parent at a dog rescue near you. You might like it so much and decide to give the dog a permanent residence.

Browse through this list of dog rescue facilities in North West UK to find the right canine companion for your lifestyle.

Dog Rescue Centres In The North West UK

1.) Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home

Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home In North West UK

The Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home is a non-profit charity organisation that rescues dogs from local pounds and shelters. The rescue centre is well known in the North West for its animal welfare activities including teaching and encouraging responsible pet parenting in the local community.

Founded in 1893, this rescue centre accepts stray, abandoned, and unwanted pets from the Greater Manchester and Cheshire areas. Injured dogs are treated until they are back in good health before they can be listed for adoption.

All dogs are also vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and treated for fleas and worms. Although the Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home relies on donations from well-wishers to continue its rescue efforts, the facility does not turn away dogs in need and strives to provide individualised care.

If you would like to adopt a pooch from this facility, visit the site to see all the available dogs and fill out an online application. Once your application is assessed and approved, a team member will contact you to arrange a home visit.

Adoption fees start from £130 for adult dogs and £150 for puppies.

Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home also runs background checks before accepting any adoption requests.

Rescue and Adoption Details

2.) Bleakholt

Bleakholt Dog Rescue In North West UK

Set on over 50 acres of land, Bleakholt is one of the largest animal shelters in Northwest UK. The facility is funded by public donations from dog-lovers and well-wishers and successfully rehomes over 1,300 animals annually including dogs.

Bleakholt accommodates over 350 animals at a time. Dogs at the shelter enjoy behavioural training, sports and agility training, games, socialisation and more as they wait to transition to their forever homes.

At Bleakholt, parents adopting a pooch for the first time receive dietary support from experts, training, and general instructions to make the transition as smooth as possible. Dogs are also vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and treated for fleas and worms before rehoming.

If you would like to adopt a pooch from this facility, visit their website to view all the dogs listed for rehoming. Once you have filled in the online enquiry form, a member of the Bleakholt team will contact you to arrange an appointment to meet your new canine companion.

Adoption fees start from £175. Bleakholt does not rehome its rescues to homes with children under 5. Your home must also have a secure garden.

Rescue and Adoption Details

3.) Freshfields Animal Rescue

Freshfields Animal Rescue In North West UK

Freshfields offers hope to abandoned, neglected, and unwanted dogs. The facility is one of the more popular dog rescues in the Northwest, UK area and is known for its ethical practices.

At Freshfields, all dogs including those who are too old or sick for adoption have a safe haven.

The team at this dog rescue facility offers outreach and education programs to teach the local community about shared responsibility for companion animals, animal welfare, and respect for all animals.

Freshfields is also committed to protecting the natural environment and providing emergency care for animals.

Before dogs can be rehomed from Freshfields, they work with vets and rehabilitation professionals to rectify any medical or behavioural issues. The facility also neuters, microchips, and vaccinates all dogs before adoption.

Once the dogs are fit for adoption, they are listed on their website where you can browse to find the perfect match. If you and the dog are well-suited, Freshfields will contact you to arrange a visit and spend some time with your canine companion.

The facility also conducts home checks to ensure that your home environment is safe for the dog. Freshfields does not rehome dogs to families with children under 5.

Rescue and Adoption Details

4.) Destitute Animal Shelter

Destitute Animal Shelter In North West UK

This rescue charity cares for abandoned, lost, unwanted, and stray dogs. Destitute Animal Shelter has a strict non-destruction policy and takes in dogs of all breeds and sizes including those considered undesirable or unadoptable.

Considered to be of the most reliable dog rescues in North West, UK, the facility helps rehome over 200 dogs annually. The shelter also offers its rescues high-quality medical care including vaccinations, microchipping, neutering, deworming, and flea treatments.

Destitute Animal Shelter also helps poor parents in the local Bolton community through an affordable neutering program. This program is designed to reduce the number of unwanted litters and prevent unnecessary killing in pounds and shelters.

To rehome a pooch from this facility, send an email through the address below to request an adoption application form. Once evaluated, the facility will match you with one of their available adoptables if you are a good fit. Adoption fees start from £95 to £150.

Rescue and Adoption Details

5.) Pennine Pen Animal Rescue

Pennine Pen Animal Rescue In North West UK

This dog rescue facility was founded in 2001 to save abandoned and unwanted dogs and help them find permanent homes. Through Pennine Pen, hundreds of dogs have experienced love and care as they wait to meet loving forever families.

The facility features modern utilities to ensure that all rescues can enjoy their stay. The team at this charitable organisation also accommodates dogs in various locations across Oldham which allows it to take in more dogs and prevent unnecessary death.

Pennine Pen Animal Rescues ensures all dogs are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and treated for fleas and worms before adoption. The facility also teaches the local community about responsible pet ownership and encourages neutering to prevent unwanted pups.

