Dog Rescues In Arkansas | 12 Rescue Groups To Adopt From

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Dog Rescues In Arkansas | 12 Rescue Groups To Adopt From

If you are looking for a furry friend to welcome into your family, there is no better place to start your search than a dog rescue.

These organizations are filled with loving pups that need a forever home, and due to how many unwanted or abandoned dogs there are, there are quite a few rescues to choose from in your area. 

There is no friend more loyal and loving than a rescued dog, so let’s discuss some of the many dog rescues in Arkansas that may harbor your future furry family member!

To make sure that you connect with a rescue close to your home, let’s introduce you to different organizations across the state.

Finding A Rescue Dog In Arkansas

If you are an Arkansas resident that is looking for the perfect rescue pup for you, there will be plenty of organizations to choose from.

Arkansas has many rural areas throughout the state, and this is often tied to higher numbers of homeless pets.

Because of this, there are passionate animal lovers throughout the state that have created rescues and shelters to combat these issues.

We have compiled a list of dog rescues in Arkansas that may house your future furry family member, so let’s get started.

Dog Rescues In Arkansas

1.) CARE – (Little Rock, AR)

CARE (Central Arkansas Rescue Effort for Animals) is a rescue organization that not only focuses on finding homes for homeless or abandoned cats and dogs, but also offering assistance with pet sterilization when needed.

They do not have an actual shelter that you can visit, but their website serves as the shelter!

Each of the adoptable dogs are currently in a foster setting, but their adorable photos and bios are showcased on the website.

They even have a Paws In Prison program that offers many of the dogs obedience training from an inmate, which is a unique collaboration that you don’t always see.

Each available pet has a descriptive bio on their website, so you can easily determine if this may be the right pup for you.

Once you think you are ready to meet your furry friend of interest, you can fill out their contact form and a skilled volunteer will be in touch.

Each dog at CARE is fully vaccinated, sterilized, and microchipped.

There will be an adoption fee for each dog, and $200 appears to be the standard.

Rescue and Adoption Details

2.) Have A Heart Pet Shelter – (Yellville, AR)

Have A Heart Pet Shelter is a rescue shelter that serves the homeless animals of north central Arkansas.

This rescue is entirely volunteer-run, and they are dedicated to finding homes for the many animals in their care.

Whether you are looking for a playful puppy or a laid back senior, they can help you find the pup of your dreams.

There appears to be over a dozen of adoptable dogs at a time, so we are sure you can find the perfect pup for you.

If you have fallen in love with one of their dogs and would like to adopt them, they just ask for a reference veterinarian for any of your other/previous pets.

This will show them that you are a dedicated owner, and that their rescue dog will be in good hands. 

Rescue and Adoption Details

3.) Greener Days Ahead Rescue – (Mount Vernon, AR)

Greener Days Ahead Rescue is an organization that focuses on not only finding homes for dogs that need it, but also offering support and rehabilitation for furry friends in need.

This rescue only has a limited number of animals up for adoption at a time, as this allows them to truly focus on each pup and find them the best home possible.

This organization will ask you for a veterinary reference as well as a housing reference, and this is only to ensure that their pups find a dedicated family that is prepared to care for them.

Their website allows you to search for all adoptable dogs and their detailed bios, so you can easily determine if any of their dogs will be the right fit for your family.

The rescue suggests sending them a message on Facebook if you are interested in adopting any of their dogs, and they will set up a time to meet them.

If you do want to adopt any of their canine friends, the standard adoption fee is $150.

Each dog will be vaccinated, sterilized, and microchipped. 

Rescue and Adoption Details

4.) Humane Society Of Marion County – (Yellville, AR)

Humane Society Of Marion County is a non profit and no kill animal rescue that runs on the love of volunteers.

Their donated shelter allows for them to care for a few deserving pups at a time, as well as a roster of foster parents that offer temporary housing. 

This organization takes in abused, abandoned, and unwanted pups that want nothing more than to find a loving family.

With the care that this group of animal lovers offers each dog that enters their care, the dogs are rehabilitated and ready to have a beautiful future.

If you are interested in any of the adoptable dogs seen on their website, the group asks that you make an appointment to come by and meet them.

Due to the rescue being volunteer based, they do not have a member of staff at the shelter at all times.

Each dog will be sterilized, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Rescue and Adoption Details

5.) Humane Society Of Pulaski County – (Little Rock, AR)

Humane Society Of Pulaski is a no-kill shelter focused on rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding homes for the many deserving canine friends in their area.

The shelter itself pulls dogs from other overcrowded shelters in the area, preventing euthanasia due to overcrowding.

This not only saves lives, but it offers a second chance to dogs that would not have gotten one otherwise.

This organization knows how hard of a life many of their rescued dogs had, so they do everything in their power to ensure a happy future going forward.

Because of this, the rescue performs house checks to make sure their dogs are going to a safe and loving home.

Each adoptable dog will be sterilized, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Their adoption fee is $75, and they ask you to fill out an adoption form online once you have found the canine friend you are interested in.

Rescue and Adoption Details

6.) Bella Vista Animal Shelter – (Bella Vista, AR)

Bella Vista Animal Shelter is an organization that focuses on rehabilitating and rehoming the abandoned or unwanted canine friends of their city.

They not only pair potential adopters with the furry friend of their dreams, but they even have a senior to senior program.

This involves placing senior pets in homes with older humans, hoping to give each of them a loyal friend they can relate to.

