How To Earn Amazon Gift Cards To Help Animal Rescues

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How To Earn Amazon Gift Cards To Help Animal Rescues

Can you imagine being able to to earn Amazon Gift Cards that you can then donate to your favorite animal rescue just for a few minutes of your time?

Well – it can happen – and in this guide you will find out how to earn Amazon Gift Cards to help animal rescues and shelters in your local community.

Of course you could stockpile these cards to get yourself something wonderful – but we hope this post will inspire you to do good in the world by giving back to those that need these gift cards the most – homeless animals (or people if that is more your thing!).

We see lots of people who say that they do not have the funds to donate to a rescue but would love to help. This is a great way to do good for your favorite animal rescue with just a little bit of your time.

How To Earn Amazon Gift Cards

Earning an Amazon Gift Card by taking surveys or testing products is a great way for those who may not have money to donate to give back in another way.

Animal rescues and shelters are stretched to the limit financially and every little bit helps – and gift cards can allow them to purchase the food and supplies they need.

We created this list of website where you can spend a little time doing specific tasks to get some free cash or rewards that you can then redeem for Amazon Gift Cards.

If you are a rescue – we encourage you to share this with your supporters as a suggested way of giving back! Many are not aware that they can earn cash and rewards just by taking surveys, shopping, watching videos and more.

Most of the websites noted below offer a variety of ways for you to earn points that you can then redeem for a variety of gift cards or cash – including Amazon gift cards. They are all similar in what they offer but offer different rates and offers so it is important to research each one carefully.


American Consumer Opinion

With over 6 million users – American Consumer Opinion is a leader in the survey for cash world. Take surveys or test products to earn cash or gift cards.

The Go 2 Crowd

The Go 2 Crowd helps you turn your thoughts about products and services into cash which you can redeem for a gift card at your favorite retailer.


Download the QuickThoughts app, sign up and start taking surveys to earn extra cash you can redeem for gift cards.


With My Points – you can do tasks such as shopping at a specific store, watch a video or take a survey to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cars to Amazon or even cash and more.


Swagbucks allows you to watch videos, answer surveys, surf the web and more to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards at some of the finest retailers!


Product Report Card will have you earning those gift cards to Amazon in no time with their surveys. Just register online and you will be sent surveys to take where you can earn money or gifts cards.


Be an influencer and tell the world how you feel about products and services. Survey Junkie allows you to build a custom profile so you can receive surveys that are most relevant so you can earn money and gift cards.

Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel has been around since 2007 and another survey website where you send in your thoughts about products or services and get money or gift cards for your time.


Crowdtap is where consumers and brands can come together to collaborate! Apply for campaigns that interest you, share ideas, earn products to try and more. In return you will also receive points that you can redeem for an Amazon gift card.

Gift Hulk

Playing games, watching videos, taking surveys and more are all available at GiftHulk. Redeem earned coins and redeem them for an Amazon gift card or one of the many other options they offer.


Complete retailer offers, play games, take surveys and more at iRazoo . Each activity will reward you for points that you can redeem for cash or gift cards.

Grab Points

Watch TV, answer surveys, respond to offers and more to earn gift cards and rewards to a variety of stores. Visit Grab Points to get started.

Instant Gift Cards

Create your account at instaGC and complete surveys, watch videos, shop online or search the web for points which you can redeem for gift cards.


At Toluna you can become an influencer and take surveys in areas that are most relevant to you for cash or gift cards.


The below websites are a little bit different and primarily offer cash and rewards for shopping – some are apps others offer rewards and money back on product offerings. All of these are great options when your looking for how to earn free Amazon gift cards!


Ibotta is a mobile app that pays cash for your everyday purchases. They provide a list of special items with rebates – you shop and send in receipts, and voila’ money back in your pocket. Get started with Ibotta


Download the app, snap your receipt and data from your shopping trips is used to provide you surveys on products you purchased for which you receive coins that can be used to earn Amazon gift cards, magazines or even cash. Learn more about ReceiptHog


Encourages users to shop at eligible locations and submit receipts to validate purchases that can help them earn a variety of different rewards. Visit Punch Card


Create an account or download their app and find the stores you love to shop at! Choose a shop through their interface and TopCashBack earns a commission from which you will be provided your cash back earnings from which can be paid out in a variety of ways including an Amazon gift card. Learn More About TopCashBack


With eight different ways to earn some cash or gift cards, Shopkick has something for everyone. From scanning products to submitting receipts – there are a lot of ways shopping in-store or online can result in getting a free Amazon gift card! Learn More at Shopkick


These are other websites that offer something unique to help you earn Amazon gift cards for free.

Bing Rewards

Get on board with Microsoft Rewards and you can earn points by searching, shopping and playing and turn those rewards into donations, case or gift cards.

Amazon Trade In Program

Trade in some of your old items like books, Kindle’s. cameras and more with the Amazon Trade-In Program and you turn your trash into a gift card.


Simply check into your favorite shows while streaming and you can earn points to be redeemed for gift cards at Viggle .

Tips For Success!

While we did do a quick look at the history of each of these suggestions, this list is being provided as a resource only and we are not endorsing them in any way since we have not used them.

It is important you do your due diligence before creating any accounts or start working with any of the websites above.

You should NEVER have to put out money for any legitimate survey type site and if they are making big promises – be wary.

How Much Can I Make?

We have seen some say they make a couple of hundred dollars a month with these types of websites. Some have reported earnings of up to $10 a survey while others have reported much less.

Every survey or task will be priced differently since it is the manufacturer or retailer that sets the price, not the website offering the survey or task.

Honesty Matters

While you may do this just to be earn Amazon gift cards – the retailers that pay for these surveys and tasks use this data to make important decisions! So, you are actually helping the retailers as well.

Please be sure you have the proper time and interest in doing things correctly and be HONEST about your opinions!

For example, do not sign up for a survey about dog food if you do not even own a dog, DUH!

Know other ways to earn Amazon Gift Cards?

Did we miss something in our list? Let us know! If you have something to add – like experiences with any of these resources, please tell us about it so others can get some insight!

Have you been able to make a donation to a rescue because you earned a Free Amazon Gift Card for taking surveys or playing games? Do tell!

How To Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

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