French Bulldog Rescues In Arizona

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French Bulldog Rescues In Arizona

Adopting a french bulldog isn’t a small responsibility.

They are beautiful dogs and they do require a certain amount of care.

If you are not willing to give them the love and attention they need, you should pass on this breed.

If you are a french bulldog lover and would like to provide a home and a family to one of these beautiful animals in Arizona, you are in the right place.

French bulldogs make great additions to loving families.

They are fiercely loyal but easy-going and always bursting with energy.

They make the perfect pet, so adopting one is never a bad idea.

Some of the places where you can find french bulldogs are at these rescues in Arizona.

Most rescues have minimal charges, usually the cost to care for the pup while in their care. It also cost less than buying from a breeder or local store, plus you are helping to stop the over breeding of French Bulldogs.

If you are looking for an older French Bulldog who is house trained, going through a rescue is also a better option.

To help you, we have created a list of some of the best French Bulldog rescues in Arizona where you can find your new pup.

French Bulldog Rescues In Arizona

Rescues Where You Can Find French Bulldogs In Arizona

This list is meant to provide you with a launch pad when you want to start looking for your French Bulldog.

It contains a list of some of the most likely places you would find this dog breed and some of the details you might need to successfully get a dog from these places.

We must mention that some of these places are not specific for french bulldogs and some may have stopped adoptions for a period of time.

All the places we mention here have been known to have french bulldogs from time to time.

Due to the current world events, there is a high demand for dogs, including french bulldogs, so finding one might be difficult.

With many people now working from home, they are looking to have a dog to keep them company throughout the day.

1.) Almost Home Bulldog Rescue (Tempe, AZ)

Almost Home Bulldog Rescue In Phoenix Arizona

Almost Home Bulldog Rescue, based in Maricopa County in Arizona, this rescue is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bulldog breeds.

They rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome all bulldog breeds, especially English and French bulldogs.

They are passionate about saving bulldogs that are about to be euthanized, and they try to ensure that no bulldog goes through that again by saving one bulldog at a time.

This rescue takes special care of all the dogs in their care.

Each dog gets the necessary medical evaluation and rabies shot, and they are also neutered/spayed.

For identification and security measures, each bulldog in their care gets a microchip, a dog license, and an ID card from the rescue.

This rescue does not keep the bulldogs they rescue.

They give them out to foster homes, and the job of these foster homes is to take care of the french bulldog while accessing their temperament and personality.

They do this to ensure that each dog gets the best home when finally adopted.

How Do You Get A French Bulldog From This Rescue?

Their adoption process is quite straightforward. It starts with an online application form that you fill out and submit.

A board will go through your application, so there might be a wait.

If your application is approved, they will contact you and schedule a home inspection to ensure that your home is suitable for the french bulldog you want.

They will also schedule for you to meet the dog.

Once everything is settled, you will be required to make the necessary payments and sign the adoption papers.

Due to their dedication to these pets, they do not stop at getting the french bulldogs new homes.

They also check in on the dog from time to time to ensure that they are treated well.

They will also provide these dogs’ new families with all the family resources so that they can keep giving the french bulldog the love and family it deserves.

They also appreciate donations as that is how they keep the nonprofit afloat.

Volunteers are always welcome at this rescue.

Rescue and Adoption Details

2.) Stealing Hearts Rescue (Phoenix, AZ)

Stealing Hearts Rescue In Arizona

The Stealing Hearts Rescue is a rescue that specializes in rescuing misunderstood strong breed dogs.

They are one of the most recommended dog rescues in Arizona.

They rescue hundreds of dogs each year from euthanasia and rehabilitate them, making them fit for new homes.

In 2021 they saved 157 dogs from being euthanized and adopted out 197 to loving families.

They believe that by saving a dog at a time, they are impacting many.

They are a nonprofit founded in 2015.

They take in strong breed dogs that have a situation that makes them unsuitable for other rescues and shelters.

Though they might not be bulldog-specific, they have put up a good number of french bulldogs for adoption and will probably put up more in the future.

If you are looking for a french bulldog, they are a good bet if you check their website from time to time.

How Do You Get A French Bulldog From This Rescue?

This rescue is always looking for homes for the dogs in their care.

They offer the opportunity to foster their dogs if you are looking for something less long-term.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, you can go through their list of available dogs, choose one, and fill out their adoption form.

If the application is approved, then an interview is scheduled, and if the interview goes well, you sign the necessary papers, make the adoption payments, and take your new dog home.

However, depending on your form, they might need to visit your home to ensure that your space can accommodate the dog you want.

While you might not end up getting the dog you want because of the number of applications they get, and their desire to choose the best for their dogs, they always try to provide alternatives for those who deserve it.

