Hood House For The Stray Cats Of South Korea

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Hood House For The Stray Cats Of South Korea

We love this idea so much and are trying to find out if this is something we can implement here in the states. If anyone reading this is inspired to bring this here – please reach out and let’s see if we can make this happen for our US based strays!

In South Korea, just like the US – there is a stray cat dilemma that requires help! Their homeless cat population is rising and due to lack of public awareness and resources there has been no solutions to stopping the growth. Many do not know what to do when they find kittens in their yard or around town so they often leave them to fend on their own.

There is also the issue in South Korea where stray cats are associated with bad luck. While there is a lot of work going on to change that image – and progress is being made, one company wanted to make life better for these cats!

The pet shop chain in South Korea called Molly’s Pet Shop wanted to do something to help the felines during the cold winter months so they brainstormed and came up with a great idea.

The concept was simple – to create an eco-friendly solution that will give homeless cats warmth in the winter. The implementation of course was the hard part, but they did it with some help from a lot of animal lovers.

The collaboration between Molly’s Pet Shop and ad agency Cheil Worldwide which included designers Seontaeck Kim, Jungbin Lee, and Joohee Lee made the Hood House a reality.

Below you can see the amount of work involved in the design of the Hood House!

Designing the Hood House for stray cats.

Once the design was created – the project and marketing began!

Molly’s Pet Shop had bins where customers could donate padded coats with hoods.

Then those coats/hoods were transformed into the Hood House and packaged in a recyclable box with instructions for set up.

Donation box for Hood House project.

The extra touches that make these even more amazing include:

  • Extra roof for protection
  • Bed
  • Food & Water Bowls

The easy set up of the Hood House is also awesome!

Every customer that came to Molly’s Pet Shop to buy food for the homeless cats – received a free Hood House! This resulted in 2,000 houses being given away and set up all around Seoul for the homeless cats to enjoy.

It created a lot of awareness as you can see in the video above – which we would imagine had some type of impact on the plight of the stray cats.

Kitty in a Hood House
Outdoor cats enjoying their Hood House
Hood House boxes given to customers.

It is projects like these that warm our hearts. So many people coming together to do good for homeless animals – it is beautiful! I just hope that somehow this project, or something like it can happen here in the United States!

Image & Design Credits: https://foresty.co.kr/2018/01/18/hood-house/

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