Each adoptable dog will be sterilized, vaccinated, and microchipped before they go to their forever home.

The standard adoption fee is $60, which covers their previous care and offers funding to future projects.

If you are interested in meeting a canine friend at their shelter, they suggest sending them an email or calling them to schedule an appointment.

Rescue and Adoption Details

7.) Little Rock Animal Village – (Little Rock, AR)

The Little Rock Animal Village is a special shelter that goes above and beyond to help the furry friends in their care.

Not only do they house the many unwanted or abandoned pups of their city, but they aim to educate the public in an effort to promote animal welfare going forward.

The shelter also has a fully staffed vet clinic on site, allowing them to provide top notch care to each and every pup they take in.

This means that not only will you take home a healthy pup that has received top notch care, but your adoption fee will go towards continuing these efforts.

The Little Rock Animal Village has plenty of spaces to hangout with your potential pup, so you can be sure that this furry friend is the right one for you.

After spending time with your dog of interest and filling out the adoption form, you can adopt a fully vetted dog for a fee of $90.

Rescue and Adoption Details

8.) Paws and Claws Pet Shelter – (Huntsville, AR)

Paws and Claws Pet Shelter is a shelter run by dedicated volunteers in rural Madison county.

They realized just how serious of a problem their homeless pet population was, so they rallied together to create the Paws and Claws Shelter as it is now.

They focus on providing shelter for homeless animals, offering vet care to dogs in their facility, as well as educating the public on animal welfare.

Each dog has a detailed description about their personality on their website, as well as the veterinary care they have received at the shelter.

The standard adoption fee ranges from $80-$100, but they suggest following their websites for any changes that occur when their shelter is full.

Each pup will be sterilized, vaccinated, microchipped, and offered any other medical care they need.

Rescue and Adoption Details

9.) Kitties And Kanines Shelter – (Fort Smith, AR)

Kitties and Kanines Shelter was created in 2019 when the people of Fort Smith realized how desperately they needed an animal shelter.

After rallying animal lovers and creating a team of dedicated volunteers, the shelter was born.

With a combination of pulling animals from the streets and caring for homeless animals where they are, they can cater to every canine friend in their city.

Both their website and their Facebook page have detailed descriptions of each canine friend in their shelter currently.

Once you find a pup that you would like to meet, they ask you to come in for a brief interview.

If all goes well, they will reach out to your housing reference and veterinary reference to make sure each pup goes to a safe home.

The adoption fee is anywhere from $50-$250 based on the size of the dog, and each pup will be fully vetted.

Rescue and Adoption Details

10.) Needy Paws Animal Shelter – (Clarksville, AR)

The Needy Paws Animal Shelter is on a mission to make adoption the first choice of interested pet owners.

They do this by making sure each pup is fully vetted and healthy, assessing each dog for behavioral struggles, and walking each adopter through the adoption process.

Each adoptable pet has a brief bio on their website, but they encourage you to reach out and make an appointment for a meet and greet.

They even allow you to bring your current dog up to the shelter if you have one, as they can assess your pup and see if any of their dogs would be a good fit.

The standard adoption fee for their dogs is between $100-$125, and each dog will be sterilized, vaccinated, and microchipped.

They suggest either giving them a call or sending them an email if you want to meet a certain pup.

Rescue and Adoption Details

11.) Maumelle Friends Of The Animals – (Maumelle, AR)

Maumelle Friends Of The Animals is a non-profit organization that finds homes for the many homeless pups in their city.

They work directly with the Maumelle animal services to get eyes on their adoptable dogs, as well as organizing events to gain exposure to their projects.

They also support other local projects that aim to educate the public and offer discounted sterilizations.

There is a detailed bio for each adoptable dog listed on their website, as well as a description of the vet care they have received while at the shelter.

Their adoption fee is not listed online, but it is likely in the standard range of $75-$150.

Rescue and Adoption Details

12.) Forrest City Area Humane Society – (Forrest City, AR)

Forrest City Area Humane Society is an organization that promotes responsible pet ownership and adoptions throughout the area.

They work with the animal rescue organizations in their city to make sure everyone is on the same page, and to promote animal welfare education county wide.

This helps as many dogs get adopted as possible, as well as preventing as many unwanted or abandoned pups as possible in the future.

The shelter asks that you first submit an adoption application online, and then you can make an appointment to come meet the many dogs in their care.

They may also require a home visit to ensure the safety of your living environment, but if all goes well, you can adopt your canine friend of interest.

The standard adoption fee is $75, and all dogs will be sterilized and vaccinated.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Adopting A Rescue Dog In Arkansas

Find A Dog Rescue In Arkansas To Adopt A Dog From

Adopting a rescue dog in Arkansas will be a rewarding process that brings you the loyal pup you have always wanted.

Many of these dogs have unstable pasts that have led them to where they are now, and this will only make them more grateful to be welcomed into your home.

Just be sure to ask the rescue staff as many questions about your pup’s past and current health as possible, as this will allow you to cater to their needs in the best way.

Many rescue dogs will require a bit more patience and love than other furry friends, but it will all be worth it in the end!

Final Thoughts On Dog Rescues In Arkansas

No matter which rescue you reach out to in search of a canine companion, each option will be filled with deserving pups that would love to be a part of your family.

Thank you for making the decision to adopt a rescue, and we hope you find the perfect pup for you!

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