Etsy Gifts That Will Make Pet Lovers Happy!

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Etsy Gifts That Will Make Pet Lovers Happy!

We get it – not everyone wants to buy gifts that are mass produced or from retailers like Amazon or Walmart – so, the next best thing is to shop on Etsy! If you are not familiar with Etsy, it is primarily a giant online market of artisans who make their products by hand. While you will find some mass produced items on there, we are only focusing on some of the best of the best of pet related items for everyone on your list.

Below are some of our favorite Etsy finds that for different animal lovers on your list!

Custom Pet Portrait Cookie Cutters

These adorable cookie cutters are custom made to look just like your pet! Perfect for bakers who bake people cookies – or dog cookies. Just send in your photo and you will receive a preview before it goes to print.

The likeness in the examples in the Baker Street Etsy store are amazing!

Royals Custom Pet Art

image credit: Natali Artist/Etsy

OK, so we know we cannot all be royalty – but we can sure look like it with this fantastic artwork from Natali Artist on Etsy.

Customize your piece for anyone on your list and you can give a gift that they will not only love – but will be a focal point above the fireplace like the royals do!

You can include dogs or cats and as you can see people too! Her art is truly magical and is on the top of our Etsy gift list!

I Just Really Love Raccoons Shirt

Take this adorable shirt that shows some raccoon love! For the animal lover who is not just about dogs and cats, this adorable sweatshirt is a nice change of pace.

The Etsy shop Stage and Peach Co has other cute options as well including some love for Opossums, Guinea Pigs, Donkeys and more.

My Dog (or Cat) & I Talk Shit About You Glass

One of our personal favorite suggestions for the true animal lover who has a sarcastic side but a whole lotta’ love for her dog(s) or cat(s).

This stemless wine glass holds 15oz. of your favorite wine and is available in a whole slew of awesome colors including glitter, metallic and even an opal which tints in a rainbow of colors.

The text reads “My dog and I talk shit about you”.

The coffee tumbler they offer with the same text holds 16oz and features a flip top and double wall for keeping your drink hot or cold.

This particular Etsy shop has several options with this specific text including coffee tumblers, totes and more. They also have other pet lover gifts with different sayings – so be sure to check out the whole store!

Pet Ash Cremation Pendant or Urn

We get it – not the most “happy” gift idea, but one of the most heartfelt and thoughtful gifts an animal lover can receive is an urn for their pets ashes that allow them to cherish their spirit in the most beautiful ways.

image credit: JB Memorials/Etsy

Having lost 2 dogs and having them with me in my office in a wooden box – I appreciate the idea of having something a little more meaningful like a beautiful glass urn or pendant or even a ring.

This beautiful Cremation Ring from JB Memorials is a perfect, meaningful – and beautiful gift that will keep on giving. Bringing their pets ashes close to their heart will be a sure way to keep their pets memory alive.

Every ring is customized and they have a large selection of styles for everyone.

If the animal lover in your life is not a jewelry kind of girl or guy – there is another option that we think is stunning!

The Tree of Life cremation urn is a stunning display that is bright and colorful and will offer an amazing display of your pets ashes. It is available in a variety of color options and they are all handcrafted for a truly unique look.

You can also select your preferred topper whether cork, heart shape or love forever designs. The glass measures 6.5″ tall by 7″ wide and holds up to 2 cups of anything. T

This specific item has a bit of a lead time, so ordering early is key for meeting any gift giving deadlines!


This might be our favorite on this list – it is fun, it is different and it is all about family!

It may not be 100% truly an animal lover gift – but one that an animal/Simpson love will absolutely love! Especially the guy in your life – since I am guessing it is the man of the house that loves the Simpsons, like in our house.

The artist will add your family and pets into the Simpsons inspired living room or any other background you can imagine! there are so many great examples in his store.

Every dog, cat, bird and fish can be included too – they are part of the family after all!

The artist delivers a digital print so you can print the finished product on anything you can imagine – from a wall print to a coast!

Custom Ceramic Pet Mug

OK how stinkin’ cute it this and who would not want to start their day with a great cup of coffee while looking at their adorable pet with every sip!

A custom ceramic mug that is customized to a likeness of your pet. Send in a photo of of your pet with their name and breed and then the artist creates a mug from your details.

Every piece is hand carved and painted so not 2 pieces are ever alike. It is also food, microwave and dishwasher safe – BONUS!

Just about any pet can be done including dogs, goats, cats, horses and more.

Turnaround time can be 3-4 weeks so be sure you order in time!

Beer Bottle Opener

image credit: Dachshing Dog Bakery/Etsy

The perfect manly gift that still showcases the love they have for their dog! This handcrafted beer bottle holder will be a hit with any beer lover who drinks with their best friend – their dog.

Crafted with wood and galvanized steel, this beer bottle opener will look great in just about any home decor and can stand alone or be hung. The opener is sturdy and well made and the caps will fall perfectly into the bin at the bottom.

Pretty sure this will be a winner for any occasion!

Custom Leash Holder

Why not combine a beautiful piece of art with hardware to have a totally unique gift for the pet lover who needs a place to store those leashes!

This custom leash holder is both a home decor item and a useful way to hang leashes so just about any dog lover will appreciate this in their home.

Submit a photo of the pet and their name and the artist will turn it all into a creative art piece that emulates a painting. At the bottom there will be 2 hooks for hanging leashes or any other lightweight item.

You can select from 2 sizes 6″x6″ or 8″x8″ to ensure it fits in a space you are considering placing it.

Custom Pet Photo Pillow

This is a great gift for every animal lover – from dads to moms to college bound kids who can’t take their pets with them!

Send in a photo and they will print it on a high quality eco-friendly canvas and trim to a shape that mimics the pet.

Choose from a variety of sizes – where the XXL is a generous 38 inches which is one big pillow to snuggle up with!

This is a made to order item so be aware of dates if you need it by a certain date!

So that is some of our favorite Etsy items!

What do you think – is Etsy a great place for gift giving?

Have you ordered something from Etsy that you think is worth us sharing – leave a comment below so we can take a peak at it!

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