Dog Rescues In Hawaii | 10 Rescues To Choose From In HI

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Dog Rescues In Hawaii | 10 Rescues To Choose From In HI

Adopting a rescue dog will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

They are loyal, loving, and so grateful for the opportunity to be part of a family.

Thankfully for any Hawaiians looking to adopt a furry friend near them, there are plenty of organizations finding homes for dogs across the islands.

To help you find the best rescue pup for your family, let’s discuss a list of animal rescues situated on each island.

No matter where you are in Hawaii, we will introduce you to the best rescues near your home. 

Dog Rescues In Hawaii

How To Find A Dog Rescue In Hawaii

Hawaii may have the lowest number of dogs in their shelters in comparison to other American states, but it does not mean that these dogs need help any less.

It was recently shown that not only do fewer people adopt pets across Hawaii, but the pandemic has caused the dog shelters to be more packed than ever.

Less and less people are adopting dogs in Hawaii as a result of the current climate, so these organizations need someone like you.

To make sure you can find the rescue dog of your dreams, let’s discuss some of the many organizations across Hawaii below.

We will list dog rescues on each island as well, so nobody will miss out on finding a rescue pup. 

1.) Hawaiian Humane Society – (Honolulu, HI)

The Hawaiian Humane Society is a passionate organization that is dedicated to not only finding homes for the many dogs they rescue each year, but also promoting a positive human and animal bond moving forward.

They want to encourage more people to be responsible pet owners, and show everyone just how wonderful of an addition a rescue dog can be to your family.

The Hawaiian Humane Society also offers public outreach and education, discounted spay and neuter services, and a full service veterinary clinic on their property.

This means that not only will their rescued dogs receive incredible care, but so can each and every pup of their community.

When you adopt a dog at their shelter, you are supporting their work moving forward.

Their adoptable dogs are listed on their website along with a detailed bio about their past and personality.

The adoption fee is listed at the end of each dog’s bio, but the standard fee appears to be anywhere from $100 – $200.

Rescue and Adoption Details

2.) Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary – (Kurtistown, HI)

The Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary is a safe haven for dogs with an unstable past.

They take in Hawaii’s abandoned, unwanted, abused, and neglected dogs in hopes of rehabilitating them and finding the loving home they deserve.

They state that while many dogs will get adopted out to an amazing family, some dogs will live out their days in the sanctuary.

No matter which outcome these dogs have, they will be well cared for and supported. 

The rescue welcomes anyone to stop by and meet the many furry friends that live at their sanctuary.

If there is a pup you connect with, you can fill out an application and move forward with bringing your new companion home.

The standard adoption fee is $100, and each dog will be fully vetted at the time of adoption.

Rescue and Adoption Details

3.) Oahu SPCA Clinic And Shelter – (Wahiawa, HI)

The Oahu SPCA Shelter is on a mission to put every treatable animal in a forever home.

They are the largest rescue, and they make sure to live up to that title with their impressive work each year.

They rescue dogs around the island from abuse and neglect each day, as well as welcoming any other dogs that find themselves in a desperate situation.

With the help of their hardworking staff and dedicated volunteers, they find deserving homes for the many pups in their care. 

Standard adoption fees are anywhere from $300-$500 based on the age of the animal, but each dog will be fully vetted at the time of adoption.

Their adoptions are currently by appointment only, so we suggest filling out an application and reaching out to the rescue directly with additional questions.

Rescue and Adoption Details

4.) KAAWA K9 Rescue – (Kaneohe, HI)

KAAWA K9 Rescue is dedicated to saving canine friends of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

They are the only no-kill shelter on their side of the island, so they are always on a mission to save as many pups as possible.

With the help of many donors, volunteers, and animal lovers, they have accomplished so much for the animals of their community.

Though they take in any canine friend that needs help, they do specialize in saving the severely neglected or abused.

Their website has an up to date list of their adoptable dogs, as well as a detailed bio for each one.

Their standard adoption rate is $325, and each dog will be fully vetted before they are adopted.

If you are interested in adopting one of their dogs, the rescue asks you to fill out an application and wait for someone to contact you.

Rescue and Adoption Details

5.) Aloha Ilio Rescue

The Aloha Ilio Rescue takes finding the perfect home for their pups very seriously.

They know just how important the human animal bond is, and they want to promote this relationship as best as they can.

Finding a loving home is not only life changing for the rescue dog, but it changes the life of the adopter as well. 

