Best Leather Dog Harness Options

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Best Leather Dog Harness Options

Is your pup a fashionista? Would they not be caught dead wearing a nylon dog harness?

Then these leather dog harness options might be just what they want.

If you have a dog that pulls, a large or extra-large dog, or a heavily muscled dog, you may want to consider a leather dog harness instead of a collar.

Harnesses can really help make those long walks much easier!

My only recommendation is that you save these gorgeous leather harnesses for special days out.

They are just too pretty to use if your dog is going to spend time in the mud or hard core playing.

Bestia Maximus Leather Dog Harness

This harness fits a dog’s chest size of 19.7- 29.5 for a medium-size, fits a 23.6 to 45.3 for a large to XL, and a chest size of 37.4 to 57 inches for an XXL. The harness comes in the colors of black and brown. The base layer of the harness is made from German buffalo leather.

It has 3 ply soft cushion on the chest plate, so your dog is more comfortable and has old silver colors of two rivets models. This size harness fits ONLY giant breed dogs like St. Bernard’s, Mastiff, Bullmastiff, Pitbull, etc.

  1. The workmanship of the dog harness leather is of excellent quality
  2. The size is correct to form
  3. Padding protection prevents sores
  4. Adjusts easily to fit the dog
  5. Good quality leather
  1. Some users complained about the thinness of the leather
  2. The padding wasn’t leather but a foam material

Peshouco Leather Dog Harness

The size of these harnesses are Medium 24”-28” chest and Large 28”-32” chest. These come in black and dark brown. The Peshouco dog harness is comfortable for your dog, and it’s simple to take off and on. It has adjustable straps to fit the size of your dog. The no-pull design distributes the pulling pressure to your dog’s whole body because of the unique design.

  1. It’s comfortable but durable
  2.  There are multiple places to clip the leash
  3.  High leather quality product
  4.  Doesn’t snag the dog’s fur
  1.  Some use complained about the quality of the stitching
  2.  Leather is rather stiff at the beginning
  3. During time leather becomes soft

Yup Collars Leather Dog Harness

A stunning handcrafted leather dog harness that will have your pup feeling like a movie star. Made from 100% genuine vegetable tanned leather. The accents feature solid brass, silver plated (nickel free) solid brass and plated heavy duty welded metals.

You can also customize it by adding a leather engraved ID tag with your contact information. The designer also offers custom measurements to get the perfect fit.

The harness hugs your dogs body for a perfect! It is not bulky like some other dog harnesses and has a simplistic beauty.

It does ship directly from Italy, so you will need to be patient on delivery! Remember custom made takes time and then shipping too – but patience will bring great rewards with this gorgeous dog harness.

The artist, YupCollars has exceptional reviews on Etsy. They have other gorgeous options as well!

  1. 8 size options
  2. 5 color options
  3. Handcrafted
  4. Option for a free ID tag
  5. Exceptional quality


  1. Ships from Italy which means you won’t get it for a few weeks
  2. Can be a bit hard to adjust the first time

lurril Leather Dog Harness

lurril leather dog harness

Another handcrafted beauty! This gorgeous dog harness comes from Hungary and is handmade when it is ordered. We love that it comes with some customizations so you can make it your own.

The image shown features soft black leather with a soft red felt interior. But you can choose the color of felt you would like to use – there are 11 different options! While they offer 3 sizes by default you can provide the measurements for your pet and they will custom make one to make sure you get a perfect fit.

Harnesses are adjustable and feature a metal closure and can be customized with your dog’s name or phone number for a small fee.

With over 700 (5) star reviews on Etsy, lurril is proving to be a brand pet parents love.

  1. 11 felt color options
  2. 3 sizes – or custom order
  3. Handmade
  4. Customizable


  1. Delivery time

Why Use A Dog Harness?

There are several different reasons why using a dog harness instead of a collar may be better for your dog.

If you are walking along a busy intersection or in a large crowd of people, you have better control over your dog.

