Dog Rescues In Quebec | Top 7 Rescues To Adopt From In QC

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Dog Rescues In Quebec | Top 7 Rescues To Adopt From In QC

Abandoned and unwanted dogs do not require much.

All they need is love and care to restore their faith in the animal/human connection.

If you are looking to restore the faith of an abandoned dog in Quebec, you have come to the right place.

Every day, many of these vulnerable creatures become homeless, especially in large cities like Montreal.

There are many dogs for adoption in the Montreal area, you just need to contact a rescue to get your name added to their list.

This may happen when unsterilized dogs birth unwanted puppies, pets stray too far from home, or parents neglect them.

Some dogs become homeless when backyard breeders realize they are sick, injured or unsuitable for breeding.

Did you know about 5% of dogs found in shelters are purebred? (Survey from 2015)

You have a chance to rescue these dogs through any of these dog shelters in Quebec.

Below we list where to view their dogs, how to contact them and any additional information you may need such as costs and applications.

For those who can no longer take care of their dog and need to surrender them to a shelter or rescue, be sure to contact one of these dog rescues to see if they can help.

Dog Rescues In Quebec Canada

1.) Animatch (Pointe-Fortune)

This non-profit animal welfare charity was founded by Helen Lacroix in 1999.

What started as a kitchen table idea, has since grown into a formidable movement that has seen hundreds of dogs successfully rehomed with families across Quebec.

The facility is run by dog-loving volunteers who ensure that each of their rescues is treated with love and care and gets plenty of attention.

The pups at Animatch receive personalized care and enjoy a variety of amenities at the center including lounging areas, a private playground, stylists and groomers, daily walks, runs, and socialization, professional medical services, and comfortable sleeping areas.

In a bid to boost security for their rescues, Animatch also has 24-hour surveillance to ensure that all dogs at the rescue center are accounted for around the clock.

The dogs are also treated to balanced meals that are tailored to suit their dietary requirements.

Although this state-of-the-art rescue center has all the amenities the dogs need to be comfortable, the goal is to ensure each of the rescues is settled permanently with a loving family.

Animatch offers these amenities purely to help stressed, confused, and malnourished rescues get back to good mental and physical health as they transition to family life.

Adopting a dog from Animatch allows this facility to help more dogs in distress and find them happy homes.

Ranked as one of the best dog rescues in Quebec, this dog rescue facility offers potential adoptive parents a smooth adoption process.

Once you have identified a dog that piques your interest, fill out the online application form and pay the adoption donation.

All rescue dogs at Animatch are rehabilitated for any behavioral issues, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and treated for any medical conditions before adoption.

Adoption fees start at $400$525.

Rescue and Adoption Details

2.) Rosie Animal Adoption (Montreal)

Rosie Animal Adoption is committed to helping unwanted pets survive by placing them in adoptive homes.

The Montreal-based dog rescue also educates pet lovers and the Quebec community at large about responsible pet parenting policies.

These policies include neutering and helping pets deal with obedience problems through training.

Rosie Animal Adoption also advocates for responsible adoption practices.

This entails informing new pet parents about any special requirements their adoptive pets might have to prevent them from being sent back to high-kill shelters and pounds.

Rosie Animal Adoption, started in 2001, has helped hundreds of dogs receive the love and affection they deserve, not just from their adoptive parents, but also their carers.

The foster-based rescue does not receive any funding and relies on generous donations from well-wishers and volunteers.

Through their Foster Care and Adoption Care programs, the facility also offers all their rescues neutering, microchipping, vaccination, and medical services.

The facility also ensures that dogs in foster care have food and other basic necessities.

Rosie Animal Adoption welcomes you to attend its adoption clinics where you can meet all the dogs and puppies waiting to move to their forever homes.

Before adoption, all dogs are medically evaluated and rehabilitated for any behavioral problems.

Many of the rescues at this facility are adopted from their foster homes by appointment.

Adoption fees start from $550 for puppies, $350 for adult dogs, and $300 for senior dogs.

Rescue and Adoption Details

3.) Laval Animal Adoption Center (Laval)

Laval Animal Adoption Center is a no-kill, non-profit organization in Quebec.

This dog rescue provides shelter to abandoned, and unwanted dogs and helps unite them with loving families that can provide the care they deserve.

The team of volunteers at this facility led by Andree Poissant also runs extensive campaigns to educate the community about responsible animal guardianship and new legislation concerning animal welfare.

Laval Animal Adoption Center also educates prospective adoptive parents about behavioral problems that dogs from shelters and pounds may have resulting from abuse and neglect.

Through generous donations from well-wishers, Laval has made significant strides in rehoming hundreds of homeless hounds.

All dogs at this facility are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, and treated for fleas and other ailments before they are listed for adoption.