The dogs at this rescue are rescued from other shelters, high risk situations, abuse and neglect cases, and more.

Each pup in their care has a unique past, and the team will do anything possible to give them the beautiful future they deserve.

The standard adoption fee for each of their dogs ranges from $150-$200, along with a $25 microchip fee and a $150 inter-island flight fee if needed.

If you are interested in any of their current rescue pups, we suggest reaching out to the rescue directly to schedule an appointment.

Rescue and Adoption Details

6.) Maui Humane Society – (Puunene, HI)

The Maui Humane Society prides themselves in never turning away a furry friend in need.

Not only do they accept any dog that needs help, but they also improve animal welfare on the island through community outreach and public education.

This incredible organization also offers discounted vet care, free sterilization, emergency animal care, and even a humane education program for kids.

Adopting a dog from the Maui Humane Society will not only help the furry friend of your choice, but it will also contribute to the shelter’s work going forward.

Each adoption fee will cover the vet care that each dog received, as well as go in the fun toward future projects to come.

The standard adoption fee starts at $200, and each dog will be fully vetted at the time of adoption.

Rescue and Adoption Details

7.) Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation – (Wailuku, HI)

The Hawaiian Animal Rescue Foundation is a non profit organization that helps the animals and people of their island.

This is a no-kill shelter that takes in as many at-risk pups as possible, and makes it their mission to find the best home possible for each dog in their care.

At the end of the day, they are working toward the end of animal abuse, animal neglect, and animal abandonment in Maui.

The rescue asks you to first complete the online adoption application and then make an appointment to meet a specific dog.

If all goes well with t your application and your arranged meeting, you will be free to pay the adoption fee and take your new pup home.

The standard adoption fee is $150-$250 based on age, and each dog will be fully vetted at the time of their adoption.

Rescue and Adoption Details

8.) Kaua’i Humane Society – (Lihue, HI)

The Kaua’i Humane Society is a non-profit organization that has been serving the animals of their community since 1952.

They have a release rate of 96%, which qualifies them for a no-kill shelter status.

The array of services and unique programs they offer plays a direct role in how many dogs they save each year.

They offer field trips for shelter dogs, discounted veterinary services, behavioral training, and even pet boarding.

All of this is in addition to their pet adoptions.

Each adoptable pup on their website has an array of adorable photos and a detailed bio about their past and personality.

Their adoption fee is not listed on their website, but we know the fee includes a full bundle of veterinary care.

Rescue and Adoption Details

9.) Hawaii Dog Foundation

The Hawaii Dog Foundation is a foster based program that aims to find homes for each homeless pup on their island.

It is run entirely by dedicated volunteers, so you know everyone involved in their work has a true passion for the pups they save.

Their dogs come from situations such as high-kill shelters, neglect, abuse, abandonment, and owners who can no longer take care of their dog.

No matter the story of each dog in their care, they will be forever grateful for a pet parent like you. 

Due to the fact that this organization is foster based and does not have a shelter, you will need to make an appointment to meet any dog you are interested in.

The rescue suggests first filling out their adoption application on their website, then you can speak with them directly about a specific dog.

Rescue and Adoption Details

10.) The Hawaii SPCA In Maili Waianae – (Waianae, HI)

The SPCA in Mali Waianae provides love, comfort, and shelter to the many homeless dogs of their region.

They rescue as many dogs as possible from high risk or undesirable situations, hoping to offer them the forever future they deserve.

Their website does not have as much information as the other rescues we have discussed, but we are sure they have plenty of lovable pups that need a home.

You can contact them with the information below to get further details about their adoption process and available dogs.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Adopting A Rescue Dog In Hawaii

As you can see after reviewing the list of rescues above, there is an amazing dog rescue near you no matter which island you call home.

Rescue dogs across Hawaii are waiting for the opportunity to find a forever home like yours, and will reward you in so much love in exchange for your adoption.

If you are ready to bring a loving rescue dog into your home, then any of the rescues we discussed above will be an amazing option.

Final Thoughts On Dog Rescues In Hawaii

Find A Dog Rescue In Hawaii To Adopt From

Hawaii is filled with animal rescues that go above and beyond to help their rescued canine friends.

We have no doubt that you will find the perfect rescue dog for your family at any of the organizations we discussed today.

Thank you for choosing adoption, and we wish you luck as you search for your new canine friend.

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