When your dog wears a harness, it discourages pulling because pulling on the harness doesn’t get your pet anywhere.

If your dog jumps up on people, you can stop him without choking him.

A harness is perfect if you have a puppy because your little one could get all tangled up with a collar and leash.

If your pet is one that becomes easily distracted, it can help control him.

Plus, if your dog has difficulty getting up, a harness can help you assist him. But the most significant advantage of a harness is that it won’t come off by accident.

How To Choose The Best Dog Harness

One question is how to choose the best dog harness for your dog’s needs.

You can keep a collar on your dog with his ID tags and only put the harness on for when you go out of the house.

What you need to consider when choosing a harness is the type of harness based on the breed, size, and how you want to use it.

What To Look For When Buying A Harness?

When you are looking to buy a dog harness, you want to make sure that it connects correctly.

Be sure you measure your dog first before purchasing a harness. You need to figure out how much thickness is necessary, how large to get based on how big your dog is and what breed.

Plus, if you have a young dog, you will need to keep checking the harness to make sure he hasn’t grown out of it.

You may need a padded harness if your dog is a short hair breed.

Padding will prevent skin irritation and rubbing.

If you have a pet store near you that allows you to bring your dog into the store, then a fitting will be easier.

Plus, you will be able to see how easy a particular harness is to get of and on.

You will need to assess if the harness will adjust to your pet as he moves.

When your dog is moving around, adjust it as needed. Plus, see what the material is made of; if the material is cheap, it will deteriorate sooner.

Think about when you walk your dog, if it’s in the evening, reflective material might be better.

Also, whatever leash you choose needs to work well with the harness.

You will want to consider how long a leash can be used to see how much control you have when clipped to a harness.

How To Fit A Dog Harness?

Learning how to measure your dog for a proper harness fit isn’t difficult, you just need to be through.

  • Length: Make sure your dog is standing and measure the length of your dog’s back to the base of where his tail is at. If your dog has a thick chest or a lot of hair, go up one size.
  • Girth: Measure your dog around the circumference behind his front legs. Measure at the deepest part. If your dog is at the upper end of a size range, go one size up.

Pros For A Dog Harness

There are body harnesses and front clip harnesses, and each has its own pros and cons.

The advantages of a body harness are that they are great for cats, puppies, and small dogs who could have injuries caused by a sharp jerk from a collar.

This harness is also suitable for older dogs that have difficulty in standing up.

Plus, a body harness with a chest plate is excellent as a car restraint.

It can also help control a larger dog if your dog is one of the larger breeds.

This harness shifts the point of contact to your furry friend’s center mass, making it easier for you to control him.

The front clip harness is a lot like the body harness but a little different.

It’s because the leash clip is on the chest plate of the harness plus the leash attachment on the back.

This is an excellent harness if your dog tries to walk you instead of the other way around.

Each time your dog pulls, it turns them to the side and will slow them down.

Your dog will learn that he goes in a direction that he doesn’t want to go when he pulls.

Cons For A Dog Harness

The cons for a body harness are that if your dog has a skin condition, he will be uncomfortable.

If your dog is one that likes to pull you down the street, it may make it harder to control him.

It does give you more control, but you can still be pulled.

Using a front clip harness is used for a training tool.

When your dog has finally learned not to pull and can use a body harness, a front harness could actually cause harm.

The front-clip harness goes around your dog’s shoulders instead of his neck, it can interfere with your dog’s natural walking gait after a period of time.

Below we have added a Video on how to correctly put a harness on your dog:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are leather harnesses good for dogs? 

Some dogs skins don’t do well with harnesses made of nylon for example. For these dogs leather is less likely to cause skin irritation. A leather harness for dogs will also last longer. 

How do I know which size of a leather harness to pick? 

You will have to measure the length and girth of your dog for the correct size. You need to be able to easily put two fingers between the dogs neck and the harness.

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