To adopt a pooch from this facility, book an appointment through the information below to get matched to a dog that suits your lifestyle. Please note that the facility conducts home checks as part of the adoption process.

Before the adoption is complete prospective parents must also walk their chosen dog twice to ensure that they are accustomed to you. Adoption fees start from £150.

Rescue and Adoption Details

6.) Dogs Trust Merseyside (Liverpool)

Dogs Trust Merseyside UK

Dogs Trust Merseyside helps hundreds of dogs find their forever families through its rescue and rehoming efforts. The facility takes in dogs from Huyton, Liverpool, as well as local pounds and shelters with the help of Raffa and Dogs Harper.

Each year, Dogs Trust cares for up to 14,000 dogs who would otherwise be at risk of euthanasia. This dog rescue centre offers its rescues various services including neutering, medical care, vaccinations, behavioural training, flea and worm treatments, and more.

To adopt a pooch, visit the facility during their open days on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays between 12 pm to 4 pm. During the open days, you can see some of the dogs available for adoption and learn more about them from the Dogs Trust team.

Once you find the right pooch for your lifestyle, you can make an appointment with an adoption advisor to discuss the rehoming process. Adoption fees start from £205 for adult dogs in England, £192.50 in Northern Ireland, and £260 for puppies.

Rescue and Adoption Details

7.) North West Golden Retriever Rescue

North West Golden Retriever Rescue UK

Established in 1984, this dog rescue facility specialises in rescuing and rehoming Golden Retrievers. For new pet parents, a golden retriever is the perfect dog. These doggos have lots of love to give and make the perfect family pets.

Since opening its doors, this dog rescue has rehomed over 5000 golden retrievers. The facility follows a strict process to assess the dog’s temperament, needs, behavioural issues, and medical conditions. This assessment allows the facility to place its rescues with suitable families.

To adopt a canine companion from this facility, call Jan through the contact below for further information. All dogs are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and treated for fleas and worms before adoption.

The facility also offers post-adoption support to help you and your golden pooch transition to family life. As you adopt a dog from this facility, keep in mind that the golden retriever is a people dog that can live for up to 15 years and requires lots of human interaction.

Rescue and Adoption Details

  • Address: 32 Meadowcroft, Euxton, Chorley, PR7 6BU
  • Phone: 01257 262416
  • Website:

8.) Animal Care Lancaster

Animal Care Lancaster UK

Founded in 1978, Animal Care Lancaster takes in unwanted and abandoned dogs across the North West. The facility successfully rehomes over 800 animals annually including dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Animal Care also works closely with the RSPCA rescuing dogs from puppy farms and cruel treatment. The facility is also involved with teaching children of school-going age about responsible pet ownership.

To adopt a pooch from Animal Care Lancaster, visit the site to see all the available adoptables and fill out an online application form, complete the form and return it to [email protected]. If you are a match, the team will invite you for a meet and greet.

Animal Care Lancaster also helps pets whose parents would like to surrender them find new families who can care for them. All dogs are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and treated for fleas and worms before adoption.

Rescue and Adoption Details

9.) Silver Fox Dog Rescue

Silver Fox Dog Rescue UK

The dedicated team of dog lovers at Silver Fox helps rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome pups from various backgrounds. The facility does not discriminate based on age or breed and places all its rescues in a foster system where they can begin to experience life in a home setting.

During their stay in foster care, dogs are assessed for any medical or behavioural needs. The foster parents also assess dogs based on their interaction with other pets and children to determine what type of home is most suitable.

Silver Fox Dogs Rescue also helps pets whose parents cannot care for them due to circumstances beyond their control such as finances, bereavement, or housing. Through its extensive networks, this dog rescue centre is also called upon by the local community in cases of neglect and abuse.

All dogs at this facility are vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped before they are listed for adoption. If you would like to adopt a pooch from this rescue centre, visit their website to see their available dogs for adoption.

Once you find a suitable match, send the facility a Facebook message detailing how you match their criteria. If you are a suitable match, the facility will contact you to start the adoption process.

Dogs are only rehomed after a successful home check.

Rescue and Adoption Details

10.) Animals In Distress

Animals In Distress Rescue In North West UK

Animals in Distress was founded over 50 years ago to alleviate the suffering of injured, abused, sick, and neglected dogs. The facility is still dedicated to this goal and has expanded its rescue operations to include veterinary treatment, 24-hour rescue, microchipping, neutering, and more.

This dog rescue centre is also involved in education programmes where pet parents learn about responsible parenting and get advice on how to care for their beloved pets. Dogs who can not be adopted also get long-term care at this facility.

In addition to helping dogs in distress, the facility also helps people living alone and those who can no longer care for their pets. The volunteers at the facility step in and provide care, love, and true friendship to those pets who would otherwise be left alone.