To adopt a pooch from this facility, fill out an online adoption form or visit the shelter to meet the team.

Rescue and Adoption Details

4.) SPCA Monteregie

SPCA Monteregie is a grassroots branch of the organization started by canine lovers and volunteers in the Quebec community.

The team at this facility strives to give all unwanted, abandoned, and stray dogs in pounds freedom from pain and fear of destruction.

This rescue center has a strict no-kill policy and ensures all dogs brought to the facility are given a fair chance to recuperate through high-quality medical care.

SPCA Monteregie is not government-funded and depends on generous donations from the community to ensure all their rescues receive the medical care they need.

All dogs are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, dewormed, and treated for fleas before they are ready for adoption.

The facility also helps reduced dogs overcome behavioral and temperamental problems through extensive rehabilitation and training programs.

If you would like to adopt a pooch from this facility, visit their adoption page to see all the fur babies waiting to meet you.

Adoption fees range from $440 for puppies and $400 for dogs 6 months and older with reduced fees for senior canines.

Rescue and Adoption Details

5.) Les Fideles Moustachus (The Moustached Faithful)

Formerly called Protection des Animaux de Québec, this animal rescue facility has rehomed over 1,300 dogs.

Les Fideles Moustachus is known for transparency and gives all prospective pet parents the full history of the dog before adoption.

The shelter founded in 2005 is run by Samuel Côté, a dog lover who is enthusiastic about giving each of their dog rescues a new permanent home.

Samuel started this shelter at just 20 years old and has managed to save thousands of dogs and cats.

With the help of volunteers, Samuel opened a second branch in 2016 to increase his animal welfare efforts.

Les Fideles Moustachus leads by example giving exemplary care to all the animals they rescue.

Each of the dogs brought to this shelter receives comprehensive medical treatment, behavioral assessment, and rehabilitation.

The shelter is also committed to educating the community about the importance of preventing unwanted dogs through neutering.

All dogs at Les Fidelis Moustachus are vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed before adoption.

  • Visit the adoption page to see all the adorable dogs available.

You can also support this shelter through donations, outreach activities, buying items for the shelter, or volunteering.

Rescue and Adoption Details

6.) Société Animale Frontalière – Frontier Animal Society (Ogden)

Joyce Dekker opened the doors to SAFAS in 1986 to provide a safe refuge for unwanted and neglected dogs.

This non-profit rescue serves Ogden and neighboring areas in Quebec.

The relatively small facility takes in up to 12 dogs at a time and 25 cats.

SAFAS relies on volunteers to give quality care to all its rescues as the animals stay at the shelter until they can be adopted.

During their stay, the animals are treated to daily walks and lots of playtime in the shelter’s large fenced dog park.

Dogs at the shelter also interact with their carers and socialize with other pups of similar temperaments.

This ensures that the dogs are happy and reduces their stress levels. At night the dogs retire to their warm, spacious kennels.

To adopt from Société Animale Frontalière, send an email to the adoption coordinator or contact the facility via phone after which you can schedule an appointment to meet all the pups available at the shelter.

The adoption fee at this shelter is $500 which covers medical treatments, vaccination, microchipping, and sterilization.

Rescue and Adoption Details

7.) Chiots Nordiques

Chiot Nordiques aims to reduce canine overpopulation among indigenous communities in Quebec.

The facility is run by a 100% volunteer team that offers the community ethical solutions to ending overpopulation.

This facility regularly holds sterilization clinics during which dogs in need are examined, sterilized, and dewormed.

Since its formation in 2012, Chiots Nordiques has sterilized over 4,000 dogs.

The facility also rescues and rehomes abandoned and unwanted dogs.

With the help of the dog-loving foster carers, over 4,500 have permanently settled with their new forever parents.

If you would like to adopt a pooch from this organization, visit the Facebook link below to get started.

Adoption fees start at $350 for adult dogs and $500 for puppies.

You can also support Chiots Nordique through donations, sponsorships, or fundraising.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Conclusion To Dog Rescues in Quebec

Find A Dog Rescue In Quebec To Adopt Your Next Dog From

Dog overpopulation is a growing concern in Quebec.

Many pet parents do not have proper information about the benefits of sterilization which results in unwanted puppies.

As a result, the communities are forced to eliminate dogs in overcrowded pounds through mass euthanasia.

You can help rescue these dogs by participating in educational outreach programs that teach the public about the benefits of sterilization.

Some of the dog rescues listed above such as Chiots Nordiques and Les Fideles Moustachus regularly call upon volunteers to help spread the word.

Before adopting from these dog rescues in Quebec, if you have any other canine companions at home it is critical to neuter them.

Unwanted puppies come with extra costs and responsibilities that you may be unprepared for.

Visit any of these rescues in Quebec to adopt a dog and restore joy to an innocent pup as you acquire a loyal life companion.

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