They are a nonprofit rescue, so even if you do not want to adopt a dog, you can donate or volunteer so that together you can make an impact by saving one dog at a time.

Rescue and Adoption Details

3.) Arizona Small Dog Rescue (Phoenix, AZ)

Arizona Small Dog Rescue

The Arizona Small Dog Rescue is a nonprofit small dog rescue based in Phoenix and was founded in 2004.

Their goal is to ensure that each dog gets the best possible care.

They are a no-kill shelter, and they specialize in taking in creatures that do not have anywhere else to go.

Dogs from overfilled rescues and dogs whose owners could no longer care for them, are always welcome.

The dogs are treated, rehabilitated, and a new home is found for them in most cases.

Because of their work, they were recognized as a top-rate nonprofit by Great Nonprofits.

They are not a french bulldog-specific rescue, but they carry a wide range of dogs and have been known to have a french bulldog at intervals.

You can view their available dogs for adoption here.

How Do You Get A French Bulldog From This Rescue?

They update their adoption pages every night, so you should be on the lookout if you want to adopt a french bulldog.

They are open 6 days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday, so you can walk in and check out the dog before deciding.

They also hold adoption events during the weekend at Petsmart and Petco.

You can check out some of their dogs for adoption at these events.

Rescue and Adoption Details

4.) Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA (Phoenix, AZ)

Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA

The Arizona Animal Welfare League is the oldest and largest no-kill and nonprofit animal shelter in Arizona.

Their goal is to provide love, care, and protection for all animals in their care. And to put these pets up for adoption when it becomes necessary.

They also offer veterinary services and education in animal welfare.

They have successfully rescued and found new homes for more than 4,000 dogs and cats, protecting these animals from getting euthanized because no one seems to want them.

They offer fostering opportunities to people who want to help, by taking care of puppies that are not old enough for adoption yet.

All the pets in their care get the necessary medical care, including vaccinations, surgeries, and spaying/neutering.

Considering the number of dogs they take in, there could be a French Bulldog among them once-in-awhile.

They have successfully found new forever homes for many french bulldogs in the past.

How Do You Get A French Bulldog From This Rescue?

Their adoption process is very straightforward.

All you need to do is browse through their gallery, and if you find a french bulldog that is to your liking, you can visit their shelters.

You do not need any prior appointment.

If the dog is still available, you can plan a family meeting.

If this is not your first dog, you might be required to bring the other dog in for a meeting.

Their adoption counselors are always open to helping you pick the perfect dog for you and, in some cases, might even plan a sleepover.

Once you have decided that a french bulldog is perfect for you, you make the necessary adoption fee, complete their paperwork, and take your new family member to its new forever home.

If you decide that a dog is too much for you to handle, you can always donate to their cause or contact them to find a way to help them.

Rescue and Adoption Details

5.) Follow Your Heart Dog Rescue (Gilbert, AZ)

Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue In Arizona

Follow Your Heart Dog Rescue is a nonprofit that wants to help you find a new best friend.

They provide foster-based rescue services to the people living in Arizona, and they specialize in saving dogs who are about to be euthanized.

They save abandoned, sick, and unloved dogs because they believe that all pets need to be loved because life itself is precious.

They have found homes for French Bulldogs in the past, and they might have one or know of where to find a French Bulldog.

How Do You Get A French Bulldog From This Rescue?

They have a lot of adoption processes and opportunities for people who want to provide their dogs with a forever home.

Many of their adoptions are now done online.

They list their new dogs every Monday at 7pm as well as information on the dog and price.

They aim to provide everyone the opportunity to get the pet they want.

They also have the adopt me now program that fast tracks the adoption process so eager families can be with their dog earlier than planned.

This program comes with an extra payment towards providing health benefits for their medical dogs.

You can check out their website for more adoption details.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Honorable Mentions

These are a few rescues that provide adoption services to the people of Arizona, even though they are not located in Arizona.

We mention them here because they are French Bulldog specific and might be your last chance to get the dog you want.

Since these are out of state, you will need to find out what their transpiration costs are and if they allow you to pick up the pup yourself.

1.) French Bulldog Rescue Network

2.) French Bulldog Village

3.) Arizona Humane Society

Final Thoughts On French Bulldog Rescues In Arizona

Find A French Bulldog Rescue In Arizona To Adopt From

Getting a French Bulldog is a worthy endeavor, but it comes with responsibilities.

Before you check out any of the sites mentioned in this piece, ensure that you have what it takes to handle one.

If you have decided and want to give a home to a french bulldog in Arizona, then these rescues are your best bet.

You may have to wait some time for the rescues listed here to receive new French Bulldogs. You can always submit an application and ask them to keep watch for a French Bulldog for you.

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