To adopt a dog from this facility, visit their rehoming page to see all the available adoptable dogs. You can also support the facility through donations or volunteering.

Rescue and Adoption Details

11.) Dogs 4 Rescue

Dogs 4 Rescue In North West UK

This independent dog rescue is operated by Emma Billington. At Dogs 4 Rescue, the pups live together in a kennel free environment where they can socialise, exercise, and get lots of TLC from volunteers as they transition to their forever homes.

Emma and her team are focused on showing the North West community that rescued dogs are not damaged or problem animals that should be avoided, but loving pets that deserve a second chance.

With this approach, Emma and the Dogs 4 Rescue team have rehomed over 1,000 dogs and rescued countless others from local pounds and shelters as well as street dogs.

This facility also collaborates with partners from Ukraine, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, and Afghanistan to rescue and rehome dogs in need.

If you would like to give a dog from Dogs 4 Rescue a second chance, visit their adoption page to see all the rescues listed. Once you find a dog you love, fill out the online application form. The team will contact you if your application is successful.

Adoption fees start from £300£400. This fee covers medical treatment, neutering, vaccination, and microchipping.

Rescue and Adoption Details

12.) Animal Rescue Cumbria

Animal Rescue Cumbria UK

Since 1972, Animal Rescue Cumbria has rescued and rehomed over 300 dogs annually. The facility takes in unwanted dogs and provides a secure environment where they can be rehabilitated before they are rehomed with loving furever families.

Before adoption, the rescues at this facility are assessed for any behavioural and medical problems. The team takes time to fully understand their needs, personality, and temperament to ensure that they transition smoothly into family life.

To adopt a dog from Animal Rescue Cumbria, visit their adoption page to view all the listed dogs. Once you find the perfect match for your lifestyle, fill out the adoption enquiry and wait for a response from the team at the facility.

Rescue and Adoption Details

13.) Wolfwood Wildlife and Dog Rescue

Wolfwood Wildlife and Dog Rescue In North West UK

This small independent dog rescue is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs from the Lancaster, Morecambe, and South Lakes areas.

The facility also takes in injured and sick dogs and provides the care and treatment they need until they have regained their health.

Wolfwood Wildlife and Dogs Rescue is a small rescue and relies on donations from well-wishers and fundraisers from volunteers to continue with its rescue and rehoming operations. If you would like to support their efforts, you can donate, leave a legacy, or buy from the Wolfwood charity shops.

This facility works with prospective parents to help make the match successful by offering training, dietary guidelines, and post-adoption support.

Visit their website to see all the dogs available for adoption and fill out an online application form. You can also call the facility through the contact below to enquire about a particular pooch.

Rescue and Adoption Details

14.) Carla Lane Animals In Need

Carla Lane Animals In Need Rescue In UK

This dog rescue centre has served the dogs and dog-lovers of Liverpool for over 40 years. Carla Lane helps animals in need, rehabilitates, and rehomes them with loving families. The facility is also an advocate for responsible animal ownership.

At Carla Lane, all dogs are treated equally and they do not discriminate based on age or breed. The facility welcomes bull breeds and encourages prospective parents to give these dogs a chance as they have so much love to give and only require patience and lots of encouragement.

Many dogs at Carla Lane are rescued from shelters and dog pounds so the facility does not rehome to families with children under 12. Each dog is assessed for medical and behavioural problems and treated or trained before rehoming. They are also assigned a colour code depending on their health.

Dogs under code green have no abnormalities while those under code amber have slight abnormalities. Dogs coded red have severe abnormalities and are not ready for rehoming.

Red code puppers are treated, socialised, and trained intensively until they can be downgraded to a different colour code for rehoming.

To adopt a dog from this facility, visit their Facebook page and check out all the dogs that need homes. They also list their available dogs for adoption here.

This feed is updated every 20 minutes. You can also visit the Carla Lane facility to view the doggos available for rehoming.

Adoption costs start from £250 to £450. This cost covers neutering, vaccination, microchips, and medical treatment.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Final Thoughts On Adopting From Dog Rescues In North West UK

Find A Dog Rescue Centre In The North West UK To Adopt From

The dog rescues listed above are some of the top-rated facilities in North West, UK. These facilities step in where the community has failed and prevent needless death by euthanasia.

Most of these dog rescues do not receive government funding and depend on wellwishers to help them continue their rehoming efforts. If you would like to support any of the organizations, you can do so through donations, volunteering, buying from their wish lists or even leaving a legacy. 

If you are looking for a new dog, we recommend visiting one of these dog rescues centres in North West, instead of buying from unverified breeders. These dog rescue facilities are a great starting point.

By adopting a dog, you not only save a life but give hundreds of other dogs a second chance by opening up space in the shelters for more canines in need.

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